Les Nouvelles de Jérusalem sont une revue d'informations de l'École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem, 2 à 3 fois par an, elles donnent un aperçu des travaux en cours en exégèse comme en archéologie, ici à Jérusalem. En voici le premier numéro couleurs en ligne. Les articles alternent français et anglais.

The Nouvelles de Jérusalem is an information review of the École Biblique et Archéologique française de Jérusalem, 2-3 times a year, they give an overview of the work in progress in both exegesis and archeology, here in Jerusalem. Here is the first color edition online. Articles are sometimes in French sometimes in English.

funds required to give us greater

freedom in soliciting speakers (i.e.

travel, honorarium). We would

hope, as well, to pursue additional

enhancements for the series, from

improved publicity to more professional,

high quality recording of

the events.

with the many extraordinary scholars,

like Prof. Kugel, who are resident

and working here in Israel.

Recordings of all this year’s Lagrange

Lectures will be posted online

and some will appear in an expanded

form in the Revue Biblique.

The success of this year’s initial

series inspires confidence that the

initiative can continue and continue

to develop. For the immediate

future, we plan to maintain the policy

of inviting three to four scholars

each year, attempting to keep

a balance between Old Testament

and New Testament, while also engaging

cross-confessional perspectives.

Presently, we rely on entirely

on good will and serendipity,

attempting to draw fortuitously on

the rich pool of scholars already in

Israel for other reasons. In the future,

however, we hope to find the

Eventually, it may be possible to

link this series with the establishment

of research fellowships and

endowed chairs here at the École.

Following the model of the prestigious

Sather Lectures, for instance,

we dream of hosting a single eminent

scholar for a yearlong period

of intense and subsidized research.

During the course of his or her sojourn,

the visiting scholar would be

asked to deliver a short series of

several lectures, research reports

forming the eventual core of a

book, destined to be published in a

prestigious collection dedicated to

this research initiative. We would

like the delivering of these annual

Lagrange Lectures one day to become

one of the signal honors in

the field of biblical studies.

Fr. Anthony Giambrone, o.p.



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