Les Nouvelles de Jérusalem sont une revue d'informations de l'École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem, 2 à 3 fois par an, elles donnent un aperçu des travaux en cours en exégèse comme en archéologie, ici à Jérusalem. En voici le premier numéro couleurs en ligne. Les articles alternent français et anglais.

The Nouvelles de Jérusalem is an information review of the École Biblique et Archéologique française de Jérusalem, 2-3 times a year, they give an overview of the work in progress in both exegesis and archeology, here in Jerusalem. Here is the first color edition online. Articles are sometimes in French sometimes in English.


Paths of Light in Isaiah

From the diachronic to the

synchronic approach

The Book of Isaiah has been the

classic example for historicalcritical

exegesis in proving the

necessity of a diachronic study.

Indeed, we can easily point to the

well-known difficulty that Isaiah,

while living in the 8 th century BC,

spoke about Cyrus, the King of

Persia from the 6 th century BC.

Thus, literary criticism has

been applied to the book as an

instrument to trace the diversity

of theologies, literary genres,

cultural and political contexts,

spanning from the 8 th to at least the

4 th century.

The first studies tended to

concentrate on the biography of

Isaiah and admittedly had a certain

historicist bias. One was looking

for the ipsissima verba of the

prophet from the 8 th century, while

the text considered to be more

recent and hence ‘not-original’

did not merit the same attention.

It is because of the internal

development of the historical-

4 Lettre aux amis de l’ÉBAF - N° 93 - Pâques 2017

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