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&RQWHQWV *HWWLQJ 6WDUWHG ),567 &217$&7 The components of your telephone 1 2SWLRQDO HTXLSPHQW 7+( +$1'6(7 7+( ',63/$< 7KH %DVH 6WDWLRQ ,QVWDOOLQJ WKH EDVH VWDWLRQ ACCESSORIES 4 5HPRYDEOH FRYHUV 8VLQJ VHYHUDO KDQGVHWV 21 2)) &+$5*,1* 7+( +$1'6(7 5(*,67,1* 7+( +$1'6(7 21 7+( %$6( 67$7,21 &DOOHU 'LVSOD\ 6HUYLFH LQFRPLQJ FDOOV 8VLQJ WKH +DQGVHW ),567 86( Calling 6 Redial 6 Receiving a call 6 $FWLYDWH KDQGV IUHH PRGH $FWLYDWH 6HFUHW PRGH $GMXVW WKH YROXPH 'LVSOD\ WKH FKDUJH OHYHO RI WKH EDWWHU\ +$1'6(7 ',5(&725< How to use the alphanumeric keypad 7 Adding a number to the Phone Book 7 Editing a number in the Phone Book 7 Deleting a number in the Phone Book 8 Calling using the directory 8 &DOOLQJ DQRWKHU KDQGVHW 7UDQVIHUULQJ D FDOO WR DQRWKHU KDQGVHW $QVZHULQJ 'HYLFH Playing messages 9 6HW 6(7 Ring melody 10 Ring volume 10 Activating and disabling ringing (silent mode) 10 (UDVLQJ WKH ODVW QXPEHUV GLDOOHG RU FDOOV UHFHLYHG 'LVSOD\LQJ WKH GXUDWLRQ RI WKH ODVW FDOO H\SDG EHHSV Customised handset registration 11 &KRRVLQJ WKH ODQJXDJH IRU WKH GLVSOD\ (1' &$// 7URXEOHVKRRWLQJ 0HQX 6XPPDU\ ,QGH[

*HWWLQJ 6WDUWHG FIRST CONTACT The components of your telephone OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS 7KH KDQGVHW is the device you use to make calls and also to configure the base/ handset system. 7KH FRYHUV 1 allow you to change the colour of the handset. 7KH FKDUJHU is used to charge the handset battery. 7KHEDVHVWDWLRQ allows you to connect your handset 32 to a fax machine. 1. Depends on model 1

3 Mode fax - Utax
Avena 116/116 Duo
John Deere MP36 - Blaupunkt