Update Newsletter – May 2013 - MSD


Update Newsletter – May 2013 - MSD

MSD responsible for flood control and protectionMSD chooses U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to evaluate, conduct certificationfor Louisville Metro Levee SystemAlong with its responsibility for flood control and protection within Jefferson County, MSD is thelocal sponsor (operator and maintainer) of the Louisville Metro Levee System. The levee systemoffers protection from Ohio River flooding, as well as a recreational trail for residents.MSD MilestonesWelcome to MSD:DeRomeo Cross, Laborer, OperationsLucius Love Jr., Utility TraineeRobert Oliver, Utility TraineeKevin Snodgrass, Utility TraineeCongratulations on your promotion:June Embers,Administrative CoordinatorKaren Knox, Buyer IHappy service anniversary:25 years Martin Mooney10 years Ronald JohnsonDavid LawMarcos McCampbellCongratulations on your retirement:Mark BrownerUnder federal regulations, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires MSDto provide evidence that our levee system satisfies minimum design, operational and maintenancestandards, so FEMA can recognize it as furnishing flood protection under the National FloodInsurance Program (NFIP), and allow Louisville Metro to be included in flood insurance rate maps.The NFIP makes available federally backed flood insurance for all Jefferson County structures,which may be mandatory for obtaining federally backed mortgages. FEMA levee certificationmaintains lower flood insurance premiums for citizens of our community.The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has developed a consolidated policy forLevee System Evaluation (LSE)—in cooperation with FEMA—which is consistent with suchfederal regulations. Based on MSD’s assessment of the certification requirements; USACE’sprevious involvement with our levee system through design, construction, inspection and permitting;and USACE’s experience in performing LSEs for other large flood protection initiatives, it is MSD’sposition that USACE is uniquely qualified to conduct the LSE for the Louisville Metro LeveeSystem to establish its adequacy according to NFIP requirements. MSD expects that the reviewprocess will take about six to 12 months; USACE determinations will be valid for 10 years.Another private property partnership project ‘goes green’ . . .for stormwater reduction benefits of more than 9 million gallonsThe Amended Consent Decree requires MSD to decrease sewer overflows that impact the qualityof our community waterways. MSD is committed to utilizing innovative technology, which includescost-efficient green infrastructure applications. They will reduce the size of—or the need for—traditional gray sewer infrastructure (structures generally employing concrete and asphalt) to handlestormwater, like large overflow basins. According to their broadest definition, green infrastructureprojects involve restoring and preserving elements of the natural landscape. We focus on stormwaterstorage and infiltration, implementing green management practices that absorb, store and infiltraterain where it falls, therefore intercepting runoff before it is able to enter the drainage and combinedsewer systems. The following private property greenpartnership initiative will mitigate stormwater runofffrom impervious surfaces.• Tube Turns Inc.—EMA Building and Steel Laydown Yard2820 West Broadway- Infiltration basins- Capture nearly 9.2 million gallons of waterduring a typical rainfall yearRi g h t: Infiltration basins and bioswales decrease theamount of stormwater entering the combined sewersystem by allowing stormwater to be absorbedthrough a pervious surface.PAGE 2

The mowing season begins for MSDnow that springtime has sprungMSD’s job is ensuring that major drainage channels and ditches are clear for moving stormwaterwhen rain falls. Our Routine Mowing Program is intended to serve that purpose and additionallyaddress cutting grass throughout Louisville Metro for MSD-owned properties; major drainagechannels; and specific channels and easements that are generally beyond the capabilities and scopeof normal lawn-care equipment. Moreover, our mowing program includes the 29 miles of floodprotection levee.MSD contractors will usually cut these identified areas from one time to four times, or “cycles,”during the typical growing season (which occurs every year between late April and early October).The frequency is established by varying circumstances—based on need—like weather, groundconditions, proximity to residential areas and actual growth that has been determined during inspections.Due to the fact that relatively small neighborhood channels and swales can be quite easily maintainedwith normal yard equipment, MSD depends on the property owners to mow the parts of these ditcheswithin their property.It is significant to note that—while MSD does not offer drainage services within Anchorage,Jeffersontown, St. Matthews and Shively—we are responsible for mowing and removing obstructionsin the main channels that carry water through these cities. (The residents and businesses in thesemunicipalities are served by their respective cities for all other drainage requirements.)Some large channels have been designated as “No Mow Zones,” or as “Restoration Areas,” forpreserving natural vegetation and native plantings. By not mowing certain channels and ditches,we help enhance stream water quality through shading to lower water temperatures and to decreasestream bank erosion. Vegetative growth filters pollutants and sediment from stormwater runoffbefore it reaches waterways; minimizes the risk of flooding by stabilizing the soil; and provideswildlife habitats.Our website, which offers customers details about MSD’s mowing policy, allows users to:lEnter an address of concern;lZoom in and out of a citywide map; andlFind descriptions that are associated with different program mowing categories.For additional information, please visit ags2.lojic.org/msdmowzones.Customers FirstLatodd Bivens, Ralph Burba,Walter Jackson, Nate Richardsonand Ricky Terry are the most polite,professional and nice people whomI have ever met. These crew membersperformed an excellent rootcut/propertyservice connection repair job. May theycontinue to do good work for MSD.— Steven CouchIt was an entirely positive experience—from the minute that I called MSDto report our problem March 29 untilthis project was finished April 1!For instance, Connie Rhodes,who received the call, was helpfuland informative. Also, Tom Madden,who arrived on the scene to assessthe situation, was polite and professional.In addition, I cannot offer enoughwonderful accolades concerning thecrew that resolved the problem.Bill Caswell, Gwendolyn Pughand James Vaughan were all prompt,considerate, professional, helpfuland kind. I actually expected crewmembers who were not pleasedabout the need to work Easter Sunday.Quite to the contrary, they were terrific!— Cathie BrownPAGE 3

MSDMetropolitan Sewer District700 West Liberty StreetLouisville, KY 40203-1911Printed on 30% post-consumercontent paper.© COPYRIGHT 2013LOJIC map data copyrighted by the Louisville and Jefferson CountyMetropolitan Sewer District, Louisville Water Company, LouisvilleMetro Government and Jefferson County Property ValuationAdministrator. All rights reserved.MSD Board information:You can find information aboutMSD Board actions on our website,msdrecords.louisvillemsd.orgThe public is welcome to attend MSD Board meetings.Access msdlouky.org/aboutmsd/board.htmfor the schedule of both regularand Board committee meetings.Upcoming EventsMay 13MSD Board Meeting10 a.m., 700 West Liberty StreetTalk with Mayor Greg Fischer6 p.m., Pleasure Ridge Park High School5901 Greenwood RoadMay 14Project WIN—Sewer OverflowAbatement Project Public Meeting6 p.m., Fern Creek High School (Cafeteria)9115 Fern Creek RoadMSD employees generously ‘give a day’toward volunteer solutionsMSD employees lent their support andparticipation to Louisville Metro Mayor GregFischer’s second annual “Give A Day” weekof public service—April 13 through 21—bycontributing about 300 man-hours overall tosix different events furthering MSD’s mission.May 20MSD Special-Called Board Meetingto discuss Rate Increase9 a.m., 700 West Liberty StreetMay 27MSD Offices closedFor emergency service anytime,phone MSD’s Customer RelationsDepartment at 502-587-0603.May 28MSD Board Meeting10 a.m., 700 West Liberty StreetPAGE 4Clad in bright safety vests, MSD employees fannedout across the county to participate in Mayor GregFischer’s “Give A Day” week of public service.

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