Bedienungsanleitung Instruction Manual Manuel d ... -

Bedienungsanleitung Instruction Manual Manuel d ... -

Get the Meat

Neanderthal men are always hungry. Collect as

much food for your stone age man in a given

amount of time, fighting hostile animals.

For moving

Throw tool

Hero Legend

Use the weapon of your hero to eliminate your

enemies by dazing them for a while.

For moving

Use weapon



Go Home

Hanoi Tower

Move each figure back to its original position.

The next level is started when all figures have

reached their position.

For moving

Confirm movement

Restart or continue

Three rings in different sizes are attached to one

of the three poles. These rings must be brought

to the other side in the same order.

For moving

Select a ring

Jewel Fever 2

Jewel Master 2

Mr. Stubbs, the foolhardy pirate, needs your help

to recover his gemstones. Collect one sort of

gemstones and fire them to another position.

If you have collected enough stones, they will

disappear or can be assorted accordingly.

For moving

Collect stones

Shoot the stones

Move at least three stones of the same colour in

the same horizontal or vertical row to make them

disappear. After having reached a certain score,

you can move to the next level.


For moving

Change the order of the stones

Accelerate the stones



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