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Café Joy V2 - Beem


Café Joy V2 NOTE ►► The time can be set only, if Clock is displayed. ►► The time will be stored until either a new time is entered or the plug is removed from the socket for more than a minute. Fill with water Remove the lid (3) of the water tank (1). Only fill the amount of water required for the desired number of cups. NOTE ►► Pay attention to the filling level indicator on the water tank. Do not overfill! Put the lid back onto the water tank. Coffee machine General instructions ■■ To measure the desired quantity of water, there are cup marks on the water tank (1). ■■ Always use fresh, cold, non-carbonated mineral water or tap water. Never put other foodstuffs into the water tank (1). ■■ Thanks to the permanent filter (18), filter paper is us not necessary. Remove and clean the permanent filter after each use. EN ■■ Clean and descale the coffee machine regularly as described in the section Cleaning and care (page 40). A dirty and/or scaled coffee machine impairs the aroma. ■■ If possible, use freshly ground coffee powder to assure optimum flavour. Automatic drip-stop function NOTE ►► If the appliance is in use, the glass jug (21) must be standing under the filter holder (20). The lid (22) of the glass jug pushes the drip-stop (19) upwards and the coffee can flow from the filter and through the lid into the glass jug. ►► The drip-stop prevents water from leaking out of the filter when the glass jug (21) is removed from the coffee machine. The glass jug (21) may only be taken out if the coffee machine for a few seconds during operation, otherwise the filter will overfill. 32 BEEM - Elements of Lifestyle

EN Inserting the permanent filter Pull the filter holder (20) out of the appliance. Insert the permanent filter (18) into the filter holder (20) from above. NOTE ►► When inserting the permanent filter (18) make sure that it snaps into the flat part in the filter holder (20). Pay attention to the marks (image A1). Brewing coffee Fill the water tank with water as described in the section Filling with water (page 32). Insert the permanent filter (18) into the filter holder (20) as described in the section Inserting the permanent filter (page 33). Put the desired quantity of coffee powder into the filter. Recommendation: one teaspoon (approx. 4-6 g) per cup. Push the filter holder back into the appliance until it stops. Place the glass jug (21) with lid (22) onto the hotplate (17). Café Joy V2 Press the button (32) to start brewing coffee. The red indicator light "Coffee machine" (25) lights up. The brewing process begins. Roughly 1 minute after brewing has completed, you can remove the glass jug (21) and pour coffee. After completing the brewing process, the coffee is kept warm on the hot plate for about two hours. Cancelling the brewing process Press the button (32) to cancel the brewing process. The red indicator light "Coffee machine" (25) extinguishes. Press the button again to restart brewing. Switching off the coffee machine Press the button (32) to switch off the coffee machine. The red indicator light "Coffee machine" (25) extinguishes. NOTE ►► The appliance switches itself off automatically after 2 hours. NOTE ►► Make sure that the glass jug (21) is standing in the middle under the filter holder (20). BEEM - Elements of Lifestyle 33

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