SEO Audit Checklist


SEO Audit Checklist

On-Site Analysis

Find our what is preventing your site from ranking well in

the search engines. Learn what requires your immediate


Competitive Analysis

Understand why your competitors are

out-performing you online. Get a grasp of what you

should be doing to catch up.

Keyword Research

Discover where you should start for next- step site

improvements. Unleash the potential for a higher ranking

in the SERPs

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On-Site Analysis

Health Check

Perform a site search


Perform brand searches

(product/service name)

Review the total pages indexed

Duplicate content review

(www vs. non-www, etc)

Usability Review

Site load time

Home page layout

Landing interior pages

Keyword focus

Quality/frequency of CTA

Content Review


Server Redirect/

Response Codes


Human or goal-focused

Ease of read/use








Page Structure 01

Page Structure 02

Search-friendly URLs

Complete and relevant

Title Tags

Unique, relevant Meta Descriptions

Number of links on the page

Review of internal link structure

(including anchor text)

Image names

Image sizes

Semantic HTML review

Keyword Research

Creating the Keyword List

Enter website and competitors’

sites/pages to Google Keyword tool






Pull keywords currently driving traffic

from analytics

Survey customers (past/present)

Listen on social channels via

Social Mention or Topsy

Grade Keywords



Difficulty (organic, paid)

Value per conversion

Estimate cost of traffic

Research Tools



Competitive Analysis

Competitive Site List

Industry competitors (primary market)

List 3- 5 leaders of industry and direct


Niche competitors (secondary market)

List 2- 3 competitors that specialize in

specific areas of your industry

Industry blogs, publications, associations

List 25- 50 influential industry sites

Traffic Analysis

Content Analysis

Link Analysis

Top pages




Social Media

Active channels

Link building potential

Types of content

Calls to action

User-generated content

Total number of inbound links

Total number of linking domains

Link building content

Quality of links

Source of link generation

Ease of replication

Distribution channels

Level of engagement


Relationship with influencers

Personal brands within the brand

Free SEO Audit Plus

One Hour Consultation

Interested in Improving Your Website's Performance

An SEO audit consists of analyzing and testing your website’s content strategy, keyword

strategy, link building strategy, site speed, navigation etc. According to the analysis you

make on the condition of these website components, you can decide whether to

improve them or not.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an indispensable technique in website marketing. It does not only help a website

get a top rank in search engines, but it also improves the quality of all elements (from

content to technical elements) of a website to make sure that it is search engine friendly

as well as user friendly.

Convert More Visitors into Customers

An SEO audit consists of making sure that your website has the ability to convert mere

web visitors into leads or customers. A website would only be able to convince the web

visitors to stay on the page and respond to the calls-to-action if it possesses the above

mentioned qualities, such as engaging content, fast loading speed, clear call-to-action

buttons and striking graphic.

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