Zinc is important for the skin appendages (nails,

hair and skin). I prescribe 25mg to 50mg per

day of zinc citrate or orotate: this form is easier

for the body to absorb. It is also important for

preventing flaws on the skin’s surface, e.g. acne

(among others).

With regard to flaws, we must ensure that the

alimentary canal is working properly. I recommend

psyllium India, which is remarkable: half

to 1 tablespoon every evening in a glass of water.

At the same time, take 2 capsules of probiotics,

which each contain at least 5 billion bacteria,

and, if possible, 4 to 5 different strains.

To stay on top of any imperfections in the skin’s

texture, which is the bane of some women’s

life, you must not neglect polyunsaturated fatty

acids. I recommend hemp oil (1 tablespoon after

breakfast). This extraordinary oil contains a

perfect balance of the various unsaturated fatty

acids that are vital for our cell membranes. If you

can’t find hemp oil, substitute it with rapeseed

oil or cold-pressed virgin olive oil (at least 2 or 3

tablespoons per day).

Evening primrose oil is also very good for the

skin (5g per day).

I also prescribe three-week courses of marine

collagen: a 10g sachet to be taken in a glass of

water every evening (make sure you choose the

right brand).

Je prescris aussi des cures de trois semaines de collagène

marin, sachet de 10g à prendre dans 1 verre d’eau le soir (choisissez

la bonne marque bien sûr).

L’embellissement d’un visage à l’aide d’une prescription de

suppléments et de conseils nutritionnels constitue toujours un

challenge pour le médecin que je suis. Mais je suis convaincu

vu l’observation de mes nombreuses études sur ce sujet que

l’on peut agir sur la beauté d’un visage et son embellissement

donc sa réparation avec mes recommandations énoncées dans

cet article.

Ainsi on maitrise l’essentiel de la beauté d’un visage, son teint,

sa pigmentation, son élasticité, son raffermissement, ses rides

et ridules qui s’atténuent de mois en mois, sans compter la présence

d’une bonne hydratation et de l’absence d’imperfections

sur cette peau lisse, jeune, douce et régénérée.

Enhancing the face’s beauty by prescribing supplements

and giving nutritional advice is always a challenge.

But, given the number of studies I have carried out on the

subject, I am convinced that we can enhance and repair the

face’s beauty by following the recommendations I have given

in this article.

This way, we have a proper understanding of the foundations

of facial beauty – complexion, pigmentation, elasticity, firmness,

gradually erasing any fine lines and wrinkles month

by month – for well-hydrated, flawless, smooth, youthful, soft

and regenerated skin.

2019 | ANTI AGE MAGAZINE #36 • 53

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