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Café Joy V2 Brewing coffee using the timer NOTE ►► To brew coffee using the timer, the clock must be set as described in the section Setting the clock (page 31). Press the button (28) twice. TIMER is displayed on the lower left edge of the display. Use the button (33) and button (27) to set the desired start time. To fast forward, press and hold down the button (33) or button (27). The TIMER display extinguishes automatically a few seconds after pressing the button or when button (28) is pressed twice. The start time is now set. Fill water into the water tank and the coffee powder into the permanent filter. Press the (32) twice. The yellow indicator light "Timer" (26) lights up and the timer is activated. When the preset time is reached, the appliance is switched on automatically. NOTE ►► To deactivate the automatic timer preset before the set time has elapsed, press the button (32). Espresso machine General instructions ■■ After heating up the appliance, allow hot water to run through the strainer insert and holder. ■■ Preheat your cups on the hot plate. EN ■■ Rinse out cold cups with hot water to preheat them before use. ■■ To preheat, leave the empty, cleaned strainer holder with strainer insert in the warmed-up appliance. ■■ If possible, use freshly ground coffee powder to develop optimum taste. ■■ Try out different degrees of grinding fineness for the coffee powder. The grinding fineness has an influence on the aroma and the cream of the espresso. ■■ Only press down the coffee powder lightly. If the coffee powder is pressed down too firmly, it may become bitter and the percolation time increases. ■■ Fill the water tank with fresh water. ■■ Empty and clean the strainer insert after each use. ■■ Clean and descale the appliance at regular intervals. A dirty and/or scaled appliance impairs the aroma. 34 BEEM - Elements of Lifestyle

EN Installing the strainer insert NOTE ►► Select the flat strainer insert (13a) to make a cup of espresso (image B1). ►► Select the deep strainer insert (13b) to make two cups of espresso at the same time or for a double espresso. Turn the nib on the side of the strainer insert (13) towards the handle (11) and insert the strainer (12) into the holder (image B 2). After inserting, turn the strainer (13) a quarter-turn to the left or right. The nib prevents the strainer insert from falling out. Removing the strainer insert After using, empty the strainer insert (13) as described in the section Emptying/cleaning the strainer insert (page 40). Turn the strainer insert (13) so that the nib on the wall of the strainer insert is pointing towards the handle and lift the strainer insert (13) out of the holder (12). Installing the strainer holder NOTE Café Joy V2 ►► The following symbols refer to the mark (6) on the brewing unit . Hold the strainer holder (12) using the handle (11) under the symbol on the brewing unit (6) and push the strained holder into the brewing unit from below (image D1). NOTE ►► Take care not to tilt the strainer holder. Turn the handle (11) of the strainer holder (7) to the right until the handle is under the symbol (image D2). Removing the strainer holder Turn the handle (11) of the strainer holder (12) to the left until the handle is under the symbol on the brewing unit. Take the strainer holder out of the strainer holder from below. BEEM - Elements of Lifestyle 35

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