Edisi pertama / 2013 - TERAJU


Edisi pertama / 2013 - TERAJU


TERAJU@Koridor is Open for





RM227.3 mil


Bestari Abrar Nasiruddin






RM19.7 mil

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Year 2012

Approval process for Facilitation Fund has been quicker since

TERAJU@KORIDOR started its operations.

The TERAJU@Koridor programme was initiated to strengthen its

presence along the five regional economic development corridors in

the country, namely Koridor Utara, Sarawak Corridor of Renewable

Energy (SCORE), Iskandar Malaysia, Sabah Development Corridor

(SDC), and East Coast Economic Region (ECER).

The programme sees the collaboration of TERAJU with the various

regional development authorities to identify the sectors of focus in

each corridor and match that to Bumiputera companies who can

fulfill those needs.

The first TERAJU@Koridor offices were opened in Penang and

Sarawak in March, followed by Sabah and East Coast in June.

Bestari Abrar Nasiruddin, head of TERAJU@Koridor says,

TERAJU@Koridor is fully operational now to serve Bumiputera

entrepreneurs by regional NKEA focus and we are excited to work

with Bumiputera companies who want to explore opportunities

available in any of the economic corridors.”

As a sort of one-stop centre, TERAJU@Koridor’s role is to facilitate

the implementation of various TERAJU programmes such as TeraS,

Facilitation Fund, Skim Jejak Jaya Bumiputera (SJJB) and Yayasan

Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera, and provide entrepreneurial

development support to deserving Bumiputera companies.

Ever since TERAJU@Koridor has started its operations, the number

of applications for Facilitation Fund and our TeraS programme have

increased. The corridor team manages a total of RM100 million from

the Facilitation Fund for qualified corridor projects.

For the past 24 months, the TERAJU@Koridor team has been busy

catching up with the Bumiputera business communities across

Malaysia via outreach programmes, presentations and workshops

organised with local business chapters and authorities.

While encouraged by the response from the Bumiputera community

so far, the TERAJU@Koridor team will have to address expectations

of its stakeholders and underscore its role as an enabler to facilitate

Bumiputera companies to expand and grow.

The aspirations of TERAJU@Koridor are simple: to help as many

deserving companies as possible through any of the TERAJU

programmes. But ultimately, its hope is for TERAJU@Koridor to

identify and groom as many as 40% of potential candidates for the

TeraS programme.

The TERAJU@Koridor team ready to serve


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