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Café Joy V2 - Beem


Café Joy V2 Cleaning and care Before beginning work, pay attention to the safety instructions in the Safety section (page 27)! Clean the appliance after each use. Pull the plug out of the mains socket and allow the appliance to cool down. Wipe all parts of the appliance with a damp cloth. NOTE Coffee machine Clean the glass jug (21) and the permanent filter (18) after each use. Pull the filter holder (20) our of the appliance. Remove the permanent filter (18) from the filter holder (20). Clean the permanent filter (18) with warm water by hand and not in the dishwasher. During use, condensation deposits on the cover above the filter holder (20). Remove this with a clean, dry cloth. Clean the glass jug (21) with lid (22) and the filter holder (20) with washingup liquid and subsequently rinse with fresh water. EN Push the drip-stop (19) several times during rinsing. Wipe the hotplate (17) carefully with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents. Insert the permanent filter (18) back into the filter holder as described in the section Inserting the permanent filter (page 33). Push the filter holder back into the appliance until it stops. Espresso machine Emptying/cleaning the strainer insert Take the strainer holder (12) with the strainer insert (13) out of the appliance as described in the section Removing the strainer holder (page 35). Fold up the retaining bracket on the handle of the strainer holder (image F1). Fold up the retaining bracket, hold the strainer insert firmly and knock the coffee grounds out of the strainer insert (13) over a waste bin (image F2). NOTE ►► Use a spoon if the coffee grounds do not fall out. Take the strainer insert (13) out of the strainer holder (12) as described in the section Removing the strainer insert (page 35). Rinse the strainer insert and holder under running water. 40 BEEM - Elements of Lifestyle

EN NOTE ►► The strainer insert can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. ►► Rinse the polished aluminium strainer holder by hand since it is can lose its gloss or discolour. ►► Do not put the strainer holder (12) back into the machine it is not to be used for a longer period of time. This increases the service life of the seal. Cleaning the steam nozzle In order to avoid clogging, the steam nozzle must be cleaned after each use: Pull the froth attachment out downwards and clean it by hand or in the dishwasher. Fill a suitable container up to a half with water and immerse the steam nozzle into it completely. Switch on the steam nozzle for approx. 20 seconds. You can also clean the froth attachment with warm water and washingup liquid. Emptying the drip tray Café Joy V2 Remove the drip tray (14) and its cover. Clean the drip tray (14) with warm water and washing-up liquid. After drying, put the drip tray (14) back into the appliance. Cleaning the brewing unit If required, clean the brewing unit (6) with a damp cloth. Stubborn stains on the underneath can be removed by running several normal brewing operations without coffee powder. Coffee powder residues are washed away by the hot water. NOTE ►► If the steam nozzle becomes clogged, you can unclog it using a wooden toothpick. BEEM - Elements of Lifestyle 41

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