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150 bikes donated

P ro j e c t ’s mission is to help keep pupils in school


Pupils at Nyameko High

School in Mdantsane NU

8 were filled with

excitement last week when they

received a donation of 150

bicycles that were presented by

Qhubeka Charity and Mercedes

Benz South Africa (MBSA).

This was the first scholar

mobility programme for

Qhubeka Charity, a global

charity that provides bicycles

for people in need throughout


Bicycles and Beyond (BAB)

also conducted a two-day safety

workshop for the pupils, to

teach them how to ride.

Qhubeka Charity regional

manager Ian Mills said the main

mission behind the project was

to encourage pupils to stay

committed to their education.

“Transportation in townships

and rural areas is one on the

reasons why the education

system in the Eastern Cape is not


Transportation in

townships and rural

areas is one of the

reasons the education

system in the Eastern

Cape is not improving

improving. Mercedes Benz

funded the bicycles and we

distributed them, as we are the

mediators between the

benefactor and beneficiary,”

Mills said.

“A bicycle is a tool that helps

people to travel faster and

further, to generate income and

to carry more.

“In the face of extreme and

persistent poverty, bicycles can

change lives by helping to

address socio-economic

challenges at the most basic

level and by helping people to

get where they need to go.” He

said they were in partnership

with non-profit organisation

Funda Afrika, which managed

and implemented a number of

school development and

transformation programmes.

“Funda Afrika helps develop

primary and secondary schools

in semi-rural and peri-urban

areas around East London and

Gauteng into fully-functional

and effective institutions

delivering ongoing

improvement of pupil

performance for the eventual

increase of employment levels

in the target communities.

“We are implementing this

project not only to the pupils,

but the parents and teachers too.

“It will be their responsibility

to make sure the pupils get the

education they deserve,” Mills


BAB director Janine Van

Beulen Johnson said they

conducted the workshop two

days before the pupils

EDUCATION DRIVE: Overjoyed and overwhelmed pupils at Nyameko High School receive their

shiny new bicycles last week, which were donated by Mercedes Benz and the global Qhubeka

Charity Picture: SUPPLIED

received the bicycles. “We run a

training centre of excellence

based in the Western Cape

where women and our youth

come and learn about cycling

safety, in a safe and friendly

e nv i r o n m e n t .

“We have a professional

bicycle technician on site to

assist with repairs of bicycles at

a nominal fee,” Van Beulen

Johnson said.

ELPA kicks off 2020 with song, praise


The East London Pensioners Association

(ELPA) kicked off their year with song and

praise at EN Baartman Methodist Church

in Buffalo Flats last Friday.

The association, established in 2018,

is made up of retired educators who saw a

need to carry on with service to the

c o m m u n i t y.

Speaking on the purpose of the day,

ELPA's Nonceba Mene said the world

today has “turned into a cruel place”.

“We need to see how we can become

more involved in our communities and to

decrease the high occurrences of

murders, rape and abuse,” Mene said.

Reverend Nkosiphendule Matshaya

said God manifests himself to his people

in different ways.

“You still have to go through the four

seasons of your association, and you must

realise which season you're in.

“You're blessed to wake up every

morning so count your blessings

e ve r y d ay,” Matshaya said.

A candlelight ceremony was led by

Sizeka Pota to ask for light and

understanding on their journey to

help others during the opening revival.

One of ELPA's stated missions is to

tender their individual and collective

services, adding value to what is done to

make East London communities a better

place to live in.

In 2019, the association engaged in a

community driven fun run, (GO! &

Express, Pensioners get out and about,

March 28, 2019)

RETIRED, NOT TIRED: The East London Pensioners Association at their opening revival last Friday Picture: AMANDA NANO

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Spreading ‘Love on the Rocks’

Va l e n t i n e ’s cabaret raising

funds for schools and charities


The EL Arts Theatre’s 16th

annual Valentine’s Day

Cabaret, Love on The

Ro c k s , is being staged and

runs until February 22.

The songs for this year’s

production are all inspired by

drinks, such as Rum and Coca-

Co l a by Lionel Belasco and Re d ,

Red Wine by Neil Diamond.

As with previous years, the

various performances will serve

as fundraisers for s ch o o l s ,

charities and organisations from

around the city.

Dancers billed for the

concert include Dyaminc Body

Studio’s Vicky Luff, Emma van

der Zee, Madeleine Chaput,

Stacy Schaefer and Tracy

Barclay, while singers include

Alex Shaw, Cebo Ndzimela

and Byron Mountfort.

Tickets are available from the

Eyabantwana Trust on Thursday

February 13.

Contact Trystan Viaene on

071-888-8833 or e-mail

t r y s t a n @ hy p e p r. c o . z a .

On Friday, tickets can be

purchased at St Mark’s Church.

Those looking to book

must contact Barry Wittstock on

082-408-0212 or e-mail

b a r r y w i t t s t o ck @ m w e b . c o . z a .

S a t u r d ay ’s tickets are

available at Rotary Arcadia -

contact Wittstock again.

Monday February 17 will see

a special performance to

fundraise for Striling Primary

School water polo.

Contact Sarah Maritz on

079-697-7626 or e-mail

s a ra h m @ s t i r l i n g p s . c o . z a .

On Tuesday February 18,

Fairlands Retirement Village

ticket sales will be R120.

For more information,

contact Kathy Smith on 084-

501-3228 or e-mail

k a t hy. s m i t h @ e l s c a . c o . z a .

Stirling Primary School

hockey will have a fundraising

show on Wednesday February


Contact Rozanne Moss on

083-449-9886 or e-mail


For the Hope Schools

performance on Thursday

February 20, contact Jessica

Richter on 072-215-3644 or e-

mail jessweyer@gmail.com.

The hosts, Arts Theatre Club,

will be offering discount tickets

CHEERS AGAIN: The 16th annual Arts Theatre Valentine’s Day cabaret, ‘Love on The Rocks’ is underway until February 23.

Above is the ‘Change the Channel’ cast of 2019 Picture: AMAND NANO

of R100 per person for the

Friday February 21 show.

Contact Vicky Luff on 073-

941-6893 or e-mail

dbstudio12@gmail.com. The

last show is a fundraiser for

t h e D ow n ’s Syndrome

Association. Call 083-417-

3949, 072-276-1443 or e-mail

dsaael@telkomsa.net .

Tickets are R125 per person

(unless stated otherwise) with

cheese and wine included.

Doors open at 7pm for 7.30pm

and picnic baskets are


Daily Dispatch Building, Cnr St Helena Rd & Quenera Dr,

Triple Point, Beacon Bay.

T: 043-702 2000 F: 086 545 2648

P.O. Box 131, East London, 5200


Mauneen Charter : Phone 046 624 4356 - E-mail: MCharter@arena.africa


Chris van Heerden : E-mail: vanheerdenc@arena.africa


ĂŚĞŝĞůĚPhone 043-702 2125 - E-mail: ĂŚĞΛŐŽĞĞĐŽĂ ĞĚŝŽ

Sivenathi Gosa : Phone 043-702 2046 - E-mail: ŝĞŶĂŚŝΛŐŽĞĞĐŽĂ ŽŶĂůŝ

Amanda Nano : Phone 043-702 2049 - E-mail: ĂŶŽΛŐŽĞĞĐŽĂ ŽŶĂůŝ


Cheryl Larsen : Phone 043-702 2031 - E-mail: CherylL@ŐŽĞĞĐŽĂ



Cheryl Larsen : Phone 043-702 2031 - E-mail: CherylL@ŐŽĞĞĐŽĂ



Wendy Kretschmann : Phone 043-702 2280 - E-mail: WendyK@ŐŽĞĞĐŽĂ

DELIVERY ENQUIRES - Phone: 043-702 2239 / 2168 / 2103






The Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) will be hosting a public

consultation process at the East London City Hall from 9am to hear

input on how wards in BCM should be configured in preparation for

the 2021 local government elections. For more information, visit

http://www.demarcation.org.za/ or the MDB Facebook page.





Ladies Jeggings........................

Ladies Tops asst from..............

Ladies Dresses........................

Ladies Golf Shirts.....................

Ladies Bras from......................

Ladies Skirts from.....................

Mens Tshirts from.....................

Mens Golfers............................

Mens Jeans from......................

Mens Chinos from....................

Mens asst Shorts from.............

Mens asst Vests from...............



81 Fitzpatrick Rd, Arcadia.

043 743 8964

R 55

R 45


R 50

R 35

R 50

R 25

R 60



R 95

R 35

Good news

for EC dams


Continued rains have provided some muchneeded

relief to the drought-stricken Eastern

Cape, with provincial dam levels rising above

50% for the first time in 2020.

BCM has also experienced the benefits,

with only one dam seeing a decline this week.

The dam in question is Nahoon, which

dropped to 40.9% from last week’s 41.8%.

Elsewhere in the metro, however, dams are

slowly but surely rising.

The biggest success story is undoubtedly

Rooikrans, which has seen an amazing 16.5

increase to 54% full.

This is even more impressive when taking

into account Rooikrans started out the year at

just 20% capacity.

Other dams, while not seeing as large a rise,

are still in much better shape than last week.

Bridle Drift rose by 1.3 to arrive at 41% in

the latest reading, and Gubu at 57.3%.

Laing continues to outshine its neighbours

and currently stands at 101.2% capacity.

Finally, Wriggleswade thankfully didn’t

decline but it also didn’t increase either,

remaining stable at 29.4%

Stage 3 restrictions are still in place and

residents should continue saving water where




East London residents should prepare for a

scorcher this weekend. For those taking part in

any of the big sporting events coming up,

remember to take care and drink lots of water.

Thursday starts off pretty warm with a

maximum temperature of 29ºC despite partly

cloudy conditions. The wind will be blowing

in at 19km/h from the East while the SA

Weather Service predicts 0% chance of rain.

There's a slight dip in temperature on

Friday to 26ºC but it won't last long. Skies will

be cloudy throughout the day with the wind

switching to the South-East.

The temperature spikes to 30ºC on

Saturday and thunder-showers are predicted,

so be careful. The wind remains stable with no

change expected.

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NEW LIFE: At the

hand over are, from

left, Sweetheart


re p re s e n t a t i v e

Glynis Butler,

Canaan Care Centre

c a re g i v e r P h o z i s a

Mhlambiso, Daily

Dispatch marketing

manager Jennilee

P e re m o re - O l i v e r


sponsorships and

events manager

Alan Stapleton.

Seated is a happy

Litha Soldati P i c t u re :


New wheelchair

for grateful teen

Talk provides soothing

spiritual journey


East London-based fine art

p h o t o g ra p h e r M a r l e n e

Neumann is hosting a series of

motivational talks which she

plans to hold at her centre in


The first out of four talks,

titled More Time Being, Less

Time Doing, took place last

Saturday and guided

participants on a soothing selfawareness

discovery using one’s

senses and breathing.

Speaking about the ego,

Neumann said she does not

think that one can ever find their


“The ego latches onto the

purpose and we all too often

hang onto this. I’ve always been

one of those children that

question everything. I still don’t

know what I'm meant to be

d o i n g ,” she said.

The GO! was fortunate to

take part in the talk on the

Saturday morning.

“The world is starving for

love and we’re too quick to kill

everything. Aliveness does not

mean success,” Neumann said.

Participants then went on

a mindful walk outside to

capture various images in

Neumann's garden.

The talks are about two and

a half hours each and are based

on Neumann's experiences,

teaching, challenges and


“Do in this life what is

n e e d e d ,” Neumann said.

The next talk, What It

Means To Wake Up, is

scheduled for May 23. For

information, e-mail

n e u m a n n @ wo r l d o n l i n e . c o . z a

or visit

w w w. m a r l e n e n e u m a n n . c o m

SPAR, Daily Dispatch give gift of movement


There was much joy at the

Daily Dispatch offices on

Tuesday when Litha

Soldati, 17, received her

modified wheelchair sponsored

by the Eastern Cape SPAR Daily

Dispatch Summer Fun Run.

The GO! reported (“Joy of

wh e e l ch a i r s ”, May 16, 2019)

that Soldati was diagnosed with

cerebral palsy at birth.

Her mother, Lindiwe, said

they were extremely grateful as

the new wheelchair would

change her life.

“It will be easier for her to be

mobile as the previous one was

too small,” she said.

EC SPAR sponsorships and

events manager Alan

Stapleton said they were

grateful for the wh e e l ch a i r-

friendly Daily Dispatch event.

Stapleton said they had

donated 180 wheelchairs to

those in need in 2019, with

1,000 having been donated so

f a r.

Sweethearts Foundation

representative Glynis

Butler expressed gratitude on

behalf of the foundation to the

sponsors who made Soldati's

dream come true.

“We are very honoured and

proud of fulfilling our promise to

Litha, as she was supposed to

receive the wheelchair last

ye a r,” Daily Dispatch sales

manager Suren Packery, said.

STATE OF ZEN: Marlene Neumann, far right, shares a moment with students during her first

series of talks titled ‘More Time Being, Less Time Doing’ held in East London last Saturday.


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Furry fun at dog show


New park gets

tails wagging


POOCH POISE: The Savemor Fun Dog Show Supreme

champion is Cammy, handled by Tanith Cloete Picture: SUPPLIED

King William’s Town

residents braved the rain

last Saturday to attend

the second annual Savemor Fun

Dog Show at the Dale

Equestrian Club.

“The heavens opened in full

force and the show had to be

hastily moved indoors but this

did not hamper the spirits of the

competitors and the show went

o n ,” organiser Mike Webb said.

Various classes were held to

ensure all dogs had a fair

chance to win.

Competitors walked away

with goodie bags and caps,

while at least R4,500 was raised

for the KWT SPCA.

The day also marked the

opening of the KWT

Community Dog Park, which

can be used free of charge by

the public.

“Many thanks to all who

participated in the rainy

conditions and to all the

sponsors and helpers who

helped make the show possible.

“The dog park was wellreceived

by all and I’m sure it

will be greatly appreciated by

our furry friends,” Webb said.


Puppy, under 12 months:

1) Dodo

2) Axl

3) Bently

Best crossbreed:

1) Smokey Joe

2) Zozo

3 ) C a m my

Best small dog:

1) Gaza

2) Izzy

3) Dodo

Best medium dog:

1 ) A b by,

2) Bailey

3) Bosco

Best large dog:

1) Zozo

2 ) R u by

3) Smokey Joe

Best golden oldies:

1) Lulu

2) Max

3) Bosco

Matched pairs:

1) Stanley/Rico

2) Milo/Lulu

3 ) Z o z o / R u by

Dog /owner Lookalike:

1 ) Pe p p e r

2 ) C a m my

3 ) S p a r ky

Best conditioned dog:

1 ) C a m my

2 ) Pe b b l e

3) Smokey Joe

Best child handler:

1 ) C a m my

2) Bailey

3 ) S p a r ky

Waggiest tail:

1) Mila

2) Dennis

3) Bailey

Supreme champion:

1 ) C a m my

2 ) Pe p p e r

3) Gaza

King William’s Town Oeswana Tribe Head Chief Melvyn Smith,

left, is one of the delegates engaging in a Social Cohesion

dialogue organised by the EC department of sport, recreation,

arts and culture (Dsrac) at the Fort Beaufort town hall on

Tuesday. A panel of guest speakers along with audience

members discussed various issues were discussed such as

languages, gender-based violence (GBV) and the role of

traditional leaders Picture: ROLAND MEYERS

Lions Ladies donate sanitary towels


LAST Wednesday was a joyful

day for Breidbach Secondary

school head and girl leaders

after receiving boxes of

sanitary towels donated by

the King William’s Town

Lions Club Ladies.

The Lions Ladies handed

over six boxes of sanitary

towels to the head girl and

prefects in the presence of

their principal Les Mara and

deputy Ricky Alexander at a

special gathering at the

s ch o o l s ’ staff room.

Lions Lady Wendy

Mauer said the sanitary

towels were collected

through sponsorships from

business and contributions

made from their pockets.

“This is a pilot project

which we have collectively

decided to implement from

this year onwards and more

schools will be identified to

b e n e f i t ,” said Mauer.

Fellow Lady and retired

teacher Marlene Moses said

some girls are not so fortunate

to afford sanitary towels

which resulted in them not

attending school.

“We want all learners,

boys and girls to be at school

and in class every day, in a

happy mood and at ease to

enjoy their studies without

any discomfort,” said Moses.

Breidbach Secondary

head girl Kamvelihle

Makwetu described the

donation as a ‘very lovely and

much-needed gesture’

“There is indeed a

struggle for some girls to buy

sanitary towels because they

just can’t afford it and this

contribution by these kind

hearted people today is much

appreciated from the bottom

of our hearts,” Makwetu said.

“It is useful, a necessity

and undoubtfully a great help

for a lot of girls.”

Mara enchoed Makwetu’s

KIND GESTURE: King William’s

Town Lions Club Ladies posing

with, from left, Breidbach

Secondary Head Les Mara, deputy

head Ricky Alexander, head girl

Kamvelihle Makwetu, and head

prefects Lianne Weimers, Robyn

Stevens and Bernay Vers during the

handover of sanitary towels last

week. Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

sentiments and commended

the Lions Ladies for the


“We appreciate your visit

and the generous donation of

sanitary towels to our girls

and would like to encourage

you to continue with the good

work you,” added Mara.




The weekend in King is going to be a

hot one so be prepared.

Thursday is already scorching with a

maximum temperature of 32°C. Light

cloud cover is expected with a 9km/h

wind from the East.

Friday is slightly cooler but not by

much. The temperature peaks at 29°C

with heavy cloud cover predicted to roll

in. The wind switches to the South-East

and increases to 19km/h.

Saturday will by far be the hottest day

of the weekend with a maximum

temperature of 33°C. Thunder showers

are expected throughout the day while

the wind drops down to 9km/h.

Sunday is largely stable with only a

slight temperature drop to 32°C. The

wind switches to the South-West but

otherwise there's little change.

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The SANBS mobile blood clinic visited Merrifield College last Thursday. Nazi Mkumla, left,

offers support while Ngcali Jafta and Zoë-Jade Flanagan finish their donations. P i c t u re :



The Hudson Park High School Interact Club visit Pet Pals on Wednesday, where they made

various donations and sponsored a kennel on behalf of the school Picture: SUPPLIED


The Merrifield Class of 2020 were happy to receive their matric jackets this week. Picture: TARALYN MCLEAN

Voorpos Primary School pupils dressed up as storybook

characters in celebration of World Read Aloud Day recently.

They are, from left, grade 2 pupils Lemma Tenge, Limikhaya

Mgiwigwi and Inako Potelwa. Picture: SUPPLIED







CLASSES commencing: 10/02/2020

Website: www.msccollege.co.za

14 St Matthews Rd, Southernwood, EL

(043) 743 5778



Clarendon Girls

High School’s

Emily Roberts

races to first place

at the Sub-

Districts Athletics

Tournament that

took place last

week at the Jan

Smuts Stadium.

She came first in

the 800m and

1,500m. The other

Clarendon girls

who came first in

their races were

Jenna Kilian in

100m and 200m,

Riya Keshaw in

300m, and Sascha

Mortimer in

5,000m P i c t u re :


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Grand Slam win an inspiration


Charles Beningfield


It’s not often I’m gobsmacked

by a sporting

performance these days.

One sees so many wonderful

exhibitions of sporting

excellence by young men and

women on television that in

time, one becomes accustomed

and perhaps even a little bored

with it.

But those who watched the

Novak Djokovic-Dominic

Thiem Australian Open Grand

Slam men’s singles final last

Sunday in Melbourne will surely

agree with me that for brilliance

If Serbia can

produce a

champion like

Djokovic, SA

surely can too

and sheer endurance this epic

five-setter will take a lot of


For four hours these two

young men, one from Serbia

and the other from

Austria, threw the kitchen sink

at each other in their quest for

v i c t o r y.

The pendulum swung first

this way and then that as

millions of tennis fans across the

world sat glued to their TV sets

while the tennis gods favoured

one player and then the other.

It was truly mind-boggling.

Their demeanour – Th i e m

elegantly gracious in defeat and

Djokovic equally so in victory –

stamped both both players as

GAME SET MATCH: It’s time for SA to step up and make a

name for itself in the tennis world Picture: FILE

true sportsmen and a credit to

their respective countries.

I must admit my personal

favourite was Djokovic and in

my opinion, he was fully

deserving of his pay cheque of

AUS$4.2m (R42.24m).

I don’t care how good a

tennis player you are but

imagine for a moment having to

face, for nearly four hours,

alternate serves coming at you

at varying angles at something

nearing 200 km/h, never mind

having to sprint backwards and

forwards across the width of the

court for that length of time to

return sizzling, and I mean

sizzling, forehand and

backhand drives into the far

reaches of the playing area.

If it was me I would have

been dehydrated, hospitalised

and put on a drip!

Eventually, a totally drained

Djokovic, after five titanic sets,

was able to subdue his gallant

opponent and allow us here in

East London and the rest of the

world to stagger off to the

refrigerator for some liquid


You had to see it to believe it

and I hope you did.

But what is it about the

modern day tennis champion

that makes him so formidable?

I mean greats like Rod Laver,

Boris Bekker, Pete Sampras and

that awful brat John McEnroe

must have practiced just as hard

as these guys.

The secret must surely lie

with superior playing

equipment and coaching

t e ch n i q u e s .

Whatever! Good luck to

Serbia, a dirt-poor country and

their worthy champion.

As for us, where do we South

Africans stand in the world of

championship tennis?

Down there at the bottom of

the ladder that’s where!

Yet we have more sunshine

and open spaces than many of

the tiny countries whose

p l aye r s ’ names are

unpronounceable, but feature

among the top money-winners

year after year.

It’s time for someone who

lives here, preferably from East

London, to step up to the plate!



Join the Bigfoot run

to help combat polio


Residents are

encouraged to take

part in the upcoming

Bigfoot and Rotary

Polio Challenge on

February 22 to help

raise funds to combat

polio around the

wo r l d .

The run is a

collaboration between

Gately Rotary and

Bigfoot Express Freight.

“Polio is a paralysing

and potentially fatal

disease yet totally

unknown to most

South Africans due to

the involvement of

Rotary International,”

event organiser Gerrie

Hatting said. “In 1985

Rotary International

took a momentous

decision to tackle

p o l i o e ra d i c a t i o n

worldwide through the

mass vaccination of

ch i l d r e n , “ he said.

“The purpose of

this event is to raise

funds and build

awareness about the

disease for those who

do not know about it.

“We want to

improve lives, invest in

the future, improve

child health, save

money and to make

h i s t o r y.”

Hattingh said over

the past 30 years,

Rotary International

had helped immunise

more than 2.5-billion

children in 122

countries, spending

more than $1.8bn

(R26.57bn) towards

the cause to eradicate

polio .

“The first Polio

Run was organised by

Gately Rotary in 2016

and the aim is to

promote a healthy

lifestyle and to raise

further funds for the

polio eradication


“This year will,

however, be more

special as every

participant will wear a

cancer armband and

for each armband the

proceeds will go to the

Cancer Association of

South Africa (Cansa),”

Hatting said.

Last year, the run

attracted 686

participants and

Hatting said this year

they were hoping for

between 750 and

1,000 runners.

Entry is open from

Februry 8 until

February 21.

Forms are available

from Sportsmans

Warehouse in Retail

Park, Beacon Bay.

The entry fee is

R70, and the race will

start at 8am.

Recent heavy

rains have left

the Morgan

Bay lagoon

nice and full

P i c t u re :



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Odd ‘Buster’s Mal

Heart’ not for all


In case the name didn’t give you

a clue, Buster ’s Mal Heart is

going to be a weird ride.

On the surface, there seems

to be three separate stories

going on, with Raami Malek (of

Mr Robot and Bohemian

Rhapsody fame) playing the

central character in all three.

The first story dominates

most trailers for the film and

sees Malek play Jonás “Jo n a h ”

Cueyatl, a hotel concierge stuck

pulling the night shift.

One night, a mysterious

stranger arrives and tries to

convince Jonah that some sort of

cataclysm, which he calls “Th e

I nve r s i o n ”, is about to happen.

This segment plays like a

classic psychological thriller

with Jonah soon struggling to

tell apart reality from fantasy.

If you’ve seen films like The

Shining or even the previously

reviewed Bottom of the World,

yo u ’ll have good idea of what to

expect. The second storyline has

Malek playing a roaming

vagabond known as Buster, who

spends his time breaking into

empty vacation homes and

doing odd things like turning all

their photographs upside down.

Things escalate when he

accidentally breaks into a house

whose elderly owners are still

there and soon Buster is having

to outrun the law through the


The final thread sees Buster,

far worse for wear, floating in a

dingy miles out at sea.

This is definitely a more

cerebral film. If you don’t pay

close attention, you could soon

not know what’s going on.

For those looking to just

‘Netflix and chill’, this probably

isn’t the movie for you.


Contact the News Desk on (043) 7022048 or e-mail: goexpress@arena.africa

by Monday 4pm in publication week


● The University of the Third Age meets at the St

Andrews Croquet Club hall on the second and

third Thursday of a month at 9.30am. R10 for

visitors. Inquiries: 043-735-2444.

● Narcotics Anonymous at Buffalo Flats Primary

School, 84 Greenpoint Road, Buffalo Flats. Starts

at 7.30pm. Call 083-900-6962.


● Open Hands will host a Valentine’s Day event

at Legend’s Showcase Venue to raise funds for a

safehouse for male abuse victims. Starts 6.30pm.

Tickets, Lee Gold Music. Call 082-813-0206.

● Quentil live at Comrades Club from 8.15pm.

Entry R25pp. Dress: Anything, with a Dash Of Red

Book on 083-255-3468. Kitchen and Bar, 6pm.


● The Support Group of Diabetes SA, EL Branch

meets on the first Saturday of every month at the

Regent Hotel’s Ocean Terrace Room, 2.45 to 4pm.

Inquiries: Vrooda Makhan on 083-708-0489.

● Va l e n t i n e ’s dance with Time is Tight at the EL

Bowling Club. For bookings, call 083-968-1069.


● Narcotics Anonymous at Buffalo Flats Primary

School, 84 Greenpoint Road, Buffalo Flats. Starts

at 7pm. Call 083-900-6962.


● The Compassionate Friends meet at Vincent

Methodist Church Hall, 7pm for 7.30pm. Phone

043-721-0406 or 043-741-2551.

● U3A Chair Yoga, Kennersley Park Chapel at

10am. Open to all. Call Helen on 082-939-3039


● The EL Caledonian Society Pipe Band meets on

Tuesdays. Robert on 082-897-8571 or Stephen on


● EL Bridge Club duplicate Bridge every Tuesday

and/or Saturday at 1.15pm at the Berea Gardens

dining hall. Jean on 043-735-4893.

● Scottish dancing classes 4pm -5.30pm at Ham’s

Club, Selborne. Call Nookie 043-726-1100.

● Beacon Bay bridge club social bridge every

Tuesday and Friday, 1.30pm to 4.30pm. Call Olga

on 083-650-6653 or Heather on 043-748-1465.

● Nar-Anon Family Group meets every Tuesday

at 7pm at 7 Hebbes Street, Cambridge Baptist

Church. Call Belinda on 083-662-3442.

● U3A Classical Music Appreciation, Oak Room,

Parklands at 10am. Gala Concert in Vienna featuring

Johan Strauss’s music. Call Carol 072-508-0938.


● February: Churchill’s Wartime Speeches, Oak

Room, Parklands at 10.00am. Call Dave on 043-



● U3A Speaker’s Corner, St Andrews at 9.30am.

Speaker: Div de Villiers on Rhine Poaching in the

Eastern Cape. All welcome. Call Gill on 083-651-


Send in a completed, correct

crossword #1169 for a chance

to win 1x 250g bag of coffee

plus two free cappuccinos

valued at R100 sponsored by

Cutman & Hawk Coffee

go co n t est s @ t i so b l a c kst a r.co. za .

Please include your contact

number and full name.

T&Cs apply.


1x 250g bag of

coffee plus two free

ca p p u cc i n os

valued at R100

sponsored by

Cutman & Hawk

Cof fe e

The winner of

crossword #1168 is:

Isobel Louw

Co n g ra t u l a t i o n s !

K64. Talullah

- ĂĸĞ









FSP: 6558
























Please give these pets a good home.

Interested persons please phone 043 745 1441 and ask for Reception.

Photo’s by

Evette Joubert

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Remembering a local soccer legend


The death last weekend of

Johnny Grant in East

London at the age of

80 will have saddened older

soccer fans on the Border.

Those fans will no doubt

recall memories of the

diminutive Grant weaving his

magic up the right hand flank

for East London United in the

halcyon days of the National

Football League, when not a

seat could be had on a Friday

evening at the old Border Rugby

Union Ground.

The ambidextrous Grant, at

home on either wing, was part

Johnny Grant, a lifelong friend of Alec Ferguson, an EL treasure

of a pair of flyers playing for

United in those years, the other

being the Irish star Bobby

B ra i t h wa i t h e .

Who can forget those pinpoint

crosses by these two to

Jackie McDowell in the centre,

arguably the best header of a

football in the country at the

time. These lads certainly gave

the fans great entertainment.

Grant, one of a number of

top-notch British players wh o

graced the SA soccer scene in its

hey-day of the ’60s and early

’70s, was contracted by Durban

United in 1967, the year he

emigrated from his home

country Scotland with wife

Mary and son John, then four.

Two years later, he was

bought by East London United

and arrived in the city, where he

was to live the rest of his life.

Retired from his agency

business for several years, G ra n t

kept fit with regular visits to his

local gym but his health

deteriorated steadily as he got

o l d e r.

In Scotland, he played for

Hibernian FC and Ayr United as

a professional. As a small lad of

10 or so, he was a member of a

school team which included the

young Alec Ferguson, the

future manager of Manchester


Members of that team said

Grant, in later years, remained

friends and met them nearly

every year for a reunion.

Once asked if his life-long

friend Alec Ferguson, later

knighted by Queen Elizabeth for

his services to soccer was any

good as a player, Grant said: “As

a centre-forward, he was

transferred from Dunfermline to

Glasgow Rangers for £65,000.

“In those days, if that didn’t

make him a special player, I

don’t know what did.”

Ferguson has conveyed

condolences to the family but

because of ill health is not able

to attend the funeral.

A few years ago, a club of

former professional soccer

players known as “E x - P r o ,” paid

tribute to Grant at a dinner in his

honour in Johannesburg at

which 850 people were present

including the great man Sir Alec

himself. It was to recognise

G ra n t ’s contribution to soccer in

SA as a player and coach.

Ferguson brought with him a

framed Manchester United

jersey worn by Ronaldo, which

was auctioned for charity to the

tune of R60,000.

In later years, Grant could be

found rolling a bowl on the

Hamilton Bowling Club greens

where he and his old soccer

mates met from time to time.

He leaves his wife of 58

years, Mary, son John and

daughter, Lee-Anne.

The funeral takes place on

Friday at 1 pm in the

Presbyterian Church in Stirling.


Equilibrium and

relaxation made easy


“We can look at

nutrient deficiency and

oxygen starvation as

the single greatest

cause of all disease”–

Stephan A Levine

You haven’t

experienced bliss,

equilibrium, total

relaxation and

complete pampering

until you have booked

yourself in for an ozone

therapy treatment

combined with a

beautiful full body

massage afterwards.

At MorHealth and

Soul Studio, that is

exactly what you can

expect to get.

We are all aware

that we need to look

after our bodies,

especially as the years

tick by, but somehow

one always has other

priorities than to look

after ourselves first.

We wake up feeling

tired, or we are irritable

for no reason

throughout the day, we

have unexplainable

aches and pains with

seemingly sudden

onset, but, in actual

fact, our bodies warn

us long before the

physical signs get to the

point where we can no

longer ignore them and

our quality of life


MorHealth offers

medical ozone therapy,

which increases the

oxygen in the cells in

one’s entire body,

therefore promoting

health and reducing

the risk of disease.

This powerful

combination helps to

build new and healthy

cells, tissues, organs

and ultimately body


Both are beneficial

for the treatment of all

illnesses such as

diabetes, constipation,

heart disease,

depression, cancer,

arthritic diseases, HIV,

ADD, alcoholism, drug

addiction, anxiety, low

energy, infertility, slow

r e c ove r y,

p s y ch o l o g i c a l

disorders, skin

problems, hormonal

imbalance, nervous

system disorders and

brain function in

Alzheimer’s disease,

senility, multiple

sclerosis, Parkinson’s

disease and more.

Once ready, one

enters MorHealth and

Soul Studio’st h e ra py

room to get set up.

The ozone therapy

consists of your own

little “pod”, where your

body is sealed in an

ozone-infused cocoon

for half an hour at high

t e m p e ra t u r e s .

It is like your own

private sauna with the

added benefits of the

ozone therapy gently

going through your

b o dy.

After this, you go to

the massage room,

where Michéle

Johnston from Soul

Studio does her magic

– a unique fusion of

aroma therapy oils,

mineral foot soaks and

herbal teas.

The beautifully

homemade herbal tea

consists of freshly

grown herbs and is a

beverage one will not

forget easily, nor will

you find it in any


Massages are

imperative to one’s

well-being, as it helps

reduce muscle tension,

improve circulation

and increase lymph

drainage and mobility,

all of which is

beneficial in every way.

In addition,

MorHealth and Soul

Studio also offer Health

Matters, a range of

nutritional products

like Supa-Dupa

Porridge, WAM seeds,

Aromatic seeds and

Salt of our Earth.

Appointments and

workshops aimed to

educate people on the

benefits of “Kind Food”

and “Healing with

Whole Foods” are

given by MorHealth

and Soul Studio, whose

products can be found

at Lime Fusion and


‘Mama’ Goje cares for

and equips the needy


The persistence of Clover Mama

Afrika’s newest Mama, Mama

Phumla Goje of East London,

finally paid off after she

approached Clover Mama

Afrika three years ago.

The first time Goje applied to

become a Clover Mama, she

did not meet the full

requirements, but this did not

deter her from working hard to

achieve this goal.

“I was impressed with

Phumla’s structures that she had

implemented, her honesty and

her determination to succeed.

“We are providing her with a

bakery which is much-needed

in her community,” C l ove r

manager of corporate services

professor Elain Vlok said.

Goje was grateful to Clover

for supporting her.

“My biggest focus is to equip

young people and women in my

village to become self-sufficient

and I believe that I can change

their mindset to do just that.

“I have a food garden that I

sustain and in April I will

receive upskilling from Clover

Mama Afrika in bread baking.”

The Clover Mama Afrika

initiative aims to empower

women in communities across

SA with skills such as cooking,

baking, sewing, food gardening

and business management.


Th e “Mamas” are supplied

with the necessary equipment

and infrastructure to create an

income for themselves, to give

back to their communities.

Goje opened Dibashe

Special Centre in 2002.

Today, she cares for 190

children aged between the ages

of 1 and 7, and she looks after

25 elderly residents in her


She is involved with many

community projects.

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From cottage to

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Reynolds.Book on architecture

of Grahamstown

buildings. Lots of pictures.

(1974). R100.

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x 65cm, as new, R150

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drops. Lining perfect

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IN A RUCK: Lions Rubgy (navy) took on Hurricanes Rugby Club (red) at a derby last weekend


Lions Club gets

off to early start

Derby action at Berlin Sports Grounds


The Berlin Sports Grounds

were filled with eager fans

as Lions Rugby

Club hosted Mdantsane-based

Hurricanes Rugby Club in a

derby game for U15, U16 and

U19 players last weekend.

Lions coach Leo Mbini said

they had started planning early

this year to make sure they had

all the time to prepare for the

upcoming season and

Border schools trials, to take

place in March.

Players battled it out on the

wet fields on Saturday, with

the U15 Hurricanes defeating

Lions 22-5 in the opening

m a t ch .

The Lions U16 suffered a

17-7 loss against Hurricanes,

with a close final match ending

in a 19-17 victory for the U19


“The last game was a very

close game and you could feel

that this was really a derby as

the two played a good game and

stuck to their coaches’

g a m e p l a n ,” said Mbini.

He said both the teams

would be taken to the Border

Schools Rugby Day.

“I would like to ask for more

assistance from anyone who can

do something for these boys to

please help with transportation

and kit as we are currently

borrowing from Berlin Tigers,”

said Mbini.

Donation to help develop

hockey at local schools


There was much excitement to

be had at Breidbach Primary on

Friday morning after it wa s

identified as one of five local

schools to benefit from a muchneeded

donation of hockey


Local development coach

Hubert Oliphant, accompanied

by his daughter and assistant

coach Tremeine, handed over

10 hockey sticks with 10 balls to

Breidbach Primary principal

Gareth Fourie, deputy Elanore

Harmse and teachers Wendy

Jagers and Robertha Smith.

The school’s hockey captains

Beyondre Jagers and Taylor

Kippen were also present.

The other schools identified

for the project, according to

Oliphant, are Hoërskool De Vos

Malan, Tshatshu Primary,

Schornville Primary and Berlin

P r i m a r y.

Oliphant told the Go! &

Express the contribution was

made after thorough planning

and with the vision he has to

d e ve l o p the sport l o c a l l y.

“I am passionate about

hockey and my vision was

always to develop the sport at a

grassroots level, where I really

find joy in working with kids at

s ch o o l s ,” Oliphant said.

“After sharing my vision with

former teammate Gary Dolley,

who is a project manager at the

SA Hockey Association [SAHA],

everything perfectly fell into

place and this was how it all

s t a r t e d .”

Dolley said the equipment




coordinator Hubert

Oliphant, right,

hands over muchneeded



received from the

South African


Association (SAHA)

to Breidbach

Primary School on

Friday P i c t u re :


donated and distributed by

Oliphant formed part of their

modified hockey programme.

“We are in the process of

establishing a modified hub in

King William’s Town which will

be coordinated by Oliphant,”

Dolley said.

“We have a formal structure

nationally and identified this

region to be included in our

p r o g ra m m e .

“I will be visiting the region

in due course to conduct a

workshop for all teachers and

vo l u n t e e r s .”

An elated Harmse said: “Th i s

equipment will be of great

assistance to our talented

players and on behalf of the

school, we sincerely appreciate

the gesture made by Hubert and

all those involved.”

GO! & EXPRESS 13 February 2020 For all your advertising needs call Cheryl on (043) 702-2031 or Risha (043) 702-2122. Find us on Facebook 11

THE BATTLE IS ON: The University of Fort Hare rowing team competes in the Boat Race in Port Alfred in September 2019. Picture: BRUCE VIAENE

Titanic battle set for Buffalo Regatta


The tension is on as rowing teams from

all over the country gather for the RMB

Buffalo Regatta, which begins on

Thursday and runs until Saturday.

The regatta sees University of Fort

Hare Rowing Club (UFHRC) and

Walter Sisulu University Rowing Club

(WSURC) meet up to battle it out for

the honour of the best Buffalo City

university rowing club.

WSURC took the honours in both

UFH and WSU clubs preparing for Saturday’s rowing clash

the men’s and women’s races at

Intervarsity in August, while UFHRC

took gold in both the men’s and

wo m e n ’s races at the Universities Boat

Race in Port Alfred in September 2019.

At the East London Universities Boat

Race in October, WSURC won the

wo m e n ’s race and UFHRC the men’s.

Currently, the developing clubs in

this highly competitive sport find

themselves at level pegging. “Our

students love the sport and their

determination has helped them

overcome great obstacles to

p a r t i c i p a t e ,” WSU sport head Bongo

Nontshinga said.

The athletes are busy comparing the

speeds of the crews and coaches are

checking fitness and making the final

selections to get the fastest times on the

water. The sport requires finesse,

fitness, strength in equal measures and

is not for the fainthearted.

UFH sport department’s Timothy

Leeuw said his team were extremely

committed and eager to succeed.

The teams will compete in the

single scull, a very difficult discipline

with one rower, two blades and a very

narrow boat.

Also up will be the double (two

rowers, each with two blades in a

narrow boat), quads (four rowers each

with two blades and a fairly narrow

boat) and the prestigious eights (one

rower each with one blade in a less

narrow boat).

With universities fully backing their

rowing teams and SA getting rowers on

Olympic podiums, it is not unrealistic

to expect that perhaps our next

Olympic rowing medal will come from

these iconic struggle universities.

45 karters thrill at Grand Prix Circuit


The Border Karting season got

off to a sizzling start on

February 1 at the East London

Grand Prix Circuit, with 45

ra c e r s p a r t i c i p a t i n g .

The 50cc Bambino Class

looked somewhat empty due

to drivers moving up to bigger


Traiton Boshoff took an

easy win ahead of newcomer

Michael Breiner.

The 125cc Micro Max

Class saw Lincoln Randall

deliver a polished

performance to claim three

wins ahead of Tyler Stephen

in second, with Komani’s

Scott Heideman in third.

The Seniors Four-Stroke

Clubmans Class had close to

20 competitors. Bryce

Choudree took an early

overall lead in all three heats,

only to be sidelined every

time with mechanical issues.

Behind him, Derek Pratt

took full advantage to claim a

popular overall win ahead of

Leeroy Randall and Reeno

S wa n e p o e l .

In the Masters Four-Stroke

Clubmans Class, you could

have covered the top

four with a blanket, as Greg

Thompson came in ahead of

Charl van Heerden, Andre

Shrier and Ashley Mylie in a

hard-fought duel.

The huge 125cc

Clubmans class has n ow

been split into three subclasses,

namely Masters,

Seniors and Juniors.

Some 16 competitors

were entered across the

three classes, with Brady

Choudree taking overall pole

position, ahead of Geoff

Stephen and Jacques du


Choudree and Jacques du

Preez had a titanic battle for

overall honours up front in

the Seniors class.

In a twist of cruel luck, du

Preez’ machine suffered a flat

battery on the grid, failing to

start for the final heat, which

opened the way for a

consistabt Ethan Springfield

to claim second place

Du Preez eventually

ended up third.

Geoff Stephen had a

relatively easy win in the

Masters class, with Leeroy

Randall behind him and

veteran karter, Neil Stephen,

exchanged paint at every

turn, with Randall finally

putting one over Stephen to

claim second place.

Their battle earned

Stephen the Driver of the Day


In the Juniors class,

Ko m a n i ’s Kyle Heideman

took the win ahead of

Timothy Ball, having a fine

outing in his maiden race in

the 125cc class.

The GBB Fitment Centresponsored


Academy class is doing great

work by providing

opportunities for newcomers.

Here, Jordan du Preez

emerged victorious, followed

by Rebecca Williams, Rafiq

Poovan and Luke Rens.



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Big names at 2020 Surfers Challenge

Great weather and

possibly some new

There is no better

time of the year to

surprise entries in store

run,’ many a crusty

old road runner


will suggest

Lategan and Lauren Ranger finished first and

second in 2019 and will be racing again, while

the men’s race was won by Old Mutual’s

Luthando Hejana.

He too could run any one of the three races.

Late entries and race registration takes place at

Nutting Hall in Stirling on Thursday and Friday

and any number of surprise entries could happen.

The community build-up to the Discovery

Surfers Challenge 2020 is all but over and

the vibe on the streets, beaches and in the

gyms is electric, with good-natured banter the

prevalent theme.

The Surfers is competitive, but also more social

in nature than many an average road race.

Running with the coastline tucked under ones

armpit plays a meaningful role in this, and given

the overall ambiance, river swims and superb

crowds to lift the spirit, it is a special experience.

The 17.5km event from Kwelera to Nahoon is

the “Big Daddy” of the 45-year-old race, though it

is being challenged by the former junior 5km that

started in 2012, now open to all, and the Gonubie

to Nahoon run that began in 2014.

The six-year-old race is coming of age and may

well become the anchor to future Surfers

Marathon/Challenge days.

Good news is that the long-term prediction

suggests great weather, albeit hot and humid.

It is after all February, and with the Indian

Ocean readily available for a dip along the way,

over-heating becomes less of an issue.

“There is no better time of the year to run,”

many a crusty old road runner will suggest.

In the 2019 longer race, Bulelani Mgubo, of

BRAC, won his first Surfers and is likely to be in

the fray again this year.

He beat off the attentions of the 2016 winner,

Nedbank’s Nkosinathi Nzingo, who is a regular to

the race and has been on the podium previously.

Jessica Pollock, a former Clarendon

pupil running for UCT, won her second Surfers

last year but sadly communicated last week that

she was unable to run this year due to work


Another former East Londoner, Sam

Eichstadt, finished third and may well travel down

from Gauteng to challenge again.

Going for her 20th run is Easy Equities Born 2

Run’s Andrea Ranger, the winner of the 2017 race,

who certainly constitutes a local favourite.

Fellow Born 2 Run member Hanlie Botha is a

three-time Surfers winner who has yet to decide

which race she will run.

Whichever she does, she will be prominent.

In the Gonubie 11.2km race, sisters Caryn

GET READY: Runners are busy training on the beaches for the

popular Surfers Challenge Picture: SUPPLIED





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