NJR Digital is an online magazine created to Uplift, Motivate, and Encourage you on your journey. This month's cover artist is Dawn Rix, an accomplished artist in both the country and southern gospel genres. Enjoy this month's recipes from the Cajun Crooner and Reflections from Mayberry. The contributing writers have some real heart felt messages to encourage you along the way. Enjoy!

NJR Digital is an online magazine created to Uplift, Motivate, and Encourage you on your journey. This month's cover artist is Dawn Rix, an accomplished artist in both the country and southern gospel genres. Enjoy this month's recipes from the Cajun Crooner and Reflections from Mayberry. The contributing writers have some real heart felt messages to encourage you along the way. Enjoy!


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ISSUE 12, April 2023<br />

I<strong>NJR</strong> COVER ARTIST<br />

DAWN<br />

RIX<br />



E S T . 2 0 2 2<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong><br />

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Staff Writers:<br />

Charlie Sexton, Greg & Donna Journey, Vickie Burleson, Elise Ingle, Greg Sullivan<br />

Graphics: Pictures in stories used by permission.<br />

© 2 0 2 3 N J R D i g i t a l a d i v i s i o n o f R i c h a r d s o n M a n a g e m e n t S e r v i c e s , L L C . A l l r i g h t s<br />

r e s e r v e d . N o p a r t o f t h i s m a g a z i n e m a y b e r e p r o d u c e d o r t r a n s m i t t e d i n a n y f o r m o r b y<br />

a n y m e a n s e l e c t r o n i c , m e c h a n i c a l , p h o t o c o p y , r e c o r d i n g o r a n y o t h e r w i t h o u t w r i t t e n<br />

p e r m i s s i o n f r o m t h e p u b l i s h e r o f N J R D i g i t a l . P a r t s o f t h i s m a g a z i n e r e a d ‘ l i v e ’ o n t h e<br />

a i r i s a l l o w e d w i t h o u t p r i o r w r i t t e n p e r m i s s i o n b y n o t i n g t h e s o u r c e o f i n f o r m a t i o n .


This month, we remember and celebrate Easter.<br />

Easter is more than a day to remember; it’s a<br />

day we celebrate our belief that anything is<br />

possible with God.<br />

Once we see Jesus for who He is — the Son of<br />

God who died for our sin and rose from the<br />

grave — we are never the same.<br />

Because Jesus defeated death and gives us<br />

eternal life in heaven, we no longer have to fear<br />

persecution or terminal diagnosis.<br />

To live is to live with Jesus, and to die is to be<br />

united with Jesus. Either way, we win<br />

(Philippians 1:21).<br />

Because we have found a new life in Christ, we<br />

can rejoice<br />

through trials because<br />

we know God<br />

will work through all<br />

things, even hardship and pain, to bring good to<br />

our lives (Romans 8:28).<br />

The men and women who saw Jesus after the<br />

resurrection couldn’t go back to the way things<br />

were.<br />

They wrote the gospels we’re reading 2,000<br />

years later (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).<br />

They started the global church, spending their<br />

lives spreading the message that Jesus is alive.<br />

Their belief that Jesus died for their sins and<br />

rose from the grave changed them forever.<br />

Bobby Richardson<br />

03 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong> E D I T O R - I N - C H I E F<br />

Bobby Richardson<br />

2103 Jess Lyons Rd<br />

Columbus, MS 39705<br />

Pastor Bobby & Amy<br />

Richardson invite<br />

you to Easter Sunday<br />

service at 10:30am.


TABLE OF<br />

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COVER ARTIST FOR <strong>APRIL</strong><br />

DAWN RIX<br />

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TOP 30<br />

MARCH<br />

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UPCOMING <strong>NJR</strong> HOMECOMING<br />

SINGS<br />

29<br />



Reflections from<br />

Have you ever felt like you had so<br />

much on you that you just wanted to<br />

sit down and cry. I’ve been there and I<br />

think at times all of us have been<br />

there.<br />

In 1986 when I lost my Daddy to an<br />

aortic aneurysm was one of those<br />

times.<br />

We had spent a month in the hospital<br />

with him and all tests were coming<br />

back negative, yet we knew there was<br />

something terribly wrong. I can<br />

remember many days going to the<br />

chapel at Baptist Hospital and crying<br />

out to God to please heal my Daddy. I<br />

felt like my prayers were not getting<br />

above my head. Now that I look back I<br />

really feel like God was preparing me<br />

for Daddy’s healing but not the healing<br />

I had asked for.<br />

God healed Daddy on July 25, 1986 by<br />

taking him home to be with Him. I was<br />

only 26 years old, had just finished<br />

college, and was trying to find a job as<br />

a teacher. I knew Mama needed me<br />

now more than ever so I found a job in<br />

my county and stayed with her to help<br />

with the medical bills and repairs that<br />

needed<br />

Mayberry<br />

to be done around the house. I still<br />

remember that cold empty feeling<br />

when Mama and I walked back in the<br />

door the first time knowing I would<br />

never see Daddy walk back in that<br />

door again. As timed passed, God<br />

slowly began to heal our hearts.<br />

Grieving takes time and everyone<br />

grieves in a different way. So when you<br />

feel like there is no hope and you are<br />

at the end of your rope, God is always<br />

there! Sometimes He is carrying you,<br />

sometimes He is holding you, but He’s<br />

always right beside you. You are His<br />

child. He sent His only Son to die for<br />

you and you are precious to Him. No<br />

matter what you are facing today<br />

NOTHING is too big for Him! Trust His<br />

plan and realize how much He loves<br />

you. Turn everything in your life over<br />

to Him.<br />

05 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong> / Donna Journey

06<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

https://www.christianvoicemagazine.com/ballot2<br />

https://www.sgnscoops.com/2023-diamond-awards-nomination-are-open/<br />

07<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Cover Artist of the Month April, 2023<br />

Dawn is an accomplished artist in both<br />

the country and southern gospel<br />

genres. She has won and been<br />

nominated in many areas of the<br />

genres.<br />

After seeing her in concert and hearing<br />

her, you will quickly see that Dawn is a<br />

born natural. From the age of 8, Dawn<br />

has made her way onto school musical<br />

stages as well as being asked to sing<br />

locally.<br />

Awards Bronze, 2022 ISSA Song of<br />

The Year Silver and Hutzler Music<br />

Award. She hopes to help others<br />

dream big and follow their passions.<br />

“I want to encourage people to go<br />

after their dreams, If people see me,<br />

a girl who grew up in a small town in<br />

West Virginia, following her passion, I<br />

hope that they see that and follow<br />

their dreams, too." Dawn says, "That’s<br />

what the real award is for me. That’s<br />

how I measure success.”<br />

08<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

Dawn was born in Baltimore, but grew<br />

up in the Eastern Panhandle of West<br />

Virginia. Since starting her career, she<br />

has written and recorded many songs<br />

including “Tennessee Miles” which has<br />

won awards including the Global Music

She has won many awards including the 2022 Female Vocalist of the Year<br />

from the Who’s Hoo Country Music Award Show and the Fall 2022 Best<br />

Gospel Song for “Bent Not Broken” as a part of the World Songwriting<br />

Awards and more. Though she didn’t write “Worlds Collide,” she has<br />

written many other songs herself. She enjoys the process of writing lyrics<br />

and creating the melody of her songs. Dawn hopes to continue singing<br />

and creating music for the rest of her life.<br />

Dawn says she believes music is the universal language of love. “Growing<br />

up, I would listen to all kinds of music." Dawn paints a picture of her as a<br />

little girl standing at the top of the stairs in her home. With a smile, she<br />

talks about singing songs from Annie. "I love music!" She goes on to say, "I<br />

probably learned how to sing before I learned how to speak. I just love the<br />

way music makes you feel”.<br />

Many people have reached out to her to thank her for her music. Her<br />

songs have touched many people and helped encourage them when<br />

they are having a hard time.<br />

“When you write your<br />

own music, it starts to<br />

become more about<br />

storytelling, I want<br />

those stories to reach<br />

people’s hearts and<br />

make them feel better<br />

and encourage them.”<br />

Be sure to catch our full<br />

interview with Dawn Rix on<br />

New Journey Radio,<br />

Tuesdays at 5pm central.<br />

09<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:<br />

While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.<br />

— Romans 5:8<br />

10<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

T H E T R U T H A B O U T<br />


B y E l i s e I n g l e<br />

The problem with forgiveness is that it<br />

feels wrong to forgive those who don’t<br />

deserve it. We know we’re commanded to<br />

forgive. We know we are blatantly sinning<br />

when we break God’s commands. But<br />

somehow the command to forgive feels<br />

like it should come with exceptions.<br />

11<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

It is easy to reason that the command to<br />

forgive can be filed away for later, in a<br />

folder labeled “when I’m ready”, or “when<br />

they’re sorry”. I mean, are we really<br />

commanded to forgive those who aren’t<br />

worthy? Are we really commanded to<br />

forgive those who aren’t sorry? If we<br />

forgive the unforgivable, doesn’t that let<br />

the person free from punishment? Where<br />

is the justice in that?<br />

N O M A D I C | 2 4

God wired human beings to demand<br />

fairness. The human heart is like a<br />

courtroom; God tacked the ten<br />

commandments right inside its walls<br />

(Rom 2:15). The heart is our moral<br />

epicenter, where the seat of judgment<br />

rests. What our hearts decide holds the<br />

highest ruling. Which is why we levy<br />

arguments against God’s command to<br />

forgive. But he doesn’t deserve to be<br />

forgiven. Look what he did to me! But<br />

I’m permanently damaged because of<br />

this person’s sin! She doesn’t even care<br />

how much she’s hurt me! Don’t they<br />

have to want to be forgiven first?<br />

Peter had his own issues with the<br />

command to forgive. We can assume he<br />

was looking for a loophole in God’s law<br />

when he asked, “Lord, how often will<br />

my brother sin against me, and I forgive<br />

him? As many as seven times?”(Matt<br />

18:21). As if to say, surely there’s a limit<br />

to how much grace we have to extend…<br />

Jesus answered Peter with a number<br />

he’d need an abacus to calculate, and<br />

then taught him a parable about two<br />

men who owed a debt.<br />

As the parable goes, a man owed a king<br />

millions of denarii, that in ten lifetimes<br />

he would never be able to repay.<br />

Another man owed one hundred<br />

denarii to the man indebted to the king.<br />

The king was compassionate towards<br />

the man who owed him millions, and in<br />

an insane act of mercy, forgave him the<br />

entire debt. Afterwards, that same man<br />

went looking for the man who owed<br />

When he found him, he grabbed him by<br />

the neck and demanded payment or face<br />

imprisonment. The other man was as<br />

helpless to pay his debt as the first, but<br />

the debt-free man had no intention of<br />

extending the same grace he’d received.<br />

Perhaps he was thinking, “I am no king<br />

with millions to spare”, and so delivered<br />

the indebted man to prison. When the<br />

king heard of what the first man had<br />

done, he was furious. After sharply<br />

reprimanding him for his hardheartedness,<br />

he delivered him to prison,<br />

“to the tormentors”, until he could pay<br />

his full debt. Jesus finished his parable<br />

with, “So also my heavenly Father will do<br />

to every one of you, if you do not forgive<br />

your brother from your heart.”<br />

(Matt 18:23-35)<br />

I never understood the last part of this<br />

parable until I looked up the meaning of<br />

the word “forgive” in Greek. Aphiēmi<br />

means “to send away, yield up, let go,<br />

give up a debt, keep no longer, to leave,<br />

to depart, to abandon” (Strong’s G863).<br />

Contrary to what I thought before, the<br />

tormentors and the prison in Jesus’<br />

parable do not refer to hell. They are<br />

actually representative of the people and<br />

situations that we refuse to forgive.<br />

When we choose unforgiveness, we<br />

choose to hang onto our greatest hurts<br />

and worst offenders. God tells us to<br />

12<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

forgive, let go, not just because of the<br />

great debt that we’ve been forgiven in<br />

Christ, but also because unforgiveness<br />

literally chains us to the people and<br />

situations who have hurt us the most!<br />

We wind up living in daily bondage,<br />

tortured by the negative emotions<br />

associated with the hurts we can’t<br />

forgive.<br />

I know forgiveness is hard. But it's not<br />

impossible. We have to vacate the<br />

judgment seat of our hearts and take a<br />

walk back to the cross. Jesus was beaten<br />

beyond recognition, stripped of his skin,<br />

clothing, and dignity, bruised, bloodied,<br />

crucified, and crushed beneath the wrath<br />

of God to purchase our forgiveness. He<br />

took our punishment upon Himself,<br />

because in a thousand lifetimes we could<br />

never hope to repay the debt we owe<br />

God in breaking His laws. How many<br />

times have we placed other gods before<br />

Him? How many times have we<br />

neglected to tell the truth? How many<br />

times have we been ungrateful for what<br />

God has given us, and coveted for more?<br />

Are there any commandments that we<br />

have not broken?<br />

You and I both know there is not enough<br />

time in all eternity to repay Jesus for<br />

what He has done. We are forgiven and<br />

set free through the precious blood of<br />

God’s own sinless Son! And not one of<br />

us will ever be worthy of this kind of<br />

sacrifice or this kind of love.<br />

Those who have wronged us will never<br />

be worthy of our forgiveness, but God<br />

has commanded us to forgive, not for<br />

their sakes, but for Christ’s and for our<br />

own. Let us choose then, to obey God,<br />

and forgive as Christ has forgiven us. No<br />

exceptions!<br />

“Forbearing one another, and forgiving<br />

one another, if any man have a quarrel<br />

against any: even as Christ forgave you,<br />

so also do ye.” Colossians 3:13<br />

Elise Ingle<br />

13<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Mary<br />

Burke<br />

Ministries<br />

Thanks DJs for<br />

playing my<br />

new release<br />

Testimony Without a Test<br />

I Talk to God Album<br />

maryburkeonline.com<br />

Be listening for these great<br />

songs out to radio.<br />

Check out New Journey DJ's Latest Releases<br />

Cheri Taylor - Marking Me<br />

Chris Jones - Moving On<br />

Melissa Evans - Tear off the Roof<br />

The Journey's - Grace Said Yes<br />

Pylant Family - He Carried The Cross<br />

14<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Greg<br />

Sullivan<br />

Ministries<br />

15 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong> On My Way Back


WITH US<br />

16<br />

All Natural Products<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

Amy Richardson<br />

Beauty Influencer<br />






OF LIFE OR<br />





LORD.<br />

In our United States Declaration of<br />

Independence we encounter the<br />

phrase, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of<br />

happiness,” which is one of the most<br />

well known statements in human<br />

history. This phrase represents<br />

humanity’s search for quality of life,<br />

meaning in life, and freedom from<br />

tyranny, bondage, and condemnation.<br />

17<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and<br />

the life” (John 14:6).<br />

He also said, “I have come that they<br />

may have life, and that they may have<br />

it more abundantly” (John 10:10).<br />

Many times in Scripture, the Bible<br />

speaks of the way that Jesus brought<br />

us life was to reunite us with God the<br />

Father in a perfect love relationship<br />

with Him.<br />

Jesus came to reestablish the<br />

relationship that mankind possessed<br />

before the fall – the one enjoyed by the<br />

first man and woman in the Garden of<br />

Eden.<br />

In the Garden mankind enjoyed true<br />

life, but life was lost when sin entered<br />

the picture.<br />

The Bible tells us, “When Adam sinned,<br />

sin entered the entire human race.<br />

Adam’s sin brought death, so death

spread to everyone, for everyone<br />

sinned” (Romans 5:12).<br />

1 Corinthians 15:22, however, declares,<br />

“For as in Adam all die, even so in<br />

Christ all shall be made alive.”<br />

Jesus came to bestow life – eternal life<br />

and abundant life! So, what is true life<br />

supposed to look like?<br />

If we go back to the Garden we catch a<br />

glimpse of true life. The Garden of<br />

Eden was life as it was meant to be –<br />

perfect! Listen as I share some things<br />

about Eden from Genesis chapters 2<br />

and 3.<br />

Eden was a place where all of<br />

mankind’s needs were met.<br />

Genesis 2:9-10: There was unlimited<br />

food and water.<br />

Genesis 2:20-22: The man and woman<br />

had one another for companionship,<br />

friendship, and as helpmates.<br />

Genesis 3:16: There was no pain there,<br />

or going through childbirth.<br />

Genesis 3:17-19: There was no need to<br />

labor and toil, or work.<br />

Genesis 3:11-13; 21 & Genesis 2:25:<br />

There was no shame or guilt, or blame,<br />

no victimization, and no need to hide<br />

and cover up in fear.<br />

Genesis 3:22-23: They were able to live<br />

forever, or have eternal life, while they<br />

were living in the Garden.<br />

This sounds very much like the<br />

depiction of life in the New Jerusalem<br />

after Jesus' second coming. In<br />

Revelation 21:3-4 or we read,<br />

“God Himself will be with them and be<br />

their God. And God will wipe away<br />

every tear from their eyes;<br />

there shall be no more death, nor<br />

sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no<br />

more pain, for the former things have<br />

passed away”.<br />

We have been given life abundantly<br />

through Jesus Christ, the life-giver.<br />

1 Corinthians 15:45 says, “And so it is<br />

written, ‘The first man Adam became a<br />

living being.’ The last Adam [Jesus]<br />

became a life-giving spirit.”<br />

Romans 5:17 says, “One man sinned,<br />

and so death ruled all people because<br />

of that one man. But now those people<br />

who accept God’s full grace and the<br />

great gift of being made right with him<br />

will surely have true life . . . through the<br />

one man, Jesus Christ.” Did you just<br />

hear that about having true life? We will<br />

surely have it!<br />

So, why are there so many Christians<br />

who appear to be defeated, and who<br />

live in fear, guilt, shame, and<br />

condemnation? Why is there no<br />

apparent joy in their walk with the<br />

Lord? Why is it that we can enter<br />

some church services and the people<br />

seem cold and uncaring, and stiff and<br />

rigid? It’s because many Christians are<br />

still partaking of things associated with<br />

the former life of sin, therefore....they<br />

are partaking of death instead of life –<br />

18<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

They are eating from the tree of the<br />

knowledge of good and evil are actually<br />

knowledge of good and evil, instead of choices we get to make each and every<br />

eating from the tree of life.<br />

day...choices that lead to either life or<br />

death in our daily walk.<br />

From What Tree Are You Eating? I want<br />

to share some things that will help us That is why it’s important to learn to<br />

learn to experience the abundant life walk and live in the tree of life! Every<br />

that Jesus has promised.<br />

single day you have choices you must<br />

make and opportunities presented to<br />

These two trees stood for obedience or you, and you need to choose the path<br />

disobedience.<br />

based on what promotes life. The tree<br />

of the knowledge of good and evil is<br />

They represented walking in life or<br />

the formulation of a value system. It is<br />

walking in the knowledge of good and a way of thinking about what is good<br />

evil.<br />

and what is evil , ACCORDING TO YOU...<br />

or what is good in someone else and<br />

The tree of life equals Jesus and<br />

what is evil in someone else,<br />

redemption.<br />


In reference to the tree of life,<br />

So, WE MUST learn to walk in simplicity<br />

Revelation 22:2-3 says, “The leaves of and turn the other cheek. Do not get<br />

the tree were for the healing of the<br />

caught up in identifying who’s right,<br />

nations. And there shall be no more<br />

who’s wrong, or who’s evil. ...That<br />

curse”. The tree of the knowledge of<br />

makes you captive to that situation.<br />

good and evil is a way for us to enter<br />

If you do not turn the other cheek<br />

into OUR OWN value and judgment<br />

...then your defenses go up. You<br />

systems, and this tree leads to death. determine what needs to be done –<br />

The tree of life equals extending the<br />

revenge, punishment, – who’s right or<br />

kind of love we see in 1 Corinthians<br />

who’s wrong. And you may be correct<br />

chapter 13.<br />

in your formulation....but that doesn’t<br />

mean you’re right.<br />

It is being free to flow in the anointing<br />

of the Holy Spirit, and it is a simple walk DO YOU SEE THE "TREE" THAT MOST<br />

with God as before the fall. It is having OF US FIND OURSELVES EATING FROM?<br />

the faith of a child – enjoying life and<br />

fellowshipping with God. It is living free You may be one hundred percent right.<br />

from grudges, bitterness, or heartache. Perhaps that [person] is a gossip and a<br />

The tree of life and the tree of the<br />

liar. In the tree of life you would speak<br />

19 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

words of life into that [person], and<br />

you feel bitter, hurt, offended, and you<br />

bless them. You would love him/her<br />

grab the reins on what's good and evil,<br />

back into life and befriend him.<br />

right or wrong, then you have given in<br />

If you get caught up in pointing the<br />

to the tree of the knowledge of good<br />

finger and judging – even if what you<br />

evil.<br />

say is right – it is what we call an<br />

"empty victory".<br />

These two trees are about how you<br />

weigh or see everything in life. Walking<br />

So, you're right! Congratulations!......<br />

in the tree of life is being able to make<br />

[You’re dead right!] because that is<br />

your decisions on what gives you life in<br />

where the tree of the knowledge of<br />

the Lord, and on what stimulates the<br />

good and evil will take you.<br />

life of God in other people. It<br />

stimulates life, freedom, trust, healing,<br />

Walking IN and Partaking of The tree of deliverance, joy and strength in<br />

life is being forgiving, being gracious,<br />

everyone you touch.<br />

going the second mile, giving your<br />

cloak, praying to God and trusting Him Remember how we read in Revelation<br />

to take care of your situations.<br />

that the leaves of the tree of life are<br />

Remember how God says, “Vengeance “for the healing of the nations”<br />

is Mine, I will repay” (Romans 12:19).<br />

(Revelation 22:2). The word for<br />

....OH...and Also, do not take anyone<br />

“nations” is the Greek word ethnon,<br />

else’s offense. You have probably<br />

from which we get our word “ethnic,”<br />

noticed before that when someone is and this word means “all people.”<br />

hurt and offended that they want you We must make choices that lead to<br />

to take their defense, and when you<br />

healing for all people; for each and<br />

don't take their defense, they are<br />

every person we come into contact<br />

offended at you, Right?<br />

with daily.<br />

As yourself, "Does this promote life or<br />

the knowledge of good and evil?" If<br />

Ask Yourself:<br />

Do my thoughts, words, and actions promote life?<br />

20 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

Pastor Bobby Ricardson

1 Ashley Franks - Tear Down the Walls<br />

2 The Bates Family - Shepherd of My Valley<br />

3 Emily Ann Roberts - The Building<br />

4 Wilburn and Wilburn - He Could Love What Was Left of Me<br />

5 The Williamsons - The King Eternal<br />

6 The Whisnants - He Won't Stay Gone<br />

7 Justified Quartet - Turn Your Back<br />

8 Jeff & Sheri Easter - One Name<br />

9 Bibletones - We Miss Home<br />

10 Southbound -Lost and Found<br />

11 Kim Hopper- Joy Unspeakable<br />

12 Down East Boys - Celebration at the Empty Grave<br />

13 The Browns - Breakthrough<br />

14 Legacy Five - Testify<br />

15 Blake & Jenna Bolerjack - A Song In my Heart<br />

16 Rivers Edge - My Hope Is In the Blood<br />

17 The Wilbanks - My Name is Victory<br />

18 Masters Voice - Love On Jesus<br />

19 Guardians - Come On In<br />

20 Greg Sullivan - On My Way Back<br />

21 Just One - Trun the Page<br />

22 Old Paths - Music to My Ears<br />

23 Clearvision - It's Enough<br />

24 The Steeles - A Hundred Different Altars<br />

25 Chronicle - I'll Pray My Way Through<br />

26 Lauren, Amber & Kenna - Ever Present Almighty God<br />

27 Fields of Grace - God's Perfect Time<br />

28 Greater Vision - Older People<br />

29 The Sound - Never Not God<br />

30 Sisters - Everyting You Need Is In the Blood<br />

21<br />

M A R C H<br />

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McKay Project<br />

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Thank you!

24<br />

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Wishing all our Peeps<br />

a Happy Easter!<br />

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Wilburn and Wilburn -<br />

He Could Love What Was Left of Me<br />

Jeff and Sheri Easter - One Name<br />

Emily Ann Roberts - The Building<br />

The Wilbanks - My Name Is Victory<br />

Clearvision - It's Enough<br />

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