Perkembangan Beberapa Indikator Utama Sosial-Ekonomi Indonesia

Perkembangan Beberapa Indikator Utama Sosial-Ekonomi Indonesia


This booklet is designed especially for students, academicians,

businessmen, and other parties who need data and statistical

information which is general, concise, and strategic, but still cover

wide range of statistical areas.

The data within this booklet includes geographical situation,

population and labor, social affairs, consumption expenditures,

agriculture, manufacturing and construction, foreign trade, tourism

and transportation, finance and prices, and national and regional


Thanks for all parties who have dedicated their time and efforts in

publishing this May 2011 edition booklet. Critics and comments for

improvement of the next edition would be appreciated.

Jakarta, May 2011

BPS Statistics Indonesia

Dr. Rusman Heriawan


Trends of the Selected Socio-Economic Indicators of Indonesia, May 2011

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