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As much magazines as you prefer

Publish all your magazines in your own app and divide them into shelfs and sections to present them clear and attractive for your readers.

Multimedia and Hotspot Editor

Insert multimedia like videos, image galeries or forms into your app and make it interactive. Link directly to your website or your webshop. Your magazines and catalogs become an experience.

Always up-to-date

Update the latest magazines and catalogs ony our app with just one click. Published live on every device.

Beautiful and clever!

Smartphones and tablets are an essential part of everyday life. Open a whole new world for your readers by your own app. Publish your magazines and catalogs on tablets and smartphones. Your publications can be read everytime and everywhere, online and offline.

Android and iOS app
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The original. 100%.

Your app in the Apple App Store – published through your account, with a custom app name and icon. There has to be no difference between your corporate design and your app. Use your colors, your logo and sort the magazines into shelfs and categories.

Your app in your corporate design
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Zoom - best quality at any zoom level

Blazing speed!

Experience your magazines on every iOS and Android device in high-speed presentation. Browse through your magazine super fast and zoom in on images and text. Top quality guaranteed at any zoom level.

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Connection Lost? Offline, Never Mind.

The Yumpu storage solution inside your APPKiosk allows you to read your magazines offline. Use the innovative full-text search engine in every magazine, no matter if the magazine is downloaded or not.

Reading magazines offline.
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interactive publications with multimedia

Multimedia experience!

Insert videos, image galleries and forms to your magazines or catalogs. Directly link to your website or your online store. Even embed 360° panorama views. Enrich your magazines with multimedia.

Get the APPKiosk plan now and present your publications in your own app.

Successful apps of customers:


SPOX is a sport magazine which presents the latest news of various sports. SPOX uses the APPKiosk to show their latest magazines. User can read the SPOX eMags everytime and everywhere.


The weekly appearing MOTORSPORT aktuell magazine reports the latest news in motor sports. You are able to download and read the MOTORSPORT aktuell app anytime and everywhere.


Sleeping is the most important source of energy. SAMINA has created products which supports an healthy sleep. Latest and most innovative sleeping systems are shown in the magazines of SAMINA, which can be read in the app of the company.

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Eddie Bauer
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ZT Zukunft-Training