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Café Joy V2 - Beem


Café Joy V2 EN Troubleshooting The following table will help you locate and eliminate minor faults: Fault Possible cause Remedy No symbol in the display. The automatic circuit breaker in the electrical distribution board trips. It is not possible to properly push the filter holder into the brewing position. The coffee runs very slowly into the glass jug. No water runs out of the appliance despite pumping noise. The coffee runs onto the hot plate. Water runs out of the appliance. Water runs out of the strainer holder. Not plugged in. No mains power. Display is defective. Too many appliances connected to the same power circuit. No fault detected. The permanent filter is not properly seated in the filter holder. Drip-stop is blocked. Appliance is scaled. No water in the tank. Glass jug is not properly placed. Too much water in the water tank. Drip tray is full. No fault detected. The edge of the strainer holder is soiled by coffee residues. Insert the mains plug. Check the fuse/mains socket. Contact customer service. Reduce the number of appliances on the power circuit. Contact customer service. Insert the permanent filter properly, see the section Inserting the permanent filter (page 33). Clean the drip-stop. Descale the appliance. Fill with water. Place the glass jug in the middle under the filter holder. Do not overfill the water tank. Empty the drip tray. Contact customer service. Clean holder and strainer insert. 44 BEEM - Elements of Lifestyle

EN Café Joy V2 Fault Possible cause Remedy Milk does not froth Appliance not warmed up. Receptacle too big or form not suitable. Wait until the yellow indicator light "Heater" (30) extinguishes. Use a tall, narrow receptacle. Use skimmed milk. Low-fat or full-fat milk. NOTE ►► If you cannot resolve the problem with the steps described above, please contact customer service. Model Technical data Café Joy V2 Coffee and espresso machine Type number W14.001 Dimensions (W x H x D) Main set approx. net weight 440 x 308 x 324 mm 5.5 kg Operating voltage 230V~ Mains frequency 50 Hz Power 2050 W Protection class Type of protection I IPX0 BEEM - Elements of Lifestyle 45

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