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22 #Business | SmartCities #Business | SmartCities 23 We’re looking into how we can address this problem using vehicle data - that is, knowing when a space becomes vacant and communicating that to a driver who needs one. It’s actually a complex challenge but we’re on it. Luxembourg is one of most congested countries in Europe with more than 180,000 people crossing the boarders to go to work every single day. How important is the country for autonomous driving manufacturers and their partners, notably HERE? As a small country, but one which faces congestion, Luxembourg highlights the requirement that connected driver services work across borders. Interoperability is paramount: when you cross from Belgium into Luxembourg or vice versa, you still want your car to perform in the same way. Our goal is very much to ensure that services can be scaled. That’s the benefit of using the cloud and mobile networks versus other V2X technologies - our cloud can be easily switched on to cover large geographies. How would you describe the city of the future? How important is data when it comes to building it? Who needs to be involved in the creation of such cities? These are questions that fascinate us. But they aren’t of course easy to answer. There are so many factors to consider. How does a city function in a world of autonomous machines and artificially intelligent robotics? Are there city layouts that are better equipped for this future than others? What are the implications of the ondemand economy and new work practices on city design? What demands will other societal trends, such as population growth and ageing, place on urban planners? I believe there is certainly a role for location data to play in helping answer these questions. I also believe that we can apply location data to ensure we build better-functioning cities and transportation networks in the future. After all, in the coming decades many new cities will emerge. Peter KÜRPICK Executive Vice President and Chief Platform Officer HERE BEAST MAGAZINE #7 BEAST MAGAZINE #7 © Shutterstock - Sahacha Nilkumhang

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