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6(1',1* $1' 5(&(,9,1* )$;(6 The PC MF-F@x Driver software allows you to use your fax machine like a PC fax modem. It is delivered with the Classic Phonetools program. 6(1',1* )$;(6 To send a fax from an application, + Choose PRINT from the FILE menu. Select the printer called CAPTURE FAX BVRP to send your document by fax. When the document has been captured from your application, a window is displayed for you to enter the fax number and (optionally) to attach a cover page. 5(&(,9,1* )$;(6 Via the SETTINGS > RECEPTION> PC RECEPTION menu of your fax machine, you can define how the machine will receive faxes: ALWAYS TO FAX (normal operation of a fax machine); ALWAYS TO PC (if the PC fax application is not running, or if the PC is turned off, you cannot receive any faxes); TO PC WITH FALL-BACK TO FAX (faxes are received to the PC, but if the fax application is not running or if the PC is turned off, faxes are received on the fax machine). To receive faxes on your PC: + Set your fax machine to one of the modes described above (to PC, or to PC with fall-back to fax). + The Classic Phonetools application must be running and must operate during the entire period while you want to receive faxes. To start the Classic Phonetools fax application, click the FAX button in the MONITOR. Note: When you are using or configuring the fax application, you can use the online help available by clicking the ? button or by pressing the F1 key in the program. For detailed information on the fax application, refer to the User Guide available in PDF format in the PHONTOOL//GUIDE folder on the CD-ROM. - 27 -

7528%/(6+227,1* $1' 63(&,$/ 86$*( ,1&255(&7 ,167$//$7,21 ,QFRUUHFW 86% LQVWDOODWLRQ + If your PC does not have a USB port, use the ECP parallel port of your PC. To obtain the corresponding cable, contact your dealer. + In order to be able to connect your terminal to the USB port of your PC, your terminal must have software version 2.0 or later. To view the version of the software, perform the following on your terminal keyboard: - press the M (menu) key, then the * key and then the V key. The software version is displayed on the screen of your terminal. + The USB connection works with the following Windows versions only: Windows 98, Windows Millennium (Me), Windows 2000, and Windows XP. check that your PC uses one of these Windows versions. If not, use the ECP parallel port of your PC. To obtain the corresponding cable, contact your dealer. + The fax is not detected by Windows: check that your USB cabl e is connected properly; check that your fax is turned on; check that your USB cable is not too long . Cables less than 3 metres are recommended; in the DEVICE MANAGER, check that all your peripherals are working correctly: - to start the DEVICE MANAGER, follow these steps: Under Windows 98 and Me : START > button SETTINGS >CONTROL PANEL >SYSTEM > DEVICE MANAGER tab. Under Windows 2000 AND XP/ START button > SETTINGS >CONTROL PANEL >SYSTEM >HARDWARE tab> DEVICE MANAGER button. - if the DEVICE MANAGER indicates that the fax is not working correctly or if the fax appears as an “Unknown device”, delete it from the list displayed in the DEVICE MANAGER and restart the installation. + The "Plug and Play" installation was not successful: perform a "non Plug and Play" installation: - run the setup.exe program located in the root directory of the CD-ROM, then use the USB cable to connect your fax to the USB port of your PC when the installation program asks you to. + The "non Plug and Play" installation was not successful: perform a "Plug and Play" installation: - first connect the USB cable between the fax and the PC, then the installation software runs automatically. - 28 - (63$f2/ '(876&+ (1*/,6+ )5$1d$,6 '87&+ ,7$/,$12

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Kenwood DVF-N7080 - Home Electronics English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish (Supplement and Correction) (2005/3/23)
Kenwood DVF-N7080 - Home Electronics "English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish (Supplement and Correction)" (2005/3/23)