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A slightly disillusioned vision, by Pepe Lange, about life between reality and virtual reality of a time when there was not even flat screens and certainly no Internet.

Pepe Lange created this comic in 1993 during his studies at the Muthesius University of applied Art and

Design. It was featured as part of a group exhibition in Angoulême (France). This is the original version in


Even if it were his drawing skills who initially had brought him to want to study design Pepe never took real

interest in becoming an illustrator or a cartoonist. He still created “Felix” the protagonist of a popular latin

text book but his outstanding success as a designer, his interest in film and photography were clearly

much more pronounced.

Pepe Lange founded “MUTABOR” design magazine, together with two fellow students, (one of which is

“the visiting nerd” in this comic). MUTABOR featured an article about the Angoulême Comic Salon in its

first issue. He since received many international awards for his work as a graphic designer, motion artist

and interactive space architect. He is currently working as a commercial photographer and advertising

film director, and is a lecturer for “Visual Language of Film” and a consultant for strategic marketing and


“C20” - a book about Pepe and the team of MUTABOR: , Gestalten Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-89955-505-9


text and artwork (c) Pepe Lange

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