tourasia - Asie par les spécialistes

Novembre 2017 à octobre 2018
Thaïlande, Vietnam, Cambodge, Laos, Birmanie, Malaisie, Brunei, Singapour, Indonésie, Timor-Leste, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao

Service should be on your time, not anyone else’s.

The FLYING New Royal IS YOUR Silk Service PASSION. on THAI features All Day

Dine with Thai and Western cuisine accompanied with


fine wines, cocktails and refreshing beverages. Eat

when NON-STOP you’re AND hungry, DAILY drink FROM when ZURICH you’re TO BANGKOK. ready, or enjoy

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your journey a memorable experience.

Come Enjoy a and new experience way of travelling the thanks new Royal to our traditional Silk Service Royal

on Orchid our daily Service. flights. Only for you: try “À la carte” in Business Class.

The new chapter of a legendary service has just begun.

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