August 2022 Newsletter

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What’s Inside?

August 2021 Calendar of Events

August Zoom Information & Links

President’s Message - Mark Wolkow

Religious Practices Message - Melissa Immel

Security Message - Pat Wolkow

Welcoming Rabbi Meeka Simerly on August 19 th - Rabbi Search Committee

Sisterhood & Gift Shop News - Pat Wolkow & Denise Gordon

Sisterhood Brunch - September 11

Social Committee Message - Susanah Kolstad & Jessica Hurst

Congregational Picnic & Potential Member Meet & Greet - August 28 th

Kehillah MAGNET Message - Sarah O’Donnell & Joel Yoffee

Kehillah MAGNET Bowl-A-Thon - August 27 th

Aidan Goldman Bar Mitzvah - August 13 th

Pizza & Ice Cream Social – RSVP by September 10 th

Shop with Scrip Program

In Peron Intruder Training - August 21

Sign Up for on of our 2022 ONEG’s

Special Thanks to Our Monthly Donors

Caring Note

Mi Sheberakh List - We Pray For Healing

Recently Passed List

August 2021 Yahrzeits Observed

Advertise with Us

Temple Adas Shalom’s August 2022 Calendar of Events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

1 4 th of Av 5782 2 5 th of Av 5782

7:00 pm

Membership Committee Meeting

3 6 th of Av 5782

7 10 th of Av 5782

Tisha B’Av

8 11 th of Av 5782 9 12 th of Av 5782 10 13 th of Av 5782

14 17 th of Av 5782 15 18 th of Av 5782 16 19 th of Av 5782 17 20 th of Av 5782

2:00-3:30 pm

Adult Ed Committee Meeting

7:00-8:30 pm

Social Action Committee


21 24 th of Av 5782

10:00-2:30 pm

In Person Intruder Training

22 25 th of Av 5782 23 26 th of Av 5782

7:00 pm

RPC Meeting

24 27 th of Av 5782

28 1 st of Elul 5782

9:00-12:00 pm

Kehillah MAGNET Teacher PD


5:30 pm

Congregational Picnic &

Potential Member Meet & Greet

29 2 nd of Elul 5782

7:00-5:00 pm

First Day of ELC

30 3 rd of Elul 5782 31 4 th of Elul 5782

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Temple Adas Shalom’s August 2022 Calendar of Events

Thursday Friday Saturday

4 7 th of Av 5782

7:00-8:00 pm

Finance Committee Meeting

5 8 th of Av 5782

7:55 pm

Candle Lighting

7:00 pm

Outdoor Shabbbat on the Lawn Service

Mark & Pat Wolkow

6 9 th of Av 5782

Erev Tisha B’Av

Parashat Devarim

11 14 th of Av 5782

7:00-8:00 pm

Board Meeting

12 15 th of Av 5782

7:47 pm

Candle Lighting

7:00 pm

Shabbat Service

Rabbi Meeka Simerly & Aidan Goldman with

Mike Mullis & the Temple Adas Shalom


13 16 th of Av 5782

Parashat Vaetchanan

10:00 am

Aidan Goldman Bar Mitzvah

Rabbi Meeka Simerly & Aidan Goldman

18 21 st of Av 5782

7:30 pm

Choir Rehearsal

(Mike’s Home)

19 22 nd of Av 5782

7:37 pm

Candle Lighting

7:00 pm

Family Shabbat Service

Rabbi Meeka Simerly & David Jaffe

20 23 rd of Av 5782

Parashat Eikev

25 28 th of Av 5782 26 29 th of Av 5782

7:27 pm

Candle Lighting

11:00-1:00 pm

ELC Back to School Event

7:00 pm

Shabbat Service

Rabbi Meeka Simerly

27 30 th of Av 5782

Parashat Re’eh

3:00-5:00 pm

Kehillah MAGNET Bowl-A-Thon

3 | P a g e

August Service Zoom Information and Links

Temple Adas Shalom


Friday, August 5 th

Live Streaming starts at 6:45 pm; In-Person service starts at 7:00 pm

https://zoom.us/j/85758681892 * Meeting ID: 857 5868 1892

Password: Shabbat22


Friday, August 12 th

Live Streaming starts at 6:45 pm; In-Person service starts at 7:00 pm

https://zoom.us/j/85758681892 * Meeting ID: 857 5868 1892

Password: Shabbat22


Saturday, August 13 th

Live Streaming starts at 9:45 am; In-Person service starts at 10:00 am

https://zoom.us/j/88962124049 * Meeting ID: 889 6212 4049

Passcode: Goldman22


Friday, August 19 th

Live Streaming starts at 6:45 pm; In-Person service starts at 7:00 pm

https://zoom.us/j/85758681892 * Meeting ID: 857 5868 1892

Password: Shabbat22


Friday, August 26 th

Live Streaming starts at 6:45 pm; In-Person service starts at 7:00 pm

https://zoom.us/j/85758681892 * Meeting ID: 857 5868 1892

Password: Shabbat22

Did you miss a Shabbat? Visit our Virtual Experience page to view our recording archive.

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President’s Message

Mark Wolkow

We are part of something greater!

Did you know that Temple Adas Shalom has been part of the Reform

Movement since our very beginnings? Through the Union for Reform

Judaism (URJ) and its affiliate organizations, we secure our Rabbis and send our

children to NFTY camps. Additionally, we have access to resources to help us

manage our synagogue and join with thousands of other Jews across the

country at conferences where we share the best practices. I hope to let you in

on some of the ways that URJ serves us as a congregation, as well as you, as an

individual member.

Here’s an example:

Go to https://urj.org/. Click here to learn about who and what URJ is all about.

Click on the ReformJudaism.org tab for a bevy of information and resources.

Click on the Religious Action Center (RAC) tab to learn about URJ’s advocacy

to achieve the vision of “a world overflowing with wholeness, justice, and compassion.”

You can click the “Subscribe” button at each of the three tabs to receive various


Here’s a sample of what is available:

Ten Minutes of Torah - Commentary on the Torah portion of the week. It is sent every

Monday as part of the Ten Minutes of Torah series.

Thursday News Roundup - Ideas to help nurture Jewish values and practices for

families with young children, sent quarterly.

Our Story, Your Table - Occasional emails with cooking, holiday, and food-related

content that celebrates our Jewish story.

Inside Leadership - Newsletter geared toward the lay and professional leaders of URJ

congregations; sent on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

The Weekly - This is the best way to stay up-to-date on the social justice work of the

Reform Jewish Movement.

Explore and enjoy!


Mark Wolkow

Temple Adas Shalom President

5 | P a g e

Religious Practices Message

Melissa Immel

Greetings from the Religious Practices Committee!

Summer is in full swing, and as a member of Temple Adas Shalom, you

can rest assured that the RPC is actively working to create a deep and

meaningful High Holy Day experience for you and our diverse

community. For instance, Selichot (Hebrew: ‏(סליחות is a brief Service

that begins on the Saturday night before Rosh Hashanah and includes

Jewish prayers that help prepare our hearts and minds for The Days of

Awe. Please mark your calendar for the evening of Saturday, September

17 th , and keep an eye out for more information regarding the festivities for


Mazel Tov to Aidan Goldman and his family on his upcoming Bar

Mitzvah! We invite all congregants to attend services on Friday, August

12 th at 7:00 pm and the following Saturday, August 13 th at 10:00 am.

Please join the congregation in welcoming Aidan into our community as

a Jewish adult.

We are also looking forward to our future with Rabbi Meeka Simerly,

scheduled to begin on August 10 th . We encourage you to come out in the

upcoming weeks and months to get to know Rabbi Meeka as she leads

us in meaningful and spiritual Shabbat services and begins to get to

know all of us. A new rabbi brings new ideas, new music, new programs,

new attitudes, and new answers to old questions.

See you in shul!

Melissa Immel

RPC Chair

6 | P a g e

Security Message

Pat Wolkow

August training has changed to keep Adas Shalom prepared while the

Harford County Emergency Center continues to transition its final


Temple Adas Shalom’s new training will occur on Sunday, August 21st

from 10:00am to 2:30 pm. This training will be in-house with interactive

table sessions and hands on practice. Light food will be made available

starting at 9:30 am.

Your reservation by email at security@templeadasshalom.org must be

received by Monday, August 15 th to ensure we have enough food and


If you see something SAY SOMETHING!

Welcoming Rabbi Meeka Simerly

The Rabbi Search Committee

Melissa, I, and the whole Rabbi Search Committee are extremely excited

to welcome Rabbi Meeka Simerly to Temple Adas Shalom! Her first day

is August 10 th , and she will be leading services starting August 19 th .

Please come out or Zoom in August 19 th to meet and support Rabbi

Meeka. That night, we will have a special oneg to welcome her.

We are also looking to assemble small groups for meet and greets, so we

all can get to know Rabbi Meeka better. If you would like to host a meet

and greet at your house, please contact Wendy Drabinski at 410 688-

5994 or Wendy.Drabinski@outlook.com.

Wendy Drabinski

Co-Chair, Rabbi Search Committee

7 | P a g e

Sisterhood & Gift Shop News

Pat Wolkow & Denise Gordon

TAS Sisterhood – Women supporting women and their community


Regional Area WRJ Event - hosted by TAS Sisterhood has been cancelled. We are so sorry

for the inconvenience.

2022-23 Dues will begin to be appreciated in August.

Dues reminders will be mailed just after this event to start our Jewish New Year! Some have

already submitted, and we thank you. You can find dues information at the bottom of this



All our Sisterhood dates have been posted on the Temple Calendar and appear in bright

pink. Covid still plays havoc on our plans, so please keep informed the best you can.

Summer is undoubtedly passing fast! I still haven't lost the blossom from the Sisterhood

year-end event, a beautiful tea and painting get-together on June 5. I didn't know we were

all so talented and creative.

I look forward to our Sisterhood Brunch on September 11 from noon until 2:30 at Temple

Adas Shalom. Look for our flyer! We will also catch up on summer events and make new

friends. Be sure to mark your calendars – and bring your calendars with you to the brunch so

you don't miss any events.

The Fall and Winter look to be an exciting Sisterhood year.

Please look at the Sign-Up Genius to select and volunteer for one of those exciting events of

activities! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0E49A8A92CAAFFC16-202223

We are BUSY, but not too busy to chat with you! Please email us at: Sisterhood@templeadasshalom.org


$42 for renewal, $36 for new members. You can pay via check to Denise Gordon or via

PayPal: Ladies Auxiliary Harford Jewish CTR.

We are members of WRJ; check out the regional activities they offer:



Email Denise or Pat at giftshop@templeadasshalom.org

By request before Friday Night Services or by appointment anytime.

8 | P a g e

9 | P a g e

Social Committee Message

Susannah Kolstad, Co-Chair

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Sock Hop and Ice Cream Social. I hope

everyone had a sweet time dancing and enjoying cool treats.

On Sunday, August 28, 2022, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm, we will have a New Year Kick-

Off Congregational Picnic with a Potential Member Meet and Greet before the

picnic begins. We will take this opportunity to gather together before the high holidays

and the beginning of the school year for Kehillah MAGNET and the Early Learning

Center. Everyone is invited to attend and to invite potential new and returning

members to join us from 5:30-6:30 for a cocktail hour where members of the Board and

Staff will be available to answer questions and give tours of the Temple facilities. We

will also welcome our incoming Rabbi, Rabbi, and Cantor Meeka Simerly, to our

congregation. From 6:30- 8:30 pm, We will have dinner, dessert, a bounce house for the

kids, and Michael Mullis’s band, Days of Vinyl will perform. RSVP is

required: social@templeadasshalom.org

We are also looking for teens, young adults (35 and under, with or without kids), and seniors

to join our advisors to help us improve our congregational engagement, especially with

our social events and programming. The commitment is 1-15. hrs every three months

(August, November, February, and May). If interested, please email Susannah Kolstad

at social@templeadasshalom.org or by phone at 202-236-2363 (texts welcome).

As our co-chair, Jessica Hurst, is currently on maternity leave; we could use some extra

hands supporting our upcoming events. If you are interested in helping with logistics,

purchasing items, or any other aspect of our events, don't hesitate to contact us

at social@templeadasshalom.org .

We are always looking for additional support through volunteers and donations of

funds and supplies. Monetary donations can be made online at:


Here is a list of our Upcoming Social Events:

2 nd Night Rosh Hashanah Seder – September 26 th from 6:15-8:00 pm

Sukkot Potluck Dinner - October 14 th from 6:00-7:00 pm

Pumpkin Patch & Hayride Fundraiser - October 23 rd from 12:00-4:00 pm

Congregational Meeting Breakfast - November 13 th 9:00-9:30 am

Hanukkah Dinner - December 18 th from 5:30-7:00 pm

See you all there!

Susannah Kolstad

Co-Chair, Social Committee

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11 | P a g e

Kehillah MAGNET Message

Sarah O’Donnell & Joel Yoffee

We want to thank everyone for participating in a fun-filled year of


PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!! Please don’t forget to sign

your child up for the 2022/2023 school year! The first day of Religious

School for the 2022/2023 school year will be on (New Date) Sunday,

September 18, 2022.

Kehillah MAGNET still has student availability for the 2022/2023

school year at all grade levels! If you have a child or know of a family

with children who would be interested in learning more about their

Jewish heritage, Kehillah MAGNET might be the learning environment

for them. We would love the opportunity to discuss our Jewish

educational programs and upcoming events with all those interested.

Don’t hesitate to contact our current Principal, Sarah O’Donnell,

at principal@templeadasshalom.org for additional information.


Family Shabbat: Our very own Mike Mullis will lead services geared

towards families on the first (sometimes different) Friday of every month.

Family Shabbat is a great way to enjoy the company of friends, relax after

a long week and provide a further understanding of Hebrew learning!

Please join us at the next family service which will be held on Friday,

August 19 th starting at 7 pm.


Kehillah MAGNET Bowl-A-Thon: On Saturday, August 27 th , from 3:00

-5:00 pm. please bring your children for a bowl-a-thon at Harford Lanes

at 20 Custis Street in Aberdeen, MD. This event is sponsored by the

Kehillah MAGNET Religious School and will be serving snacks, pizza

and beverages. Please RSVP to Sarah O’Donnell at

principal@templeadasshalom.org as there are limited spots available. This

event is open to all ages, members, and non-members alike.

See you very soon!

Joel Yoffee , Kehillah MAGNET Religious School Committee Chair

Sarah O’Donnell, Kehillah MAGNET Principal

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13 | P a g e

Aidan Goldman

We are honored and delighted that our son, Aidan,

will be called to the Torah on August 13th to become a

Bar Mitzvah.

Aidan has attended Temple Adas Shalom since preschool and is now an 8th grader

at Edgewood Middle School. Aidan enjoys participating in several activities both

in and out of school. He plays clarinet for the Edgewood Middle School band and

is hoping to become a member of the Jazz Band. Aidan has been in scouting since

Kindergarten, during which he has learned many skills, made many friends, and

developed a love for camping and the outdoors. He is excited to continue his

scouting journey toward Eagle Scout. He has also trained in Martial Arts for over

six years and is actively pursuing his black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In addition to

these activities, Aidan is the typical teenager, playing video games, making visits

to amusement parks, and spending time with friends. He is also fortunate enough

to travel quite a bit, mainly to the beach and Walt Disney World.

When it was time to decide on his Bar Mitzvah project, he knew immediately that

we wanted to focus on the HJC Early Learning Center since he and his brother are

both alumni. While out for a hike on the Bear Legacy trail in Abingdon, Aidan was

inspired by the Music Wall made from recycled and reused items and decided that

would be the project he wanted to create. With the help of Temple Adas Shalom

members and HJC Early Learning Center families, Aidan could acquire the

materials needed to complete the project. He is very excited for the children of

Temple Adas Shalom and the HJC Early Learning Center to enjoy it.

The Goldman family would like to extend a special thank you to Linda Needel for

all her patience in helping Aidan prepare for his Bar Mitzvah. Aidan would also

like to thank his religious school teachers, Rabbis, family, and friends for

providing him with a solid Jewish foundation and preparing him for his special

day. Following his Bar Mitzvah, Aidan is looking forward to continuing his Jewish

studies with Kehillah MAGNET at Temple Adas Shalom.


Michael & Mindy Goldman

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15 | P a g e

16 | P a g e

17 | P a g e

18 | P a g e

Kevin & Lisa Bress

Linda & Stuart Needel

Julie Sang

June 2022 – Donors


Jill & Brian Schorr

Elise & Michael Woods


Melissa Immel

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

Rayna & David Richardson

Jill & Daniel Young

Ellen Finberg


In memory of Michael Schneck


David & Natasha Pollock

Naomi Walton

Fred & Karen Edeson

Debbie Delaney


In memory of Morris Edeson


Caring Note

Illness? Hospitalization? Special moment you would like to share?

We want to be there for you so please let us know. Email caring@templeadasshalom.org

19 | P a g e

Adam Bornstein

Andy Fridberg

Anita Rosenzweig

Barbara Chancey

Bessie Speyer

David Cadet

Eric Babcock

Evie Ciuchta

Fred Belkin

Mi Sheberakh * We Pray for Healing

Gerry Murphy

Glen McCain

Gloria Joslin

Harriet Colman

Heather Mullis

Irvin Paul

Jerry Silverman

Jordan Rice

Kathryn Werde

Recently Passed

Katie Gainor

Len Cohen

Melissa Cohavi

Natalie Litofsky

Patricia Trimble

Paula Mullis

Philip Chancey

Rob Kinneberg

Terry Weiner

Merry Chancey

Beloved aunt of Frank and Randi Chancey, and great aunt of Karli Chancey

Lorraine Sukornick

Beloved mother of Susan Baskin and grandmother of Kendall Baskin

August 2022 - Yahrzeits Observed

Simon Schwartz Aug. 01 Samuel Greenberg Aug. 20

Calvin Tannenbaum Aug. 01 Eda Yitta Ash Aug. 21

Simon Getz Aug. 02 Louis Blumenthal Aug. 21

Arthur Pillersdorf Aug. 02 Rhoda Lyons Aug. 22

Norma Larkin Aug. 04 Martha Walton Aug. 22

Max Dorf Aug. 05 Edward Langston Aug. 23

David Lubash Aug. 05 Morris Goldman Aug. 26

Golda Stokhamer Aug. 05 Leon Mohr Aug. 26

Harry Pillersdorf Aug. 08 Allan Shapiro Aug. 26

Sigmund Gast Aug. 11 Arnold Black Aug. 27

John Richardson Aug. 11 Salman Menashe Kattan Aug. 27

Irving Sadowsky Aug. 13 Cantor Aaron Breitbart Aug. 28

Harry Shapiro Aug. 13 Lorna Hutner Samuels Aug. 28

Hyman Silver Aug. 13 Ruth J. Davis Aug. 29

Mary Ann Thompson-Fotiadis Aug. 13 Edith Trager Aug. 29

Sarah Paster Erlich Aug. 15 Raymond Joseph Kowalski Aug. 30

Meyer Ostrowsky Aug. 15 Shirley Shear Zion Aug. 30

Edwin Lanham Aug. 16 Bobbie Bress Aug. 31

Fannie Snyderman-Scherr Aug. 17 Bessie Gilden Aug. 31

Harry Bress Aug. 18 Betty Francis Siegal Glasser Aug. 31

Ethel Counts Aug. 19 Dora Shapiro Aug. 31

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21 | P a g e

22 | P a g e

23 | P a g e




Temple Adas Shalom

8 North Earlton Road, Extension

Havre de Grace, MD 21078

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