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+ If necessary, change the settings according to the document to be scanned. For text, choose the mode DIGITISE IMAGE IN BLACK AND WHITE. For images, choose the mode DIGITISE IMAGE IN GREY SCALES high resolution. For colour images, choose the mode DIGITISE IMAGES IN COLOUR. + Choose the scan resolution: 80 dpi, 100 dpi, 150 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi or 600 dpi according to the type of scan (black and white, colour, etc.). To specify optional settings, open the IMAGE SETTINGS window. + Adjust the colours as required (Red, Green, Blue). + Adjust the image contrast (choose -3 for the darkest result or +3 for the lightest result). + Adjust the image brightness (from -100 to +100). Note: The DEFAULT button resets all the settings in the window to their default values. You can also: invert the colour s in the image, flip the image (horizon tally or vertically). You can also choose filters to improve the image quality. To save your settings, click CONFIRM. In the PROFILE Section you can define profiles for the different documents you want to scan. A profile contains all the settings for a given document type. To create a profile: Define the settings in the COLOR MF TWAIN and IMAGE SETTINGS WINDOWS, In the PROFILE section, click CREATE and enter a name for the new profile, Click SAVE to save the profile to disk. To start the scan: Sheet-feed scanner: - click the Start scan button - 25 -

Flatbed scanner: - Click the Start scan button an image of the document is displayed to the right of the window. Use the mouse to select the part of the document you want to scan. - Define a higher resolution if necessary. - Click the Start scan button. The scanned document is disp layed in the window of the IMAGE EDITING SOFTWARE. Now you can touch up the image, then save it to disk as a file, or paste it into another application. The image editing software provided with PC MF-F@X Driver includes in-depth online help available from the ? button in the program. Note: PC MF-F@X Driver scanners are compatible with the TWAIN standard, so they can be used by any standard image acquisition or image editing software package. If you use the PC F@X Driver scanners from other TWAIN-compatible applications, choose the COLOR MF TWAIN 1.0 scanner from those applications. 237,&$/ &+$5$&7(5 5(&2*1,7,21 2&5 The purpose of OCR software is to create a computer file (for desktop applications) from paper documents. Note: Character recognition only works with printed characters, such as computer printouts or typed text. You can keep a block of handwritten text (such as a signature) by encircling the text in a graphic zone. To use the OCR software: + Insert the document to be scanned in the scanner. The OCR software is accessible via the MONITOR PC MF-F@X Driver. + Start the Monitor by selecting MONITOR in the Start PC MF F@X Driver menu, or click the icon in the Quick Launch toolbar next to the clock if Monitor has already been started on your PC. + Click the OCR button in the Monitor. The OCR application starts. + To access the scan function, select AUTOOCR and then click the AUTO button. The SCANNER window is displayed (see Scanning images). Note: For the OCR application, you must choose a resolution of 300 dpi. The scanned document is displayed on the screen. If necessary, scan other pages or stop scanning. Save the document. For detailed information on the OCR application, refer to the User Guide available in PDF format in the OMNIPAGE//DOCS folder on the CD-ROM. - 26 - (63$f2/ '(876&+ (1*/,6+ )5$1d$,6 '87&+ ,7$/,$12

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Kenwood DVF-N7080 - Home Electronics "English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish (Supplement and Correction)" (2005/3/23)
Kenwood DVF-N7080 - Home Electronics English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish (Supplement and Correction) (2005/3/23)