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*HWWLQJ 6WDUWHG ON/OFF 4 To turn on the handset, press and hold down the 2Q button (green button). All the segments of the display turn on briefly and then turn off again. The handset is now operational. To turn off the handset, press and hold down the 2II button (red button). CHARGING THE HANDSET %HIRUH XVLQJ WKH KDQGVHW IRU WKH ILUVW WLPH RU DIWHU DQ H[WHQGHG SHULRG RII WKH EDVH VWDWLRQ \RX PXVW IXOO\ FKDUJH WKH KDQGVHW GXUDWLRQ DERXW KRXUV Place the handset on the charger: the battery icon shows an animation to - 1 - indicate that the battery is charging. When the animation stops, the fast charge of the batteries is complete. The batteries continue to charge slowly, to ensure optimal duration. REGISTING THE HANDSET ON THE BASE STATION %HIRUH XVLQJ \RXU KDQGVHW LW PXVW EH 5(*,67HG UHFRJQLVHG E\ \RXU EDVH VWDWLRQ ,Q WKH 8VHU V *XLGH RI \RXU ID[ PDFKLQH RU \RXU PDLQ WHOHSKRQH DQG UHIHU WR WKH &RUGOHVV KDQGVHW WRSLF LQ WKH 6(7 VHFWLRQ Turn on the handset 32 by pressing and holding down the 2Q button (green button). BASE 61 regist auto Use the 1H[W 3UHYLRXV buttons to display %$6(. Press 2 to confirm. 5(*,67 is displayed. Press 2 to confirm. $872 is displayed. Press 2 to confirm. The network indicator icon blinks and four small squares scroll across the screen. ACCESSORIES Your handset is delivered with several accessories. Removable covers 1 The removable coloured covers allow you to change the appearance of your handset. Slide off the cover to replace it. Using several handsets Your telephone is designed to operate with several handsets (up to 4) (for multi-handset operations, refer to page 8 ). To REGIST several handsets on the base station, repeat the registration operation. 1. Depends on model

*HWWLQJ 6WDUWHG regist Follow the procedure described in the "User’s Guide" of your fax machine or main telephone, in the "Cordless handset" topic of the "SET" section. The screen displays in turn 5(*,67 then , indicating that the handset now is assigned number 1 (for example). The network indicator icon remains lit. Your handset is now ready to communicate over the fixed phone line. Caller Display Service (incoming calls) ,I \RX KDYH VXEVFULEHG WR WKH &DOOHU 'LVSOD\ 6HUYLFH \RX FDQ UHDG RQ WKH KDQGVHW VFUHHQ \RXU FDOOHU V QXPEHU RU KLV QDPH LI WKH FDOOHU LV 5(*,67HG LQ WKH GLUHFWRU\ H[FHSW IRU LQ WKH IROORZLQJ FDVHV f ,I \RXU FDOOHU GRHV QRW ZDQW WR FRPPXQLFDWH KLV QXPEHU WKH VFUHHQ GLVSOD\V f ,I \RXU FDOOHU LV QRW UHFRJQLVHG E\ WKH WHOHSKRQH H[FKDQJH WKH VFUHHQ GLVSOD\V ooooo 7KH ODVW IHZ QXPEHUV GLDOOHG DUH PHPRULVHGDXWRPDWLFDOO\ 7RFDOORQHRI WKRVH QXPEHUV 3UHVV DQG KROG GRZQ WKH 2Q EXWWRQ JUHHQ EXWWRQ 3UHVV WKH 3UHYLRXV NH\ %$6( LV GLVSOD\HG RQ WKH VFUHHQ 3UHVV 2 WR FRQILUP 7KH ODVW QXPEHU GLDOOHG LV GLVSOD\HG RQ WKH VFUHHQ 7R YLHZ WKH RWKHU QXPEHUV XVH WKH 1H[W RU 3UHYLRXV EXWWRQV :KHQ WKH QXPEHU \RX ZDQW WR FDOO LV GLVSOD\HG RQ WKH VFUHHQ SLFN XS WKH OLQH E\ SUHVVLQJ WKH 2Q EXWWRQ JUHHQ EXWWRQ 1. Service available from your operator 5

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