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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT In 2021 Moncigale will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. In order to ensure our future development it is essential for us to work with a global approach of sustainable development. Our commitment refers not only to the quality of our wines, but also to the quality of our social environment. To keep our leading position and maintain our confidence relationship with customers we are constantly improving our processes which will allow us to go forward in line with customer expectations. FROM AN ENVIRONMENTAL POINT OF VIEW OUR PLEDGE IS TO LIMIT OUR IMPACT ON THE EARTH. Our winegrowers are committed to reduce the use of chemical products and are focusing on helping the biodiversity by using traps to capture the insects instead of using insecticides. They are stimulating the natural defences of the vines and they use sanitary treatment on their effluents. In Moncigale’s factory we are reducing our water consumption by boosting pressure, decreasing flow, and our waste water treatment uses methanisation to ensure that pollutant levels are as low as possible. we are training the employees to improve their energy conservation and ecological consciousness. We recently extended our facilities with a new outdoor production site to maximize the use of natural daylight and reduce electricity consumption. The entire production plant is equipped to sort our waste for recycling items such as glass, cardboard and plastic and we re-use as much as we can all the packages. We are doing R&D with our partners and suppliers to decrease waste and we preferably work with local companies to reduce transportation. Of course we offer complete traceability of all products to ensure the best quality for our customers. We developed new products with adhesive labels to help in the recovery of secondary products and we do R&D to launch this year a wine that will be 100% recyclable. ENVIRONMENT SOCIAL Reduce the environmental impact of our activities Preserve our resources Develop a 100% eco-friendly range of products Optimising our waste management Selecting winemakers that are protecting biodiversity Limiting our water consumption Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels Use methanisation to purify water Give priority to the work with natural daylight. • Support internal promotion • Reinforce safety working conditions • Limit employee exposure to harmful products and prevent accidents at work 3 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

Moncigale S.A.S. au capital de 11 738 575 € - 6, quai de la paix - BP 132 30302 Beaucaire Cedex. RCS Nîmes B 327 373 460. Tél. : 04 66 59 74 02 - Fax : 04 66 59 74 84 - E-mail : GLOBAL MEDIA PLAN Today our brands benefit from a global media plan in order to improve their notoriety. Our goal is to reach a large audience and touch many people across the world. It is crucial for us to communicate on a large scale so we use all communications media… ADVERTISING 2m” city advertising For a proximity marketing 8m” national advertising For mass marketing AWARDS As our priority is to create high quality products, we participate to International Wine Tasting Competitions. Our wines have earned their reputation in the most recognized international competitions. These awards are a guarantee for the consumers, the wines and spirits professionals and press. PRESS, PUBLIC RELATION AND NEW MEDIAS In order to be close to ours consumers we multiply press and Public Relations actions. Also, we are developing new media platform and launching our community management. COMING SOON GLOBAL MEDIA PLAN 4

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