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The Christian Museum in Esztergom and its recently published online catalogue (A project report) | 159 Scene from the legend of St. James the Elder. Wingpanel of an altarpiece from Szentjakabfalva (today Slovakia, Jakub), c.1480. Exhibition room of the museum. Thomas de Coloswar: Calvary-altarpiece from Garamszentbenedek. 1427 (today Slovakia, Hronsky Benadik). Credits: Mudrák Attila, Keresztény Múzeum. intentionally not separate the objects originating from the Hungarian Kingdom from those of the German and Austrian territories, as previous research usually did. This is partly due to the fact that these groups of objects can be considered as a unit, based on numerous art historical and stylistic relations that can be stated among them. Mid-15 th century Netherlandish art had a very strong impact on the painting and sculpture of German and Austrian regions and through them also on 15 th century Hungarian art; the migration of masters among these regions was also such a well-known phenomenon that even based on stylistic analysis it is in many cases impossible to offer a certain attribution, to decide if for example a Viennese-schooled master was working in Hungary or the work was imported at a linguistic revision : Ioana Ursu (Facultatea de Istorie şi Filosofie, Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca). later time. Additionally, the provenance of a serious number of objects is rather uncertain, since there is no historical evidence for the Hungarian origin of some pieces recorded as such, as their prevailing place of origin is none other than the place of preservation of the private collection they were acquired from. Therefore, the new online catalogue offers an overview of all (ca. 150) objects originating from these Central European regions, destined not only to specialists, but also to the wider public; at the same time, it will hopefully represent a starting point for further research on the topic. As a result of this fundamental work, it was possible to offer online access to the respective art pieces through high quality photographs and the most important up-to-date information known on the objects, also including some recent attributions and identifications. The online form also allows a continuous update of the website with new research results; additionally, an English version is to be published online soon. The catalogue is accessible through the webpage of the museum at the following link:

160 | Irina Baldescu

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