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green walls - Flourish Garden Concepts Ltd

green walls - Flourish Garden Concepts Ltd

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Walls can be built out of any of the abovethree systems and in addition to being set upoutdoors, they can also be used to green upthe inside of your house. Artificial lighting isrequired for green walls set up inside. Notonly do indoor plants look good, they alsocleanse and humidify the air, while improvingthe overall atmosphere of a home.When considering a green wall, theorientation and climatic conditions of thearea will determine the choice of plantspecies used as well as the overall visualeffect you want to achieve. Both natives andexotic species can be used to create livingpieces of art.Once established, a regular maintenanceprogram for your green wall is recommended.“Undoubtedly the best way to maintain aliving wall is to have drip-line irrigation withperiodic fertilisation incorporated,” saysTracey. “Plant maintenance is as it would bein any other garden — checking for weeds,dieback, overgrowing etc. This last pointcan be addressed in the initial stages whenplanning the planting of the panels.”Long-lasting and stunning features can becreated using green walls. Not only do thesevertical gardens contribute to enhancingoutdoor living spaces, they also help tocreate a more pleasant environment indoors.Green walls offer a new way to beautify thebuilt urban environment, while adding a newdimension to our outdoor living areas. n4green wallsNEW zealand Backyard & garden Design Ideas 19

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