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Kosovo deploys police,

Serbs protest amid

border tension

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Dengue cases likely to

come down within a

month : LGRD Minister

AsrAful IslAm AsrAf

The number of dengue cases is expected

to decline within a month, said Local

Government and Rural Development

(LGRD) Minister Md Tajul Islam on

Monday. "Many people had left Dhaka

for a long time due to restrictions for

Covid-19 and Eid vacation and during

this period Aedes mosquitoes breed in

stagnant water in the houses and underconstruction

buildings, leading to

dengue outbreak . But the situation will

improve within one month," he said.

The minister was speaking at 'BSRF

Dialogue' organised by the Bangladesh

Secretariat Reporters Forum (BSRF) at the

secretariat. Replying to a question, Tajul

said, "This year, dengue cases marked a

sharp rise comparing to the previous two

years and the main reason behind it is

Covid restrictions and Eid holidays,"

There was no planed initiative in controlling

mosquitoes in 2019 and the country

witnessed 1405 dengue cases as some

steps were taken in 2020, said the minister

adding "We witnessed rise in deaths

and cases in 2021. The main reason

behind the outbreak is climate change."

Citing the dengue outbreak in different

countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka,

Thailand, Singapore and Philippines, the

minister said Bangladesh's dengue situation

is better than those countries.

"Many children died of dengue and

many people lost their relatives this year.

We don't want to lose anyone and we'll

take steps from this years' experience.

DHK-CXB train

service still a distant

reality as project

limps along

DHAKA : The Dhaka-Cox's Bazar railway

service is still some way off seeing

the light of day, with the project to build

the railway line for it already way behind

schedule and authorities having no

choice but to grant the extension,

reports UNB.

Although originally scheduled to be

completed by December 2022, the project

has now been rescheduled with a

new date of completion: June 2024.

Earlier this year, Railway Minister

Mohammad Nurul Islam Sujan seemingly

paid only lip service to the project,

when he said that work on the railway

line to Cox's Bazar would be completed

by December 2022, after which direct

trains from capital Dhaka to Cox's Bazar

would be launched.

Reflecting on the reasons behind work

on the project falling so far behind

schedule, Project Director (PD) Mofizur

Rahman told UNB that they couldn't

run a full-fledged work schedule due to

the Covid-19 situation.

Also, the railway line's equipment and

materials did not arrive on time, so the

tracks could not be built. Asked when

the Dhaka-Cox's Bazar train service can

be launched, the PD said, "Even if the

work is completed in June 2023, it will

take another year to start."


04:33 AM

12:00 PM

04:15 PM

06:03 PM

07:20 PM

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Messi looks angry at being

replaced in home debut;

Icardi gets late winner for PSG

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Prime minister sheikh hasina arrived in New York on sunday

afternoon to attend the 76th session of the united Nations

General Assembly (uNGA). Bangladesh Ambassador to usA

m shahidul Islam and Bangladesh Permanent representative

of Bangladesh to the united Nations in New York rabab

fatima received her at the airport. Photo : star mail

Hasina seeks stronger

steps to address

'planetary emergency'

NEW YORK : Renewing her call for

strict implementation of the Paris

Agreement, Prime Minister Sheikh

Hasina has asked global leaders to take

stronger steps urgently to address the

planetary emergency of climate change,

reports UNB.

Sheikh Hasina also placed six-point

proposal before the global leaders as the

COP-26 is just few months away.

Addressing a closed-door leaders'

meeting arranged for a small group of

heads of state and governments on

Climate Change held at Trusteeship

Council of the UN Headquarters on


The proposal include strict implementation

of the Paris Agreement to keep the

global temperature rise below 1.5 degree

Celsius, realisation of annual $100 billion

climate fund from the developed

countries, 50 per cent of this fund should

go to adaptation and resilience, especially

to climate vulnerable countries.

The other proposals are: Forging new

financial mechanisms and transfer of

green technology to the developing

countries, addressing loss-and-damage

issue, and displacement of large-scale

population due to climate change and

capacity building of CVF countries to

tackle the double jeopardy of pandemic

and disaster, particularly with the

increased frequency of climate-induced


"Finally, we need a 'whole-of-theworld'

approach to leave a sustainable

future for our next generations," she


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

and UN Secretary General Antonio

Guterres convened the meeting.

Hasina said climate vulnerable countries

contribute the least to the global

Green House gas emissions. "Yet, they're

the worst victims of the impacts of climate


She mentioned that the recent IPCC

report has provided a grim picture about

their future. "If the global temperature

goes above 1.5 degree Celsius, they'll face

permanent damages.

Covid-19 lockdown exacerbates

child marriage rate

Md. Isir Uddin, Tangail Correspondent

In the last 18 months, the incidence of

child marriage has increased at an

alarming rate due to the Covid-19 pandemic

in Nagarpur of Tangail.

Educational institutions were closed for

more than a year. Although the attendance

of students is satisfactory after the

reopening of these educational institutions,

the daughters of relatively lowincome

families have been the victims of

child marriage, the sources said. In addition,

due to the closure of the school, a

part of the students has given up reading

and writing and got involved in various

income generating activities. This information

was obtained by visiting different


According to the sources, the number

of child marriages in the upazila is rare,

but the number has increased at a geometric

rate due to the closure of educational

institutions. At least 20 students

from each educational institution have

been the victims of child marriage just

because the school is closed, according

to education officials. There are a total of

41 secondary schools including 2 junior

schools in this upazila. The average

attendance of students in these schools

is 85 percent. Part of the absence is voluntarily

giving up reading and writing

and engaging in activities to support the

family. Another part has been the victim

of child marriage.

A visit to Jaripannesa Girls' School

and College revealed that 82 percent students

are present in the school. Talking

to the headmaster of the school Parveen

Akhter, she said many daughters of middle-class

families have got married due

to 18 months of closure. It was not possible

to say the exact number of students

who got married.

Abdul Aziz Mia, headmaster of

Pangbaijora Government Primary

School No. 42, said the attendance of

students was very good. However, due to

the closure of the school, some students

have gone to the madrasa. Mamudnagar

High School senior assistant teacher,

Shawkat Mia said at least 20 students

from seventh grade to tenth grade have

got married.

HC writ seeks an



regulatory authority

DHAKA : A Supreme Court lawyer on

Monday filed a writ petition before the High

Court seeking formation of an independent

regulatory body to govern the country's

fledgling e-commerce sector and protect the

rights of the customers amid a series of scandals,

reports UNB.

The regulatory body should be set up in

line with the mandate of National Digital

Commerce Policy, said SC lawyer

Mohammad Anwarul Islam in his writ

petition. The HC bench of Justice M

Enayetur Rahim and Justice Md

Mostafizur Rahman is likely to hear the

petition next week, Islam said.

The secretaries to the ministries of commerce,

information and technology

financey, Chairman of Bangladesh

Telecommunication and Regulatory

Commission (BTRC) and President of E-

commerce Association were made

respondents to the writ.

The writ also sought a rule asking the

government to explain why the ineffectiveness

and failures of the respondents in

ensuring accountability and protection of

the online customers should not be

declared illegal.

It also sought to know the steps taken in

regard to forming an independent e-commerce

regulatory body in accordance with

the mandates of National Digital

Commerce Policy-2018 and place the

report before the court.

The write was filed amid scandals

involving a number of e-commerce platforms

such as Evaly, e-orange and

Dhamaka which are facing allegations of

plundering huge amount of money from

customers through fraudulent means.

Two killed, 20

injured in Cox's

Bazar UP

election violence

COX'S BAZAR : Two people were

killed in violence during union

parishad and pourashava elections in

Maheshkhali and Kutubdia upazilas of

Cox's Bazar yesterday.

Abul Kalam, 32, was killed and four

others were injured in a gunfight

between the supporters of two chairmen

candidates at Kutubjum union of

Maheshkhali, Additional Superintendent

of police Rafiqul Islam said.

In another incident, a man was killed

and 16 others were injured during election

at Pilitkata Government Primary

School centre in Sadar Borogup union

under Kutubdia upazila.

Umar Haider, officer-in-charge of

Kutubdia Police Station, told BSS that

victim Abul Halim, 35, was shot dead

by law enforcers as he tried to disrupt a

polling station around 12.30pm.

Meanwhile, voting is suspended in

six centers, sources said.

art & culture

Mithila's new avatar

for Durga puja

shAfIqul IslAm (shAfIq)

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Bangladesh needs no UN help

for holding elections:Hasan

DHAKA : Information Minister Dr

Hasan Mahmud on Monday said

Bangladesh needs no assistance from

the United Nations (UN) to arrange elections

since the country's Election

Commission (EC) is capable enough to

hold fair and transparent polls. "The

Election Commission of Bangladesh is

very strong, and I don't think it needs

anyone's help to hold elections," he said.

The minister came up with the remarks

at a programme of Bangladesh Secretariat

Reporters Forum (BSRF) as journalists

sought his reaction to UN Resident

Coordinator in Bangladesh Mia Seppo's

comment on the UN's assistance for holding

elections in Bangladesh.

Stating that the EC has already conducted

many elections in Bangladesh in

a very fair and transparent manner, Dr

Hasan said Bangladesh is not Somalia or

Ethiopia that it needs the UN's help to

hold elections here.

He, however, said it is completely a

different issue if anyone wants to

observe elections in Bangladesh. "But

the Election Commission doesn't need

any assistance to conduct elections."

On Sunday, Mia Seppo said the UN

will provide electoral assistance to

Bangladesh only if there is any request

Journalists bank accounts

summoning is unexpected,

says Asaduzzaman

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan

Kamal has said that the letter asking for

bank accounts of journalist leaders was

unexpected. He said this while exchanging

views with journalist leaders in the conference

room of the Home Ministry on

Monday morning. "I totally agree with

you," he said. The incidents have happened

unexpectedly. In fact, I did not

know. Even the Information Minister does

not seem to know anything.

Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said I have

talked to the governor of Bangladesh

Bank about how this incident happened.

He also spoke of a letter like yours. I have

seen the origin of that letter. I think the

letter went through a misunderstanding.

I personally think the letter should not

have been given like this.

We are observing much about it. I will

take action later knowing what happened

from where. The Home Minister

termed the letter of Bangladesh

Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) summoning

the bank accounts of 11 journalist

leaders as unexpected.

on that particular front.

Responding to questions at "DCAB

Talk" at the Foreign Service Academy,

she also said, "The UN doesn't provide

electoral assistance unless we're asked


About seeking the bank account

details of journalist leaders by

Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit

(BFIU), the Information Minister said

the government can seek bank account

details of anybody for any reason. "The

bank accounts of MPs, government

employees and the leaders of various

business organisations are also sought.

There's nothing wrong to ask for bank

account details of anybody."

He said it was not supposed to be published

in newspapers that the journalists'

bank account details were sought. "This

is a question as to why it was published

in the media. Another question that's

being raised by the journalists is why the

bank accounts were asked with the

name of organisations. I think if someone

is transparent, there's no reason to

be worried about it."

The BFIU of the Bangladesh Bank

recently issued letters to the commercial

banks asking for details of bank accounts

of 11 journalist leaders.

He said of course, your reputation has

been tarnished. You are sad, you are in

pain. We can't do anything in that place,

but we will make sure that it doesn't happen

in the future. "I am talking to everyone,"

the minister said. I am talking with

NSI, CID, SB, Bangladesh Bank and others.

I will sit with them. So that such incidents

do not happen again, I will see them.

At that time, the journalist leaders

said, everyone's bank account can be

demanded in the name of the person.

The government can hold everyone's

account. But the identity of the leader of

the journalist organization has been


The identity of the organization was

sought without informing the policy

makers of the government. It was not

immediately clear what the agency

wanted. What was found when requested

has to be made public.

Among the journalists present at the

time were Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury,

Manjurul Ahsan Bulbul, journalist leaders

Abul Kalam Azad, Quddus Afrad,

Sajjad Hossain Tapu, Omar Farooq and


Despite the harsh weather including rain, polling started at 8 am on monday at 54 centers in 6 unions

of mongla in Bagerhat.

Photo : star mail

tuesDAY, september 21, 2021


E-cigarettes more helpful than

nicotine replacement treatments

for dependent smokers

‡kL nvwmbvi g~jbxwZ

MÖvg kn‡ii DbœwZ

E-cigarettes are more effective

than nicotine replacement

treatments in achieving long term

smoking reduction and cessation,

according to the results of a clinical

trial by Queen Mary University of


Some 80 percent of smokers

receiving intensive treatment

continue to smoke after a year.

Smokers could benefit from

approaches that reduce the harm

from smoking without ceasing

nicotine use, with an option to stop

nicotine later on. Nicotine

replacement treatments (NRT), such

as nicotine patches, chewing gum,

nasal/mouth spray and inhalators,

have been licenced to do this for over

30 years. They work, especially if

behavioural support is also provided,

but the results are modest.

In the first study of its kind,

researchers enrolled 135 smokers

who had been unable to stop

smoking with conventional

treatments. They were randomised

to receive either an eight-week

supply of NRT of their choice, or an

e-cigarette starter pack, with

instructions to purchase further e-

liquids of strength and flavours of

their choosing for themselves.

Products were accompanied by

minimal behavioural support to quit


The results, published in the

journal Addiction, found a

significant difference in smoking

reduction (including quitting

altogether) in the e-cigarette group.

After six months, in the e-cigarette

group, 27 per cent of the participants

had reduced their smoking by at

least half, compared to 6 percent of

participants in the NRT group. A

significant difference was also found

in rates of stopping smoking

altogether, confirmed by carbon

monoxide readings from

participants' breath - 19 per cent of

participants in the e-cigarette group

had stopped smoking versus 3 per

cent in the NRT group.

The results suggest that

recommending a refillable e-

cigarette with an e-liquid with a

strength and flavour of the patient's

choice is a more effective approach

for dependent smokers than

prescribing NRTs. The e-cigarette

starter pack also costs much less

than NRTs.

Lead researcher and Health

Psychologist Dr Katie Myers Smith

from Queen Mary University of

London, said: "These results have

important clinical implications for

smokers who have previously been

unable to stop smoking using

conventional treatments. E-

cigarettes should be recommended

to smokers who have previously

struggled to quit using other

methods, particularly when there is

limited behavioural support


Michelle Mitchell, Chief Executive of

Cancer Research UK, which funded the

study, said: "This study shows e-

cigarettes can be a very effective tool

for people who want to stop smoking,

including those who've tried to quit

before. And research so far shows that

vaping is far less harmful than

smoking. But e-cigarettes aren't risk

free, and we don't yet know their long

term effects, so people who have never

smoked shouldn't use them.

"It's important to switch over

completely to get the benefits and

reduce your risk of cancer. Talk to your

GP or free, local stop smoking service

about finding the best option for you."



‡kL nvwmbvi g~jbxwZ

MÖvg kn‡ii DbœwZ

GD-1374/21 (12x4)

GD-1371/21 (19x4)



AKM Hafiz Akter, chief of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) intelligence branch, spoke at a press

conference at the DMP Media and Public Relations Center on Monday about the arrest of seven people,

including Saeed, a hotbed of garment thieves. Monday, September 20th.

Photo: Courtesy

Book on 'Concert

for Bangladesh'

launched on its

50th anniversary

DHAKA : ICT Division has

launched coffee-table-book

titled "The Country That

Lived-Fifty Years of

Freedom and the Concert

for Bangladesh" on the

occasion of the golden

jubilee of Bangladesh

independence and Concert

for Bangladesh.

State Minister for

Information and


Technology (ICT) Division

Zunaid Ahmed Palak served

as the chief adviser in

preparing the book while

ICT Division Senior

Secretary NM Zeaul Alam,

LICT Project Policy Adviser

Sami Ahmed and senior

journalist Ajit Kumar Sarker

are advisers and editors of

the book, a press release


Apex Data Management

and IT cooperated with ICT

Division in preparing the


Apex DMIT Chairman

Mike Kazi and CEO Jara

Jabin Mahbub handed over

a copy of the book to the

State Minister for ICT

Zunaid Ahmed Palak at ICT

Tower in the city's Agargaon

area on Monday.

LICT Project Policy

Adviser Sami Ahmed was

present on the occasion.

The Concert for

Bangladesh was a pair of

benefit concerts organised

by former Beatles guitarist

George Harrison and Indian

sitar player Ravi Shankar.

The shows were held at 2:30

and 8:00 pm on August 01

(Sunday) in 1971 at Madison

Square Garden in New York

City, to raise international

awareness of, and fund

relief for refugees from

Bangladesh during the

period of the country's

Liberation War, according

to wikipedia.

Germany will increase support

to Bangladesh in tackling climate

change: envoy

DHAKA : German Ambassador in Dhaka

Achim Troster on Monday said Germany will

increase its cooperation in tackling the

impacts of climate change and in the ongoing

development programmes in Bangladesh.

Referring to Bangladesh as a very close ally

of Germany, the German envoy said this

cooperation would be provided on the basis

of mutual talks and expectations.

Troster said this while paying a courtesy

call on Environment, Forest and Climate

Change Ministry Md Shahab Uddin at the

Secretariat here.

Appreciating the development and

progress of Bangladesh and the dynamic

leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,

the German Ambassador said Germany

would continue its cooperation through the

Paris Climate Agreement and the Green

Climate Fund.

Acting Secretary of the Ministry of

Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Iqbal Abdullah Harun and Additional

Secretary of the Climate Change Wing

Sanjay Kumar Bhowmik were present on

the occasion. Shahab Uddin said the

German Ambassador that Bangladesh is

playing a significant role in the

international arena on climate change as

the President of Climate Vulnerability

Forum (CVF) and Vulnerable-20.

As the President of CVF, Prime Minister

Sheikh Hasina has announced 'Mujib

Climate Prosperity Plan' for overall

prosperity, he said.

The Environment Minister hoped that the

world leaders would reach a consensus on

providing 100 billion dollars annually by rich

countries to the climate vulnerable countries

to help those tackle climate change impacts.

Shahab Uddin thanked BMZ and German

development agency GIZ for cooperation in

updating Bangladesh's 'Bangladesh Climate

Change Strategy and Action Plan' and

assisting in forest management.

He also sought Germany's cooperation in

technology transfer, capacity building,

renewable energy and implementation of

adaptation activities in urban areas and in all

sectors related to climate change.


275 new patients hospitalized

DHAKA : As the number of dengue patients

keep rising in Bangladesh, 275 new patients

were hospitalized across country in 24 hours

till Monday morning, said the Directorate

General of Health Services (DGHS), reports


The number of fatalities from the

mosquito-borne disease remained static at

59 as no death was reported during the


Among the new patients, 211 were

undergoing hospital treatment in Dhaka

while the remaining 64 cases were reported

from outside the division, according to


Some 1,072 patients diagnosed with

dengue are receiving treatment in the

country as of Monday morning. Of them,

857 patients are receiving treatment at

different hospitals in the capital while the

remaining 215 were listed outside Dhaka.

Among the deceased, 54 died in Dhaka city

alone, two each in Chattogram and Khulna

divisions and one in Rajshahi.

Some 15,976 patients have been admitted

to different hospitals with dengue since


So far, 14,845 dengue patients have left

hospitals after recovery, said DGHS.

The number of dengue patients

hospitalized in a single day was the highest

with 343 patients on September 7.

In the month of August the country

recorded the highest number of 7,698

dengue cases of the current year.

In July, 2,286 people were diagnosed with

dengue and 12 died while in June 272 cases

were recorded with no deaths.

The victims held a human chain and sit-in program in front of the National Press Club on Monday

demanding amendment of their passports in line with the relevant information proof and national

identity card.

Photo: TBT

Durga Puja

PM donates

Tk 3 crore

DHAKA : Prime Minister

Sheikh Hasina on Monday

donated Tk 3 crore to Hindu

Kalyan Trust on the occasion

of Durga Puja, reports UNB.

PM's Principal Secretary

Dr Ahmad Kaikaus handed

over a check for the financial

assistance to secretary of the

Trust Dr Dilip Kumar Ghosh

at the Prime Minister Office.

DMP arrests 53 for

consuming, selling

drugs in city

DHAKA : In a regular antidrug

campaign by the

Detective Branch (DB)

under the Dhaka

Metropolitan Police (DMP)

has arrested 53 people for

consuming and selling drugs

in the capital city.

According to a DMP

statement issued on

Monday, as part of the

campaign, the police raided

different areas under

various police stations and

detained 53 drug abusers

and recovered drugs from

their possession from 6 am

on September 19, 2021 to 6

am, Monday.

During the anti-drug

campaign, police seized 143

grams and 40 puria (Small

packet) of heroin, 3.960

kilograms of cannabis, 60

bottles of phensidyl and 883

pieces of yaba tablets from

them, the statement added.

Tipu seeks Russian support for

ensuring direct export there

DHAKA : Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi

yesterday sought sincere support from

Russia for ensuring direct export of

Bangladeshi products including RMG to

their market.

Tipu said there is a huge demand for

Bangladeshi products including RMG in

Russian market, but the RMG exports are

being done there through another country

due to various complexities.

He said the existing complexities have

already been identified while efforts are on to

addressing those.

The Commerce Minister said this when

newly appointed Russian Ambassador to

Dhaka Alexander V. Mantytskiy met him at

his Secretariat office.

Tipu also hoped that once these issues are

addressed properly, then export of

Bangladeshi products would increase

manifold to Russian market for which there

is a need for sincere support from the

Russian side. Mentioning that Russia is a

friendly nation of Bangladesh, he said

Bangladesh always expresses its gratitude to

Russia since the country played a very

important role during the War of Liberation

of Bangladesh.

The Commerce Minister cited that the

trade volume with Russia could not be

increased to a big extent due to some

complexities in transaction in the banking

channel and also due to some complexities

related to duty.

He also hoped that with the help of Russia,

Bangladesh would be able to boost its export

to Eurasian Economic Union and CIS


In response, the Russian Ambassador said

that Russia attaches special importance to its

relationship with Bangladesh while the

country is interested to boost its trade and

investment relationship with Bangladesh.

Since there is a huge demand for

Bangladeshi products in Russian market,

Mantytskiy hoped that the bilateral trade

and investment would increase in the

coming days if the existing trade barriers are


He said that the Russian government is

very much interested to resolve the existing

barriers and thus wants to be a development

partner of Bangladesh.

According to official data, Bangladesh

exported goods worth $665.31 million to

Russia against the imports of $466.70

million in the last fiscal year (FY21).

Commerce Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh,

Additional Secretary (export) M Hafizur

Rahman, Additional Secretary (FTA) Nur

Md Mahbubul Haque were present, among

others, on the occasion.

41 BNP men including

Aman, Bulu indicted in

two cases

DHAKA : A special court on Monday framed

charges against 41 leaders and activists of

BNP including Amanullah Aman and Barkat

Ullah Bulu in two separate cases lodged

under Special Powers' Act and Explosives

Substance Act.

Judge Fatima Kanika of Dhaka Special

Tribunal-6 passed the order, setting October

29 for start recording deposition of the


According to the case documents, leaders

and activists of BNP and Jamaat took

position in front of National Bank on

Rampura DIT Road on February 3, 2015,

during its nation-wide hartal. They threw

petrol bomb on a passengers' bus, injuring

one seriously. They also threw brickbats on


The family held a press conference at the National Press Club on Monday demanding the search for

eminent Alim Mufti Jubayer Ahmad.

Photo: TBT

Next election as per

constitution: Quader

DHAKA : Awami League General Secretary

Obaidul Quader on Monday said the next

general election will be held in line with the

constitutional provisions, reports BSS.

"The next national election will be held, as

per the Constitution, in a neutral and

peaceful atmosphere. The BNP has already

started preparation to destroy the election

and its environment" he told a press

conference on temporary issues at his official

residence here.

Quader, also the road transport and

bridges minister, said violating the country's

laws, the BNP's nature is to make statements

as its wishes, while the one dimensional

philosophy of BNP is making its roots of

political existence weakened day by day.

In the last 13 years, the BNP's call to wage

a movement did not bring any result and its

current efforts also became failure, he added.

Responding an allegation of BNP secretary

general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, the AL

general secretary said: "In fact, there is

suspicion among people whether BNP

leaders want treatment of their leader

Begum Khaleda Zia...crocodiles tears do not

match on their eyes as they could not bring a

single procession demanding the release of

their leader." Considering her age and on

health ground, the government suspended

the punishment of Begum Zia for four times,

he said, adding that Prime Minister Sheikh

Hasina has shown this generosity and it was

not her weakness.

Earlier, Quader joined a view-exchange

meeting with the officials of Bangladesh

Road Transport Cooperation (BRTC)

through videoconferencing.

Speaking at the meeting, he said the

pressure of passengers on public transport

has increased after lockdowns and

considering the commuters' sufferings,

circular bus service resumed in city's Uttara

on September 16 last.

Preparations are being taken to resume

circular bus service in Dhanmondi area, he

added. Instructing the BRTC officials to

strengthen monitoring to check corruption

in the corporation, the road transport and

bridges minister said the Sheikh Hasina

government has taken zero tolerance policy

towards graft and that is why the BRTC must

bring its glory back at any cost.

He said the BRTC turned into a den of

corruption during the reign of the BNP-

Jamaat government, he said.

Urging the Anti-Corruption Commission

(ACC) to initiate probes against the corrupt

BRTC officials, Quader said the government

will not interfere if the national anti-graft

agency launch probes against them.

Covid daily-death toll in

Bangladesh falls to 26

DHAKA : Bangladesh registered 26more

Covid-related deaths in 24 hours till Monday

Morning, the lowest in in around four

months, reports UNB.

The country last recorded 22 single-day

Covid deaths on May 27, this year.

Besides, 1,555 more people came out

positive with the virus during the 24-hour

period after testing 27,431 samples, said the

Directorate General of Health Services


With this increase, the daily case positivity

rate rose to 5.67 percent from Sunday's 5.62

percent. The fresh numbers took the

country's total covid-19 fatalities to 27,251 on

Monday, while the caseload mounted to

1,544,238, said the DGHS.

JS body discusses

ways to halt rice


DHAKA : Parliamentary

Standing Committee on the

Ministry of Food on Monday

discussed different issues

including taking necessary

steps on how to halt upward

trend of rice price in the


During the meeting, the

committee members have

discussed on paddy and rice

procurement programme

during current boro season.

The discussion held at its

eighth meeting of the

parliamentary committee

with committee chairman

Dipankar Talukder in the


Vacant posts of different

subordinate organizations

including Food Ministry and

the Department of Food

along with the latest

manpower situation of

Bangladesh Food Safety

Authority have been

discussed elaborately in the

meeting, said a

parliamentary release,

reports BSS

The committee members

Food Minister Sadhan

Chandra Majumder, Nurul

Islam Nahid, Whip M Atiur

Rahman Atique, Direndra

Devnath Sambhu, M Abdul

Hai, M Ayenuddin, Ataur

Rahman Khan and Begum

Anzum Sultana, among

others, attended the


TUESdAy, SEPTEMbER 21, 2021


Acting Editor & Publisher : Jobaer Alam

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The greatest Bengali

of a thousand years

We are led to wondering when we are observing the

Mujib Year in 2021, how our lot would be today, if

Bangabandhu's life was not cut so short by his

heartless and conscienceless killers. We would surely be so

much the better off in all respects if this larger than life

person who was described from various forums as the

greatest Bengali of a thousand years, had lived on fulfilling

the ardent prayers of his people to get the services of this

extraordinary leader who blessed this part of the Indian

subcontinent in the last century.

Was Bangabandhu born for Bangladesh ? Did Providence

send him to us for conclusively freeing us from the last

vestiges of the colonial ogres, first the British and then

Pakistan. Indeed the two words-Bangabandhu and

Bangladesh-- are inseparable. It's like an umbilical

relationship, like an infant and mother in the womb. One

cannot be thought of minus the other.

Bangabandhu's contribution towards the creation of

Bangladesh and then leading it very successfully for a brief

period was so great that without recalling his role any

discussion on the nationhood of Bangladesh remains

incomplete. The distinct socio-cultural identity of the

Bengali people, the different Bengali language and racial

characteristics of the Bengalis in the eastern part of the

Indian subcontinent , had been anathema to the artificial

unity between the two halves of erstwhile Pakistan 1,500

miles apart.

But the move for realization of a nation state based on the

principle of Bengali nationalism remained dormant under

the leadership of hesitant and reactionary leaders who were

Bangabandhu's much the seniors by age and experience.

It was Bangabandhu who felt the deceit of Pakistan when

he was a very young man. He rebelled against the then

dominant and communal Muslim League and succeeded in

forming a breakaway faction of the Muslim League as early

as 1949 only two years after the partition of the subcontinent

in 1947.

It was young Bangabandhu's tremendous enthusiasm and

organizing skills that this faction called the Awami Muslim

League - including the older leaders-- had sowed the seeds

of a sovereign state of Bangladesh so soon after the birth of

Pakistan. Later it was the singular pressure and persuasion

from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman that the word

Muslim was dropped from the nomenclature of the

breakaway faction to manifest its motivation and intended


The older leaders clung to their position and powers

within the Awami League but in reality had to concede

significantly to the groundswell of Bengali nationalistic

feelings whipped up by Bangabandhu and his supporters.

The weight of the Bangabandhu was increasingly bearing

down on the Awami League. After the Language Movement

of 1952 Bangabandhu's hold on the Awami League became

virtually unchallengeable and by 1962 when he declared his

6-Points Demands, Bangabandhu had become the supreme

Leader of the Awami League. Subsequently, Awami League

contested the national election in 1970 under the supreme

leadership of Bangabandhu and the election result gave him

absolute mandate over the fate of the eastern part of

Pakistan-whether it would remain in Pakistan or not.

The writing was on the wall. When Bangabandhu in his

historic speech of March,1971 thundered " this struggle is

the struggle for freedom, this struggle is for independence "

amid a sea of people (the biggest ever recorded such

assemblage at Dhaka race course ground with the flag of

Bangladesh already raised and fluttering high) the notion of

united Pakistan from that time was buried for good.

Bangabandhu got less than five years to rebuild his

beloved country-- greatly devastated and crippled by the

liberation war--on return from captivity in Pakistan. A

person of lesser caliber than Bangabandhu would surely be

daunted by the Herculean tasks of rebuilding. But

Bangabandhu proved himself more than equal to the tasks

that lay ahead. Ports were cleared of mines and sunken

ships and foreign trade and communications resumed ;

roads and railway tracks were repaired ; the financial sectors

or structures were smoothly back to functioning ; the

government or state machinery started working effectively.

A crop failure in 1974 and conspiracies leading to

diversion of grain laden ships away from Bangladesh that

threatened famine was successfully overcome and a bumper

harvest was reaped in the following year. Consumers

became satisfied with market prices specially because large

scale sale of daily essential goods by government at fair

prices eased their sufferings.

Indeed, the killers of Bangabandhu were in a hurry.

Bangabandhu's dynamism would make hollow their claim

of an inept administration. So, they had to strike sooner

than later for their propaganda to have any chance of

sticking. But dispassionate historical accounts and analysis

did not fail to highlight that Bangabandhu's short lived

administration was uniquely successful in more than

coping with the conditions that confronted war ravaged


It is not feasible to list here the multifaceted achievements

of Bangabandhu's administration . But the same could be

accomplished because Bangabandhu was at the helm and

steering the wheel as always with his utmost dedication.

Above all, this dedication and sincerity of his made what

things were seemingly impossible, possible.

What is Bangabandhu's legacy ? It is that lesson that like

him we should never give up or feel intimated or frustrated

in doing the right thing or what is in the highest interest of

the people and the nation. Fired by Bangabandhu's spirit

and example , the Bangladeshis have gone on in the decades

after his death to do the things that have brought

Bangladesh very near today to banishing poverty and

underdevelopment that Bangabandhu aspired for so much

when he lived.

Have to look at the mineral and natural resources

The developing

countries of the

world are working

towards reaching the

peak of rapid

development. They

are taking all the

necessary development programs to

survive in the competition of free

economy. In different decades, each

country has been emerging as an

economic power in the world. Even a

decade ago, China was hardly heard of. At

present, China is considered as one of the

most economically powerful countries in

the world. A recent survey shows that

China is far ahead of the United States in

terms of economic power. In just a

decade, China's changing economic

position has become an unimaginable and

surprising thing for world economists.

Economists predict that China will be the

world's largest and most powerful

economy. China is now being called an

'economic superpower'. China is the

world's second-largest economy after the

United States, according to an IMF

survey. Even then, the United States is

seeking a loan from them. Chinese

leaders, however, have been modest in

saying that they have not really improved

the way China is positioned in the world

economy. The reason for their humility,

they think, is that the pressure of the

ongoing global recession may fall on

them. Different countries of the world can

reach out to them for economic


Among the Third World countries, civil

war-torn Somalia is also making steady

progress. According to the CIA report,

Somalia is moving forward quite well

economically. The main strengths of their

economy are livestock, remittances and

telecommunications. Ethiopia, on the

other hand, is said to be the fastest

growing country in the world. Amid

political instability, they are improving so

much that, according to the IMF, from

2004 to 2009, the country achieved a

stagnant state with economic growth

above 10 percent. Now it has increased a

lot. Similarly, other poor countries in

Africa are now moving towards economic

development. In other words, in the

changing world economic competition,

the poorest countries are moving towards

rapid development through maximum

utilization of their resources. Bangladesh

is being called the 'Emerging Tiger' in

terms of economic progress among the

South Asian countries. The powerful

countries of the world are often expressing

their interest and positive comments on

the development of Bangladesh. We can

guess from the frequent visits of

foreigners, reports in the international

media on economic and political issues in

Bangladesh and concerns about the

problem. If it is not important, there is no

reason to waste their time worrying so

much about Bangladesh. Ordinary people

can also feel that Bangladesh is moving

towards continuous improvement.

Especially in a country with a huge

population of 16 crore compared to its

size, there are almost no deaths due to

starvation. Which is a wonderful event for

Bangladesh. However, the fact that people

do not die of starvation is an early

indicator of development but not an

indicator of progress.

Political stability, economic

development, improvement of law and

order, above all, progress in improving the

quality of life of the people are considered

as key indicators. There is no doubt that

Bangladesh is moving forward as an

economic power. The economy has been

THE Afghan Taliban's retaking of

Kabul may be the climax of a 20-

year-long war in Afghanistan but it

is difficult to suggest that this will put an

end to the proxy warfare being fought on

Afghan soil since the 1970s between

multiple external and internal actors. It

has been one of the longest irregular wars

fought in recent history. There may be a

hiatus after the Taliban 'victory' but the

religiously inspired radical group

conceives itself as an ideological force, and

ideology certainly provides the perfect

breeding ground for both hybrid and

proxy wars.

From an ideological standpoint, despite

their internal differences over

interpretation of the text or political

strategies they follow, most religious

extremist and terrorist groups will remain

ideal partners for the Taliban. Those

sharing a worldview different from that of

the Taliban will remain in the opposite

camp unless co-opted by the latter in a

political arrangement. This could be a

favourable situation for external actors,

who can find like-minded friends among

the domestic actors desperate to win

external support.

Apparently, external stakeholders want

moving forward, albeit at a slower pace,

amid decades of volatile political

conditions. Had there been consistent

political stability, Bangladesh might have

become a middle-income country by now.

Even then, Bangladesh's economy has

remained stable for the past decade. GDP

averages 7. The GDP target for the next

financial year has been set above 8

percent. The calculation of GDP is trapped

in the circle of relativity. The World Bank,

the IMF and other agencies and

economists disagreed. Their accounts do

not match those of the government. The

country's economy is moving forward in

this average. It can be said that it is

moving at a lower speed than the medium

speed. If it had run at a moderate pace,

Bangladesh would have quickly become

the number one richest country in South

Asia. Presumably, we are now ahead of

India and Pakistan in terms of economic

progress. But our goal should not be India

or Pakistan. Our goal should be

Singapore, which has prospered from

scratch. Even four and a half decades ago,

Singapore, known as the fourth tiger in

Asia in terms of economic power, had

nothing to speak about. A small country of

728 sq km, the country gained

independence from Britain in 1963 and

joined Malaysia. In 1965, a Malaysian riot

with the Chinese living in Singapore led to

a 126-0 vote in Parliament separating

Singapore from Malaysia. Then the Prime

Minister Lee Kuan Yew lamented, "What

will happen to us now! How can we live!

'Singapore has no land, no way to

cultivate. In this situation, they insist on

import and export of goods to become

self-sufficient. Utilizing the geographically

important location, it uses the port as an

important center for import and export.

Grabs a market-based economy. This

economy is now its foundation.

Purification and export of core energy

imported goods. Singapore ranks 14th in

the world in terms of exports and 15th in

terms of imports. Corruption-free

environment, skilled manpower, strong

infrastructure and low tax rates have

made it the world's most foreign direct

investment country. That is to say, a

picture can be obtained from the

economic activities and steps of the

developing countries about how fast

different countries of the world are

moving forward and rising from almost

zero and poorest conditions. As a

developing country, we have time to think

about our position and potential in a fastmoving

economy. We are not zero, we

have natural abundance. There is a huge

population. The only requirement is to

properly utilize and utilize one's own

resources. One of the foundations of

Bangladesh's economy can be the huge

amount of discovered and undiscovered

natural resources. Experts think that

Bangladesh can be one of the economic

powers in Asia by grabbing these

resources. All that is needed is the

perception of the government and the

political parties and the proper use of

resources. The Geological Survey of

Bangladesh (GSB) is already conducting

various surveys. However, it is not yet

possible to determine exactly how many


different types of valuable mineral

resources are underground. Often the

news of the discovery of valuable mineral

resources surprises us. For example, the

discovery of valuable iron ore mines in the

Mashidpur area of Hakimpur Upazila

(Hili) in Dinajpur has surprised.

According to GSB estimates, magnetic

minerals, hematite, magnetite and

limonite have been found at a depth of one

and a half to two thousand feet and a

thickness of one to three feet. At the same

time the mine is 1,200 feet deep with

limestone. The discovery of iron ore mines

is very important for the country. Experts

believe that this discovery will increase the

prestige of Bangladesh in the outside

world and will also improve the situation.

Needless to say, various very valuable

mineral resources have already been

discovered in Bangladesh. In addition to

gas, oil and coal, uranium has been found

to be more expensive than gold. Other

valuable minerals include limestone, hard

rock, gravel, glass sand, white clay, brick

clay, peat, mineral rich beech sand.

Geologically, Bangladesh covers a large

part of the 'Bengal Basin'. The northern

part is covered by 12 per cent sedimentary

rock, the north and northeast by 8 per

cent Pleistocene and the north-western,

central northeast and east by 80 per cent

sand, silt and mud. This means that this

part of the country is known as the belt of

different types of mineral resources. GSB

has already conducted a survey in 42 per

cent of the country's territory, which has a

Among the Third World countries, civil war-torn Somalia is

also making steady progress. According to the CIA report,

Somalia is moving forward quite well economically. The

main strengths of their economy are livestock, remittances

and telecommunications. Ethiopia, on the other hand, is

said to be the fastest growing country in the world.

bright prospect of finding different types

of minerals. Experts believe that if these

resources can be properly utilized and

used, the face of Bangladesh's economy

will change. One of the main reasons why

Bangladesh is being considered as an

emerging tiger is its rich reserves of

discovered and undiscovered valuable

mineral resources. Bangladesh has an

ample supply of uranium that the world's

superpowers have used to acquire nuclear

energy. The first uranium was discovered

in Moulvibazar in 1975. Then in 1985

uranium was found in Jaintapur in Sylhet

and in 1989 in the Someshwari river

which surrounded the Garo hills of

Mymensingh. A recent GSB survey found

heavy mineral and extractable uranium in

the riverine sands of the Padma,

Brahmaputra, Jamuna and Sylhet and

Mymensingh. The GSB has collected sand

from 20 meters depth at about 10 places

in Padma-Jamuna and tested it. The

amount of heavy minerals and chemicals

to be extracted is about 9 percent. 7

percent is sufficient for commercial

production. Once 1 gram of uranium is

found in 1 ton of sand, it is considered

commercially obtainable. Bangladesh

could benefit greatly from the use of this

extractable uranium. With the approval of

Bangladesh to set up a nuclear power

plant, there is a bright prospect of using

uranium. If uranium is used in it, it will be

possible to generate electricity

economically and also reduce the energy


Extremely valuable heavy minerals were

found in the sand of the coast several

years ago. This mineral is called 'black

gold'. Experts tested the beach sand and

Concerns of proxy wars


stability in Afghanistan, and the US and

its Nato allies are no longer interested in

extending financial and military support

to the country. Their priority will be to use

political coercion to ensure the Taliban

don't deviate from the commitments they

made to the international community.

Meanwhile, China, Pakistan, Russia and

Iran are engaging with the Taliban,

thinking of ways to deal with the terrorist

networks threatening their security.

Though optimism about the Taliban

fulfilling their promises is on the wane,

even partial fulfilment can take the wartorn

country on a new journey and away

from another phase of proxy warfare.

Otherwise, there is a strong probability

that Afghanistan will become a much

uglier front for proxy warfare, which can

trigger political agitations and violent

movements against the Taliban regime.

A lobby in the US favours a plan for

proxy warfare so that America can sustain

its global influence.

Pakistan and India have had their

favourites in Afghanistan, and both have a

long history of fighting proxy wars against

each other. India has openly opposed the

Taliban during the last 20 years and

projected them as Pakistan's proxy. With

Apparently, external stakeholders want stability in Afghanistan, and

the US and its Nato allies are no longer interested in extending

financial and military support to the country. Their priority will be to

use political coercion to ensure the Taliban don't deviate from the

commitments they made to the international community. Meanwhile,

China, Pakistan, Russia and Iran are engaging with the Taliban.

the Taliban's return to power, the risks are

high for another round of India-Pakistan

proxy war in Afghanistan. Many conceive

the Taliban takeover as the defeat of

India's soft power and covert strategy in

Afghanistan. India will continue to use all

its overt and covert tactics to take revenge,

which can keep political temperatures

found that it contained zircon (1 lakh 58

thousand 117 tons), rutile (70 thousand

274 tons), ilmenite (10 lakh 25 thousand

558 tons), leucoxane (96 thousand 709

tons), kyanite (90 thousand 745 tons). ),

Garnet (2 lakh 22 thousand 761 tons),

magnetite (80 thousand 599 tons) and

monazite (17 thousand 352 tons). If we

can extract and use this huge amount of

valuable minerals, the position of

Bangladesh will be much better

economically. An Australian company has

already applied to the government for

permission to conduct a survey to extract

these resources. In addition to uranium

and black gold, more valuable mineral

resources have been found, ranging from

white clay for ceramics, glass sand for

glass, brick clay for bricks, and peat coal

for fuel. How much more valuable

mineral resources are underground is still

unknown. Besides, it is already known

that there is endless oil and gas in the vast

sea border of Bangladesh. This is proved

by the abundance of natural precious

minerals and the latest iron ore mines,

Bangladesh is no less than any other

country in the world in terms of natural

resources. There is no doubt that

Bangladesh can surpass Singapore if these

resources can be extracted and made

usable. This requires a master plan and


There is no doubt that if the valuable

mineral resources that have been

discovered so far can be properly

extracted and made usable, a

revolutionary change will take place in the

economic field of Bangladesh. With one

uranium, Bangladesh can go a long way.

Although there is no direct use of uranium

in Bangladesh, it is possible to earn a lot of

foreign exchange by exporting it. If other

mineral resources are added to this, it is

easy to guess where the economic

indicators of Bangladesh will stand. It is

undeniable that we have technical

limitations in extracting these resources.

The planned initiatives that we have to

overcome this incapacity are not being

observed. We are limited to the joy of

receiving news of wealth. We cannot

afford to enjoy wealth. If this is the case,

what if you do not discover the resources!

So there is no point in dumping natural

resources after discovering them. To

prosper in the economy, there is no

alternative but to focus on the extraction

and use of these huge natural resources. If

left unused, this resource will only be

destroyed, to no avail. Political parties

need to pay attention to this sector. Their

focus should be on the economy and not

on the masnad of power. In a changing

world, not only the developed countries

but also the developing countries are now

adopting the policy of moving the

economy to power with the main agenda.

If the political parties of Bangladesh do

not adopt this policy, no matter how much

it is called Emerging Tiger, it will be just a

matter of words. Will lag behind in the

global economic competition. If

Singapore can quickly become the fourth

tiger in Asia from scratch, then we too can

become the fifth tiger in Asia after Hong

Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and

Singapore by exploiting the vast natural

resources. This requires adopting the right

plan and implementing effective

measures accordingly. It is hoped that this

goal will be achieved soon if economic

progress is given the highest priority.

Nayeem Islam Nibir is a young

generation political leader and

columnist in Bangladesh.

He can be reached :


high in the region. The situation can turn

grimmer if India and its favourites in

Afghanistan succeed in winning US

support; India will certainly lobby for that

scenario to become a reality.

Factcheck: Ex-Indian army officer

shares picture from movie set as 'truth'

about Pakistan Army's presence in

Panjshir. There is a lobby in the US that

favours a long-term plan for proxy

warfare so that America can sustain its

global influence to achieve strategic

objectives which cannot be attained

through regular warfare. Containing

China is the 'legitimate' excuse for the

strategists in Washington, D.C. to keep

China busy in its immediate

neighbourhood. Iran could be another

excuse. Anti-Pakistan sentiments are also

high in Washington as the country is

portrayed as the sole reason for the US

defeat in Afghanistan. Pakistan can be

both a player in and victim of the new

proxy warfare if it is initiated.

Though secret wars do not stay secret

for long, these are cost-effective and the

political fallout is far less compared with

direct interventions.

Source: Dawn

tUeSDAy, SePteMBeR 21, 2021


Meeting Cop26 finance goals

going to be tough

Inside a tSMC chip fabrication plant.

The computer chip industry

has a dirty climate secret

PáDRAIG Belton

The semiconductor industry has a

problem. Demand is booming for

silicon chips, which are embedded in

everything from smartphones and

televisions to wind turbines, but it

comes at a big cost: a huge carbon


The industry presents a paradox.

Meeting global climate goals will, in

part, rely on semiconductors. They're

integral to electric vehicles, solar arrays

and wind turbines. But chip

manufacturing also contributes to the

climate crisis. It requires huge amounts

of energy and water - a chip fabrication

plant, or fab, can use millions of gallons

of water a day - and creates hazardous

waste. As the semiconductor industry

finds itself increasingly under the

spotlight, it is starting to grapple with

its climate impacts. Last week Taiwan

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Company, the world's largest

chipmaker, which supplies chips to

Apple, pledged to reach net zero

emissions by 2050. The company aims

to "broaden our green influence and

drive the industry towards low-carbon

sustainability", said the TSMC

chairman, Mark Lui.

But decarbonizing the industry will

be a big challenge.TSMC alone uses

almost 5% of all Taiwan's electricity,

according to figures from Greenpeace,

predicted to rise to 7.2% in 2022, and it

used about 63m tons of water in 2019.

The company's water use became a

controversial topic during Taiwan's

drought this year, the country's worst in

a half century, which pitted chipmakers

against farmers.

In the US, a single fab, Intel's 700-

acre campus in Ocotillo, Arizona,

produced nearly 15,000 tons of waste

in the first three months of this year,

about 60% of it hazardous. It also

consumed 927m gallons of fresh water,

enough to fill about 1,400 Olympic

swimming pools, and used 561m

kilowatt-hours of energy.

Chip manufacturing, rather than

energy consumption or hardware use,

"accounts for most of the carbon

output" from electronics devices, the

Harvard researcher Udit Gupta and coauthors

wrote in a 2020 paper.

A global shortage of high-end chips,

as the pandemic boosted demand for

electronics and Covid outbreaks closed

fabs, has increased focus on the

industry.In a tight market, automakers

found themselves at the back of the

chip queue, far behind much biggerscale

semiconductor customers such as

Apple, who use the chips to give

computing power to their

smartphones, laptops and other

devices. GM halted production in

several of its North American factories

this month, while Toyota said it would

cut its carmaking by 40% in

September. In an attempt to increase

production, many countries are

embarking on big programs to boost

Photo: tSMC

the industry.The Chips for America Act

proposes $52bn in funding over five

years for the US semiconductor

industry. The EU has forwarded its own

legislation aimed at increasing its share

of the global chips market to 20% by

2030. The European Commission

president, Ursula von der Leyen, called

it "a matter of tech sovereignty" in her

State of the European Union address

last week.

These ambitions line up a potential

clash with international climate goals.

Both the EU and US aim to get halfway

to net zero carbon emissions by 2030,

and to net zero by 2050. And as the

semiconductor industry grows, so too

will its carbon footprint.

However, amid pressure from

investors and electronics makers keen

to report greener supply chains to

customers, the semiconductor business

has been ramping up action on tackling

its climate footprint. "Recently, I

started seeing our effects on the

environment completely come to the

forefront," said Sohini Dasgupta,

principal design engineer at ON


Two years ago, she said, the industry

"was sitting on the fence, in the middle

of the pack, saying: 'Yes, sustainability

is important, but we don't know what to

do with it'". But now she sees

movement: "Every day it pops up in our

emails, what our company's doing,

what other companies are doing," she


HeAtHeR StewARt

Boris Johnson has said he

fears there is only a 60%

chance that the $100bn in

climate finance viewed as key

to securing an ambitious

outcome to the Cop26

summit will be in place by the

time world leaders meet in

Glasgow in November.

Speaking to journalists en

route to New York at the start

of a three-day visit to the US,

in which he hopes to

"galvanise" progress towards

a new climate deal, the prime

minister said he would be

urging developed countries to

come forward with additional


"There's a roundtable with

the climate-vulnerable

countries [on Monday]: they

need support from the rest of

the world if they're going to

make the transition in the

way that they must. And the

developing world looks to us,"

he said.

"We began fossil fuel

emissions, it was our country

that had the first sustained

Industrial Revolution. We

began it, and they look to us to

help them move beyond

hydrocarbon technology."

Asked if he thought the

$100bn total could be

reached this week, he said:

"Getting it all this week is

going to be a stretch. Getting

it all done by Cop, six out of

10. It's going to be tough."

G7 countries promised

more than a decade ago at the

Copenhagen summit to make

$100bn in private and public

finance available to

developing countries, to help

them transition to low-carbon

technologies and cope with

extreme weather.

Analysis from the

Organisation for Economic



Development (OECD)

published last week suggested

that so far only $80bn has

been raised, however. G7

leaders recommitted to the

target at June's summit in

Cornwall, but Johnson was

criticised for failing to secure

concrete pledges. The UK is

expected to publish a

breakdown of individual

countries' commitments at

the end of this week.

Cop26 chair Alok Sharma

travelled with Johnson to the

US, as the UK steps up

diplomatic efforts to secure a

successful outcome to the

summit.Johnson will hold a

string of bilateral meetings

with fellow leaders, and said

he would be pressing them

about "coal, cars, trees and

cash". "We'll be pushing for

everybody to step up to the

plate on getting rid of coalfired

power-stations, in the

way that we have in the UK - a

massive reduction in our

dependence on coal; getting

rid of hydrocarbon internal

combustion engine motor

vehicles, so that we all move

towards electric vehicles; and

planting hundreds of millions

of hectares of trees; and

getting the finance that's

necessary to do this," he said.

The government has

announced that £550m of the

Boris Johnson boards RAF Voyager at Stansted

Airport en route to three days of meetings in the


Photo: Stefan Rousseau

£11.6bn it had set aside for

climate finance over the next

five years will be allocated to

developing countries, as part

of the UK's contribution to

the $100bn target. There are

growing concerns about

China's attitude to the talks,

after Beijing was irked by the

Aukus deal - the security and

defence pact between

Australia, the UK and the US.

Speaking on Sunday, Sharma

was unable to say whether

President Xi would attend


Johnson lavished praise on

China's role in tackling the

climate crisis, saying: "The

Chinese actually have stepped

up. They've gone a long way

already and I congratulate

President Xi on his vision."He

added, "Alok has had some

great conversations already

with his Chinese counterparts

about the things they want to

do. I think China is massively

important on this but it shows

real signs of making


The prime minister will

meet Brazilian president Jair

Bolsonaro on the sidelines of

UN general assembly this

week. Asked whether he

would challenge the avowed

climate sceptic about the

burning of the Amazon

rainforest, Johnson said:

"Yes. We want to stop and

reverse the global loss of

biodiversity, including in the


"I believe it is in the longterm

economic interest of all

rainforest countries to do

that. We want to plant

gazillions of trees, hundreds

of millions of hectares."We

want a global process of


I think it is in the long-term

interests of Brazil and the

people of Brazil to recognise

the spectacular natural

endowment they have and to

conserve it, and I am sure that

President Bolsanaro agrees

with that."

To save the Earth don't buy that

shiny new iPhone

Apple boss tim Cook extolling the virtues of the iPhone 13 last week.

Photograph: Brooks Kraft/Apple

JoHn nAUGHton

On Tuesday, Apple released its latest

phone - the iPhone 13. Naturally, it was

presented with the customary

breathless excitement. It has a smaller

notch (eh?), a redesigned camera,

Apple's latest A15 "bionic" chipset and a

brighter, sharper screen. And, since

we're surfing the superlative wave, the

A15 has nearly 15bn transistors and a

"six-core CPU design with two highperformance

and four high-efficiency


Wow! But just one question: why

would I buy this Wundermaschine?

After all, two years ago I got an iPhone

11, which has been more than adequate

for my purposes. That replaced the

iPhone 6 I bought in 2014 and that

replaced the iPhone 4 I got in 2010.

And all of those phones are still

working fine. The oldest one serves as a

family backup in case someone loses or

breaks a phone, the iPhone 6 has

become a hardworking video camera

and my present phone may well see me


That's three phones in 11.5 years, so my

"upgrade cycle" is roughly one iPhone

every four years. From the viewpoint of

the smartphone industry, which until

now has worked on a cycle of twoyearly

upgrades, I'm a dead loss. Which

is strange, given that these phones

don't wear out, a fact that may be

getting through to users. At any rate,

they seem to be holding on to their

phones for longer. And yet the

manufacturers are still, like Apple,

annually releasing new models that are

generally just an incremental

improvement on what went before

rather than a great leap forward. Why?

There's a name for this corporate

disorder - "planned obsolescence":

deliberately ensuring that the current

version of a given product will become

out of date or useless within a known

time period. As a marketing philosophy

it goes back to the mid-1920s, when the

US car industry reached saturation

point and Alfred Sloan, the boss of

General Motors, came up with a

wheeze to keep punters buying new

cars. He introduced annual cosmetic

design changes - facelifts, if you like - to

convince car owners to buy

replacements each year. The cars

themselves changed relatively little in

their essence, but they looked different.

Thus came about the baroque

absurdities of American cars in the

middle decades of the 20th century - all

that chrome, outrageous colours, fins,

whitewall tyres etc that you now only

see in museums or in Cuba.

Planned obsolescence may be good

for phone companies but it's bad for

users' wallets and even worse for the

planet, because it encourages people to

treat their phones as disposable. No

one really knows how much e-waste

(electronic refuse) is generated every

year, but one recent estimate put it at

53.6m metric tonnes in 2019. And as

far as CO2 emissions are concerned, a

2018 Canadian university study

estimated that building a new

smartphone - and specifically.

Droughts and floods forcing workers from rural areas, leading to their exploitation in cities, report


Photo: Getty

Climate crisis leaving millions at

risk of trafficking and slavery


Millions of people forced to leave their

homes because of severe drought and

powerful cyclones are at risk of

modern slavery and human

trafficking over the coming decades, a

new report warns.The climate crisis

and the increasing frequency of

extreme weather disasters including

floods, droughts and megafires are

having a devastating effect on the

livelihoods of people already living in

poverty and making them more

vulnerable to slavery, according to the

report, published today.

Researchers from the International

Institute for Environment and

Development (IIED) and Anti-

Slavery International found that

drought in northern Ghana had led

young men and women to migrate to

major cities.

Many women begin working as

porters and are at risk of trafficking,

sexual exploitation and debt bondage

- a form of modern slavery in which

workers are trapped in work and

exploited to pay off a huge debt. One

woman, who migrated to Accra from

northern Ghana, used to farm until

the land was ruined by flooding and

she was forced to move. For seven

years she has worked as a porter

(kayayie), carrying items on her head.

She said: "Working as a kayayie has

not been easy for me. When I came

here, I did not know anything about

the work. I was told that the woman

providing our pans will also feed us

and give us accommodation.

However, all my earnings go to her

and only sometimes will she give me a

small part of the money I've earned."

She dropped a customer's items once

and had to pay for the damage, which

she could not afford. The woman in

charge paid up on condition that she

repay her. She added: "I have been

working endlessly and have not been

able to repay."

In the Sundarbans, on the border

between India and Bangladesh,

severe cyclones have caused flooding

in the delta, reducing the land

available for farming. With countries

in the region tightening immigration

restrictions, researchers found that

smugglers and traffickers operating in

the disaster-prone region were

targeting widows and men desperate

to cross the border to India to find

employment and income. Trafficking

victims were often forced into hard

labour and prostitution, with some

working in sweatshops along the


Fran Witt, a climate change and

modern slavery adviser at Anti-

Slavery International, said: "Our

research shows the domino effect of

climate change on millions of people's

lives. Extreme weather events

contribute to environmental

destruction, forcing people to leave

their homes and leaving them

vulnerable to trafficking, exploitation

and slavery." The World Bank

estimates that, by 2050, the impact of

the climate crisis, such as poor crop

yields, a lack of water and rising sea

levels, will force more than 216

million people across six regions,

including sub-Saharan Africa, south

Asia and Latin America, from their


The report is a stark warning to

world leaders in advance of the Cop26

UN climate summit in Glasgow in

November and calls on them to make

sure efforts to address the climate

emergency also tackle modern


The report says labour and migrant

rights abuses are disregardedin the

interests of rapid economic growth

and development.

Ritu Bharadwaj, a researcher for the

IIED, said: "The world cannot

continue to turn a blind eye to the

forced labour, modern slavery and

human trafficking that's being fuelled

by climate change. Addressing these

issues needs to be part and parcel of

global plans to tackle climate change."

tuesDAY, september 21, 2021 6

evwK Ask 7-Gi c„ôvq

Kosovo deploys police, Serbs

protest amid border tension

BELGRADE : Tensions

soared Monday at the

border between Kosovo and

Serbia as Kosovo deployed

additional police to

implement a rule to remove

Serbian license plates from

cars entering Kosovo.

Kosovo special police with

armored vehicles were sent

to the border as hundreds of

Kosovo Serbs reportedly

drove to the border in their

cars to protest the move,

blocking one of the crossing

points in protest, reports


Serbia's police have for

years been taking off

registration plates from

Kosovo-registered cars

entering Serbia, and the

latest move by Kosovo

authorities appears to be a

tit-for-tat move.

Serbia does not recognize

its former province of

Kosovo as a separate state

and considers the mutual

border only as an

"administrative" and

temporary boundary.

Kosovo officials said that

as of Monday, the license

plates issued in Serbia will

be replaced with temporary

ones and that the additional

police were deployed to

implement the "reciprocity"


The two sides have agreed

in European Unionmediated

talks in 2014 to

allow free traffic. However,

Kosovo officials said the deal

has expired and only proper

Kosovo symbols are now

valid in the territory.

In Belgrade, Serbian

President Aleksandar Vucic

called an emergency

meeting for Tuesday of the

state national security

council as local Serb officials

from Kosovo urged help

from Belgrade.

Top Kosovo Serb official

Goran Rakic described the

latest move as "a direct

threat" against Serbs

living in Kosovo, saying

they have informed EU

mediator Miroslav Lajcak

and other international

officials about the new


"This (protest) is a

reaction by the people who

Lava from Spanish volcano

heads toward sea; no injuries


to flow slowly from a volcano that erupted in

Spain's Canary Islands off northwest Africa,

but the head of the regional government said

Monday he expects no injuries to people in the

area after some 5,000 were evacuated, reports


Lava was flowing on the island of La Palma

toward the sea, moving at 700 meters (2,300

feet) per hour, according to the Canary Islands

Volcanology Institute. The lava was moving in

two streams through a mostly unpopulated

area, Canary Islands government chief Angel

Victor Torres told SER radio. Around 100


houses were destroyed, private Spanish news

agency Europa Press reported.

"We're not expecting any other eruption,"

Torres said, adding that air traffic in the area

was not affected. "There will be considerable

material damage," he said. "We hope there

won't be any personal injuries." No further

evacuations were expected, officials said.

"The lava probably won't take any lives but it

will destroy everything it encounters,"

Nemesio Perez, scientific coordinator at the

Canary Islands Volcanology Institute, told


The eruption opened two fissures, about 200

meters (650 feet) apart. Officials said the lava

streams would likely merge before reaching

the sea.

The lava crept into the town of Los Llanos de

Aridane, which lies close to the volcano. Town

Mayor Noelia Garcia said people had been

evacuated from houses all the way down to the


Mariano Hernandez, the major of the town

of Cabildo, described the scene in the area

Lava flows from an eruption of a volcano near El Paso on the island of La

Palma in the Canaries, Spain, Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021. Lava continues to

flow slowly from a volcano that erupted in Spain's Canary Islands off

northwest Africa. The head of the islands' regional government says

Monday he expects no injuries to people in the area after some 5,000 were

Photo: AP

affected by the lava as "bleak."

He said a wall of lava 6 meters (20 feet) high

"is consuming houses, infrastructure, crops in

its path to the coast," state news agency Efe


The Military Emergencies Unit is

increasing its deployment on La Palma to

180 soldiers and 57 vehicles, backed up with

three water-dropping aircraft due to arrive

later Monday.

are worried about their

future, their children and

their families," said Rakic.

"People are anxious and


Thousands of people were

killed and over a million

were left homeless after a

1998-1999 bloody

crackdown by Serbian

troops against Kosovo

Albanian separatists. The

war ended only after a

NATO intervention.

Universal Studios opens Beijing park

under anti-virus curbs

BEIJING : Harry Potter fans came

dressed as wizards as Universal Studios

opened its first theme park in China on

Monday under anti-virus controls,

reports UNB.

The Hollywood studio's "Jurassic

Park," "Kung Fu Panda" and "Harry

Potter" film franchises, plus Minions

from "Despicable Me" feature

prominently at Universal Studios Beijing

on the Chinese capital's eastern outskirts.

The opening went ahead despite

coronavirus outbreaks in China's

southeast that prompted the government

Kosovo Security Force soldiers place a Kosovo flag on top of armored security vehicle

donated by U.S during a handout ceremony in the military barracks Adem

Jashari in capital Pristina on Monday.

Photo: AP

to tighten travel controls in some areas.

"We've been longing for the opening

for quite a while," said a visitor, Niu


Visitors were required to wear masks

and display a smartphone-based health

code that shows whether they have

been to regions deemed at high-risk of


After a report of a possible case in

Beijing last week, "we were very

worried," said Zoe Shi. "We thought

about whether we should still go. It

turned out to be untrue in the end.

Islamic State


claim attacks

on Taliban

KABUL : The extremist

Islamic State group has

claimed responsibility for

a series of deadly

bombings targeting

Taliban vehicles in

eastern Afghanistan,

reports UNB.

The claim, published

late Sunday on the

militant group's media

arm, the Aamaq news

agency, signals a growing

threat to the Taliban by

their long-time rivals.

At least eight people,

including several Taliban

fighters, were killed in

the attacks on Sunday

and Saturday in the

provincial city of

Jalalabad, an IS


The Taliban seized

control of Afghanistan in

a blitz campaign last

month, overrunning the

capital of Kabul while

U.S. and NATO were in

the final phase of

withdrawing their

troops. The last foreign

soldiers left Aug. 30.

The Taliban now face

major economic and

security challenges in

trying to govern

Afghanistan, and an

accelerated campaign of

IS attacks will further

complicate those efforts.

The Taliban and IS

extremists were enemies

before foreign troops left


Both groups subscribe

to a harsh interpretation

of Islam, but the Taliban

have focused on taking

control of Afghanistan,

while IS affiliates in

Afghanistan and

elsewhere call for global


We feel lucky."

Universal Studios Beijing is the

Chinese capital's first foreign-branded

amusement park. It is the fifth worldwide

for Universal Studios and the third in

Asia, after Japan and Singapore.

Universal Studios is part of

NBCUniversal, a unit of Comcast Corp.

The park received high-profile support

from the Beijing city government despite

tension between the ruling Communist

Party and Washington. The city extended

a subway line and added a station named

for the park.

Indonesia says no

evidence of alleged

Chinese intel hack

JAKARTA : Indonesian

authorities have found no

evidence that the country's

main intelligence service's

computers were compromised,

after a U.S.-based private

cybersecurity company alerted

them of a suspected breach of

its internal networks by a

Chinese hacking group, an

official said, reports UNB.

The Insikt Group, the threat

research division of

Massachusetts- based Recorded

Future, said it discovered the

hack in April when it detected

malware servers operated by

the "Mustang Panda" group

communicating with hosts

inside Indonesian govU


The activity targeted the

Badan Intelijen Negara, or BIN,

intelligence agency as well as

nine other Indonesian govt

agencies, Recorded Future said.

"We assess that this

activity is very likely linked

to the Chinese statesponsored

threat activity

group Mustang Panda based

on our continued tracking of

Chinese state-sponsored

cyberespionage activity," the

company said in an e-mail to

The Associated Press.

Chinese government offices

were closed Monday for the

Mid-Autumn Festival and could

not be reached, but authorities

have consistently denied any

form of state-sponsored

hacking and said China itself is

a major target of cyberattacks.

Recorded Future said its

experts traced the hack back

to as early as March, and the

last observed date of the

intrusion was Aug. 20.

GD-1366/21 (25x8)



Egypt urges Israel to revive

peace talks with Palestinians

CAIRO : Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh

Shoukry held on Sunday a phone conversation

with his Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid, and

urged Israel to revive peace talks with the

Palestinian side to end their decades-long

conflict, said the Egyptian Foreign Ministry in a

statement, reports UNB.

Shoukry stressed the necessity of creating a

political horizon for resuming the Israeli-

Palestinian peace negotiations "in a manner that

consolidates the pillars of stability in the region

and spares it waves of escalation and tension,"

Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed

Hafez said in the statement.

Shoukry-Lapid phone talks also addressed

the efforts made in coordination with the

Palestinian Authority for the reconstruction

and development of occupied Palestinian

territories, according to the statement.

The talks came a few days after Egyptian

President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi met with Israeli

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in Egypt's Red

Sea resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh and

discussed the developments of the Israeli-

Palestinian issue.

Egypt, which signed a U.S.-sponsored peace

treaty with Israel in 1979, has always been

supporting the right of the Palestinians to

establish their own independent state on the

1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital,

based on the UN-proposed two-state solution.

N Korea slams US over submarine

deal, warns countermeasures

SEOUL : North Korea has criticized a U.S.

decision to provide nuclear-powered

submarines to Australia and threatened

unspecified countermeasures if it finds the

deal affects its security, reports UNB.

State media on Monday published

comments from an unidentified North

Korean Foreign Ministry official who called

the arrangement between U.S., Britain and

Australia an "extremely" dangerous move

that would destroy the security balance in

the Asia-Pacific. The official said it would set

off a nuclear arms race. The official said the

North was closely examining the deal and

would proceed accordingly if it has "even a

(6-Gi c„ôvi ci )

Egypt urges Israel to revive peace talks

with Palestinians. Photo: Internet

little adverse impact on the security of our


President Joe Biden announced last week

a new alliance including Australia and

Britain that would deliver an Australian fleet

of at least eight nuclear-powered

submarines. Biden has stressed the vessels

would be conventionally armed.

France denounced the move, accusing

Australia of concealing its intentions to back

out of a 90 billion Australian dollar ($66

billion) contract with the French majority

state-owned Naval Group to build 12

conventional diesel-electric submarines for




NRBC Bank Ltd will disburse loans to entrepreneurs of the cottage, micro, small and medium

enterprises (CMSME) at subsidized rate of 4 percent under the government's second

phase of stimulus package to help small businesses recover from the impact of the Covid-19

pandemic. Customers will get loan amount ranging from Tk.1 lac to Tk. 50 lacs. Bank will

disburse the loans to customers from Fund of Tk 200 crore formulated by SME Foundation.

Women entrepreneurs will get this loan as priority basis. NRBC Bank Ltd and SME

Foundation have joined hands to help the cottage, micro, small and medium enterprises

(CMSME) recover from the pandemic impact. A signing ceremony took place on September

16, 2021, where Planning Minister M A Mannan MP, State Minister for Industries Kamal

Ahmed Mojumder MP, State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP, SME Foundation

Chairman Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman, SME Foundation Managing Director Dr. Md. Mafizur

Rahman, high officials of different banks and NBFIs were present. Managing Director and

CEO of NRBC Bank Golam Awlia spoke at the signing ceremony and signed the agreement

on behalf of the bank.

Photo : Courtesy

Yellen urges Congress to raise debt

limit to avoid financial crisis


Secretary Janet Yellen pleaded Sunday

for Congress to raise the debt ceiling in

order to avoid a "historic financial


In an editorial published in the Wall

Street Journal, Yellen points out that

the United States has always raised the

debt ceiling before exceeding its limit,

reports BSS.

"The US has never defaulted. Not


"Doing so would likely precipitate a

historic financial crisis," Yellen wrote.

"Default could trigger a spike in

interest rates, a steep drop in stock

prices and other financial turmoil."

The debt ceiling, which only Congress

can increase, came back into force on

August 1 after it had been suspended

for two years.

It prohibits the United States from

borrowing more than the current $28.4

trillion limit if not raised.

The issue is a regular topic of partisan

rancor in Washington. The debt ceiling

has been raised about 80 times since

the 1960s.

Last week, the Treasury said the

United States was set to run out of

money sometime in October.

In her editorial, Yellen spelled out a

list of potential financial catastrophes

that could befall the country if it did not

raise the debt limit and could not meet

its existing financial deadlines.

"In a matter of days, millions of

Americans could be strapped for cash,"

she warned.

"Nearly 50 million seniors could stop

receiving Social Security checks for a

time. Troops could go unpaid."

Head Office (DR Tower), Dhaka. The AGM is presided over by the Chairman of the

Company Mozaffar Hossain Paltu. The Shareholders express their satisfaction

with the overall performance of the Company. The AGM is followed by the Board of

Directors Meeting. In the Board of Directors Meeting the Founder Chairman of the

Company Mozaffar Hossain Paltu unanimously re-elected as Chairman of the

Company.Mohammad Hasmot Ali re-elected as Vice Chairman. Beside of these Md.

Azizur Rahman elected as Chairman of the Executive Committee, Md. Belayet

Hossain elected as Chairman of the Finance Committee & Jahangir Alam re-elected

as Chairman of the Claims Committee. Other Directors, Shareholders and Chief

Executive Officer (CEO) Talukder Md. Zakaria Hossain & Company Secretary

Shafquat Moula were also present in the Meeting.


Samsung provides customers with hands-on experience

of the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G

Flagship features, extraordinary innovation

techniques, and ingenious ideas have always

been a specialty of Samsung, and now the

company has taken another giant leap by

providing customers with the hands-on

experience of two of its latest models- the

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G.

With the launch of the two foldables,

Samsung has reached yet another milestone,

causing an overwhelming response from fans

on both online and physical platforms. Since

the launch of the two devices, Samsung's

breakthrough foldable technology has resulted

in the company's online traffic increasing by

three times. To cater to the consumers' growing

interest and tremendous response, Samsung

has positioned demo devices of the Galaxy Z

Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G across all Samsung

stores of the country, a press release said.

Built with industry-leading innovations and

craftsmanship features, both the devices are

premium and exclusive foldable smartphones.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 offer users

unique ways to watch, work, and play coupled

with flagship technology that Samsung fans

have come to love over the many years.

Smartphone users will now get the opportunity

to experience all the exclusive features handson

before placing the order!

On this occasion, Md. Muyeedur Rahman,

Head of Mobile, Samsung Bangladesh, said,

"At Samsung, we always prioritize innovation

and improvisation according to the consumers'


Our two latest models, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

and Z Flip3 5G, have been doing extremely well

on preorders. In fact, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

was sold out within 24 hours of launching

preorders, which began on September 1, 2021,

in Bangladesh.

"We would emerge from this crisis a

permanently weaker nation," Yellen


Yellen recalled the 2011 debt crisis,

"debt-limit brinkmanship pushed

America to the edge of crisis."

The Obama-era debt debate impasse

saw the country come the closest it had

ever been to defaulting.

In the aftermath, debt rating

organization Standard and Poor's

degraded the United States' debt rating

to "AAA" and sent shockwaves through

the markets.

Yellen said acting sooner rather than

later could avoid a repeat of the worst

outcomes of 2011.

"Time is money here, potentially

billions of dollars," Yellen wrote.

"Neither delay nor default is

tolerable," she said.

Beximco LPG gets

Mehedi Hasan as

new Chief

Marketing Officer

Md. Mehedi Hasan has been

promoted as the Chief

Marketing Officer (CMO) of

Beximco LPG.

In his new role, Md.

Mehedi Hasan will be

responsible for continuing

the market expansion and

trust-building among the

customers, says a press


He joined Beximco LPG in

2016 as a DGM and later

started leading the Sales and

Marketing function as

General Manager from

2018. With his auspicious

leadership and vast field

exposure, he secured a

position for Beximco LPG,

only in four years, in a highly

competitive market.

Earlier, Mehedi started his

career in 2005 with Unilever

Bangladesh Limited. In his

11 years of span in Unilever

Bangladesh Limited Mehedi

gained experience in Sales,

Trade Development,

Merchandising and Channel

Development while working

in different tiers of Customer

Development Function.

Academically, Mehedi

completed his graduation

and post-graduation from

the Department of Public

Administration, Dhaka





DHAKA : Stocks today

performed mixed with rising

trend of most of the major

price indices at Dhaka and

Chittagong stock exchanges

despite lower transactions.

The broader DSEX index of

DSE closed the day with 14.02

points up at 7,205.82. The

blue-chip DS30 and Shariah

DSES closed the day with 5.61

points up at 2,661.42 and with

3.28 points up at 1,570.08.

The day's trade value at DSE

decreased to Taka 17,625.65

million from Sunday's Taka

20,337.77 million and the

daily trade fell to 40.51 crore

shares from 49.27 crore

shares of the previous session.

At DSE, out of the day's 374

securities, prices of 174

securities closed higher

against 163 losing issues.

The major gaining issues


Eastern Insurance,

KBPPWBIL and Central PHL.

Beximco topped the

turnover list followed by

LHBL, Rupali Insurance,

Beximco Pharma and ALIF.

The Chittagong Stock

Exchange (CSE) closed the

day of the week with an

upward trend with its major

CASPI 47.41 points up at


At CSE, 325 issues were

traded. Of those, 156 closed

higher and 131 closed lower

when 2.34 crore shares worth

Taka 75.77 crore changed


The mobile financial service

Nagad is the most successful

service of the Bangladesh

Post Office in terms of

revenue, handed over BDT

3,31,94,877 to the authority

for the fiscal year 2020-21 as

its share.

At a recent function at in

the secretariat secretary of



Telecommunications Md.

Afzal Hossain has received a

cheque mentioning the

amount from Nagad

Executive Director Md

Shafayet Alam. Director-

General of the Department of

Posts Md. Siraz Uddin and

other senior officials were

also present. As per the

agreement, the postal

department is entitled to 51

percent of the total revenue

generated from the services of

Nagad and remaining 49

percent goes to Nagad

Limited. Earlier, in the

financial year of 2019-20, the

postal department received

Tk 1.12 crore from Nagad.

After receiving the cheque,

Secretary of the Ministry of



Telecommunications Md. Afzal

Hossain said the postal

department and Third Wave

Technologies Limited

launched Nagad in 2017 under

IFC partners with Truck

Lagbe to help maintain

supply chains

DHAKA : To improve and modernize the

logistics sector in Bangladesh, IFC has

partnered with Truck Lagbe, a leading digital

trucking platform, to help expand its services

and maintain critical supply chains, especially

for delivering food and essential items during

COVID-19, reports BSS.

Truck Lagbe's services are helping sustain

small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

and also supporting livelihoods during the

COVID-19 pandemic.

IFC is providing an equity investment of $2.5

million in the company, which connects people

and corporate customers with truck owners

and drivers through an app and a website, said

an IFC press release.

Truck Lagbe is used to book short-haul and

long-haul freight trips, with trucks of different

sizes, across all 64 districts in Bangladesh. It is

one of the largest e-logistics platforms in

Bangladesh catering for over 43,000 unique

shippers, with over 20,000 registered trucks.

By leveraging technology, the company

matches demand and supply for freight

services, offers price transparency, real-time

tracking of shipments through GPS technology

and maximizes truck utilization, driving

efficiencies across the logistics value chain,

which reduces greenhouse gas (GHG)


"As traditional methods became inaccessible

during the COVID-19 pandemic, Truck Lagbe

became the go to platform for thousands of

small businesses and truck owners for hiring

trucks. This helped them to continue their

business," said Anayet Rashid, Truck Lagbe's

Co-Founder and CEO.

"We are very excited to have IFC as a partner

who have already invested in similar startups

an agreement and reached in a

better stage after overcoming

various ups and downs.

Secretary Md. Afzal

Hossain said, "Nagad has

established a strong position

among all the mobile

financial services in the

country. The customers and

income of Nagad are

increasing day by day.

Hon'ble Prime Minister

herself started the transaction

of Nagad with Tk 10,000.

Nagad is owned by the

Department of Posts and

Telecommunications. It is

well-recognized. I believe that

Nagad will play a huge role in

serving the people and will

contribute to building a

cashless society."

He said, "Currently we are

in the second position. I

believe Nagad will be able to

move to the top position very

soon and serve the country

and the people."

Nagad Executive Director

Md. Shafayet Alam said that

in other countries. This will help us to expand

in every district of Bangladesh along with

bringing in various support services to facilitate

everyone to move from the fragmented and

unorganized local market to our tech driven

logistics platform," added Rashid.

Transport and logistics services have faced

severe financial stress and job losses due to the

impact of COVID-19.

Digital platforms such as Truck Lagbe offer

the opportunity to support economic recovery

by improving transport connectivity,

facilitating trade flows and generating

additional income and productivity gains in

supply chains.

"It is crucial for Bangladesh, which aims to

become a middle-income country over the next

decade, to have an efficient transport

infrastructure and logistics services, which not

only provides more support for the shipment of

goods during the pandemic, but can also help

transport exports to markets," said Nuzhat

Anwar, IFC's Acting Country Manager for

Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

In addition to its financing, IFC is providing

the company with knowledge and innovative

support by leveraging insights from previous

investments and will be connecting Truck

Lagbe to more prospective clients, she added.

The transport and logistics services market in

Bangladesh has a value of US$15 billion (PwC

2018), equivalent to 6.8 percent of gross

domestic product, GDP.

IFC's investment will support the expansion

of the Truck Lagbe operations, help widen the

logistics network in the Bangladesh market,

and support the expansion of value-added

services for truck owners through the sale of

fuel, tyres and lubricants.

Nagad hands Tk 3.32 Cr to postal department

as revenue share in fiscal 2020-21

from the very beginning,

Nagad has been conducting

all the activities as per the

instructions of the postal

department. The revenue

received by the postal

department in the justconcluded

fiscal year was

much higher than the

previous year. He hopes that

with the trust and love of the

people, Nagad will be able to

earn more revenues for the

postal department in the

coming days.

ONE Bank Limited signed an Agreement with SME Foundation on September 16, 2021. Managing Director of

SME Foundation Dr. Md. Mofizur Rahman and Managing Director of ONE Bank Limited M. Fakhrul Alam

signed the Agreement on behalf of the respective organizations. Honorable Planning Minister M. A. Mannan

was present as Chief Guest in the occasion. Among others, State Minister for Industries Kamal Ahmed

Majumder, Honorable State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Zunaid Ahmed Palak

and Secretary Ministry of Industries Ms. Zakia Sultana were present as Special Guest. The program was

presided over by the Chairperson of SME Foundation Professor Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman. Photo : Courtesy



PSG's Lionel Messi looks at PSG's head coach Mauricio Pochettino after he was substituted during

the French League One soccer match between Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon at the Parc des Princes

in Paris Sunday.

Photo: AP

Messi looks angry at being replaced in home

debut; Icardi gets late winner for PSG


Lionel Messi hit the crossbar with a

curling free kick and looked angry at

being taken off in the 75th minute in his

home debut Sunday for Paris Saint-

Germain, reports UNB.

Substitute Mauro Icardi scored deep

into stoppage time as PSG scraped a 2-1

win over Lyon in the French league to

make it six straight victories.

Messi stared sharply at PSG coach

Mauricio Pochettino and appeared to

snub a handshake as he came off. The

six-time Ballon d'Or winner, who is

still chasing his first PSG goal in his

third appearance following his shock

move from Barcelona, sat glum-faced

on the bench.

As he was coming off, Messi made a

gesture with his hands apart as if to say

he didn't understand, and Pochettino

attempted an explanation afterward.

"Everyone knows we have great

players in the squad, we have 35 players.

But we must make decisions for the

good of the team. Sometimes they lead

to a positive result and sometimes not,"

GD-1367/21 (4x3)

Pochettino said through a translator.

"These are decisions we need to take.

Sometimes it pleases people, or it

doesn't. I asked him how he was, and he

said he was fine." On the field, Icardi

found space to head in Kylian Mbappe's

precise cross from the left in the 93rd.

PSG fell behind in the 53rd when

Brazil midfielder Lucas Paqueta

finished neatly, after forward Karl Toko

Ekambi picked him out with a low cross

to the front post.

Neymar equalized from the penalty

spot in the 66th after he was fouled by

18-year-old right back Malo Gusto.

Lyon coach Peter Bosz was unhappy

with the call. "It's not Malo who fouls

Neymar, it's Neymar who puts his hand

on him and fouls him," Bosz said. "I can

understand if the referee didn't see it,

but then there is VAR."

Lyon's long-serving president, Jean-

Michel Aulas, went even further by

calling the decision "an aberration" and

saying the referee should have used

video review.

Messi almost scored in the 32nd.

He found Neymar down the left and

sprinted to meet Neymar's clever

reverse pass, but goalkeeper Anthony

Lopes read Messi's low shot well and

denied him with his legs.

Four minutes later, Lopes was stuck

to the spot as Messi hit the crossbar with

a free kick from 25 meters.

Messi, whose last Champions League

goal for Barca was away to PSG in last

season's round of 16 return leg, also hit

the bar in Wednesday's 1-1 draw at Club

Brugge. PSG is five points ahead of

bitter rival Marseille, having played one

game more.

Marseille earlier beat Rennes 2-0 to

move into second place with striker

Bamba Dieng getting his third goal in

two games. After Dieng turned in a

cross from midfielder Pol Lirola in the

48th, substitute Amine Harit scored in

the 70th after cutting in from the left


Also, Amine Gouiri missed a late

penalty as fifth-placed Nice was held to

a 2-2 draw by visiting Monaco in a

thrilling French Riviera derby.

Changes in

the offing in


BCB election


The current term of the

Bangladesh Cricket Board under

president Nazmul Hasan is set to

end this month, reports UNB.

Though there is provision of

holding the election in 45 days,

the BCB will not wait and is rather

looking to hold the election by the

end of September. Ministry of

Youth and Sports will announce

the date for the election soon. The

board earlier this month named a

five-member election

commission for conducting the

upcoming Board of Directors'

Election 2021, and the counselors

have finished submitting their

respective forms meeting the

deadline Monday.

Junior Tigers

concede defeat

in last game


Bangladesh U-19 team

suffered a three-wicket defeat

against their Afghan

counterparts during the fifth

and last youth one-day

international at the Sylhet

International Cricket

Stadium in Sylhet on Sunday,

reports UNB.

Despite the defeat, the hosts

clinched the series 3-2 after

winning the opening three

matches of the series at the

same venue. Afghanistan won

the fourth game by 19 runs.

Bangladesh batters, who

struggled in the entire series,

again failed to demonstrate a

decent batting performance

as they were bowled out for

155 runs in 47.4 overs after

electing to bat first.

Abdullah Al Mamun made

the highest 37 runs for the

hosts while opener Iftikher

Hossain scored 26 runs.

Afghan pacer Bilal Sami and

left-arm spinner Nangeyalia

Kharote claimed three

wickets each in the innings.

Paralysed Kiwi cricket

great Cairns faces

'greatest challenge'


New Zealand cricket great

Chris Cairns on Monday said

he was "facing possibly the

greatest challenge" of his life

after being left paralysed

following a stroke during a

heart operation, reports BSS.

The 51-year-old, one of the

world's top all-rounders in the

early 2000s, underwent lifesaving

surgery last month

when a tear developed in the

lining of a major artery.

The Canberra-based

former international had an

emergency operation in

Sydney but suffered a stroke

during the procedure, leaving

him unable to use his legs.

In his first comments since,

Cairns shared a video

message on social media in

which he thanked the

surgeons, doctors, nurses

who "saved my life",

acknowledging there was "a

long road ahead".

"Just over six weeks ago, I

suffered a type-A aortic

dissection, which essentially

means there's a tear in one of

the major arteries of the

heart," he said.

Pele 'punching the air' and

getting 'better every day'


Brazilian football legend Pele said Sunday he

is "punching the air" to celebrate "every

better day" after the 80-year-old suffered his

latest health scare, reports UNB.

"As you can see, I'm punching the air in

celebration of every better day," Pele wrote

on Instagram beside a photograph of him

sitting in a hospital chair, watched over by

two medical staff.

The three-time World Cup winner was

Friday briefly transferred back to an

intensive care unit at the Albert Einstein

Hospital in Sao Paulo, where he underwent

surgery earlier this month, after suffering

breathing difficulties, reported AFP.

"A good mood is the best medicine and I

have plenty of that. It couldn't be different,"

he added Sunday."I have received so much

affection that my heart is full of gratitude.

Thanks to all the amazing staff at Albert

Einstein Hospital!"

His condition had been described as stable.

Pele's daughter Kely Nascimento also

posted a photo of herself next to her father in

the hospital on Friday, seeking to cheer up

his fans.

On September 6, the hospital said Pele had

undergone surgery for a suspected colon


"This is the normal recovery scenario for a

man his age. After an operation like this,

sometimes you take two steps forward, one

step back," Nascimento wrote on Instagram.

"Yesterday he was tired and he took a step

back. Today, he has taken two steps

forward," she added.

Tamim, Mushfiq back in business

in contrasting manner


Bangladesh ODI skipper

Tamim Iqbal, who pulled out

of the upcoming ICC T20

World Cup, started his

preparation to take part in

Nepal's Everest Premier

League at the Sher-e-Bangla

National Stadium on Sunday.


Mushfiqur Rahim also began

his individual training session

on the same day ahead of the

T20 World Cup after enjoying

a break following the recently

concluded home series

against New Zealand.

Tamim appeared in the

nets for the first time since

completing his rehabilitation

program for the knee injury

that lasted for two months

and forced him to skip

Bangladesh's last three T20

International series against

Zimbabwe, Australia and

New Zealand respectively.

A Bangladesh Cricket

Board official confirmed to

The Daily Sun that Tamim

has already obtained the No

Objection Certificate (NOC)

to take part in the EPL, slated

to be held in Nepal from

September 25 to October 9,

reports UNB.

On Sunday, the dashing

left-hander was in a killing

mood in the nets during his

entire stay and he tried to play

all kinds of shots all across the

wicket during his 50-minute

practice session at the centre

wicket of the SBNS. He was

extremely harsh on legspinner

Jubair Hossain while

he also played some lofted

drive over the cover that is

known to be his trademark

shot. Tamim, who will be

representing Bhairahawa

Gladiators in the competition,

is expected to leave on

September 24 to take part in

the tournament that has

already attracted some big

names like Chris Gayle,

Sandeep Lamichhane and

Mohammad Shahzad.

GD-1369/21 (5x4)

GD-1368/21 (5x4)

TUesDAY, sepTeMBeR 21, 2021


Modhumita Cinema

Hall to resume its

operation from Oct 8

Chanchal Chowdhury's new

look in web film "Boli"

Popular actor Chanchal Chowdhury revealed a

surprising new bald look on social media on Friday,

surprising his fans and admirers, reports UNB.

The National Award-winning actor posted the

image of his surprising avatar on his official

Facebook and Instagram profiles, which is for his

upcoming web film, "Boli".

The web film is scheduled to air on Hoichoi, and

to be directed by Shankha Dasgupta.

According to Chanchal Chowdhury, he has

adopted this new look to offer a different

presentation to his audiences. "This is going to

give the audience a totally different flavour," he


One of the most popular actors in the country,

Chanchal Chowdhury will be seen in his upcoming

film "Munshigiri", directed by Amitabh Reza

Chowdhury. The film will be their second film

together after 'Aynabazi' and is expected to release

soon on OTT platform Chorki.

Mithila's new avatar for Durga puja


Dhallywood popular actress and singer

Rafiat Rashid Mithila is currently

staying in Kolkata after her marriage

to renowned director, producer Srijit

Mukherjee. Recently the

actress has shared

some of her photos on

her verified Facebook

page, captured by an

Indian media on the

occasion of Durga


The actress was seen

posing for the camera in a

red brown gown. Looking

stunning with her hair open,

light makeup with simple

jewelry and posing in various

way for the camera.

After the pictures were

published, netizens are

stumbling and admiring over

Mithila's new avatar. She has

received more than 6,000

reactions and more than 600

comments on her post. By

afternoon her husband Srijit

returned to Kolkata from

Mumbai on the same day.

Seeing the long gown worn in

the photoshoot, sarcastically

he made a comment, 'This

dress is the whole Howrah


The whole look of

Mithila was style by

Kolkata star-stylist

Sandeep Jaiswal.


'Omanush' director

Anonyo Mamun made

an allegation against

Mithila. He even

warned that he

would call a press

conference and talk

about it openly. On

Thursday noon, the director posted a

picture of Mithila on his wall and

captioned, 'There was no way I could

keep my head cool anymore. It's

been a long time. Now it's time for

me to tell the truth which I have

never told anyone but now I will'.

Soon the post was made the

team members and the artistes of

the film 'Omanush' have also

kept pace with him and start

protesting about it.

However, no one has

spoken out against

Mithila. Basically, it

is the artisans of

this movie who

are saying the

word 'open



Mithila' in

various ways.

It is to be

mentioned the

multitalented artiste

is signing one movie

after another in

Tollywood. After 'Mayaa'

and 'A River in Heaven',

recently she has signed up

for young director, producer

Arunava Khasnobis

directorial anthology film

titled 'Nitishastro', a

combined project of four

short films. Apart from

Mithila, there are Emon

Chakraborty, Bidipta

Chakraborty, Rajtav

Dutt, Shantishal

Mukherjee and

others will be acting

in this film. Singer

Emon is making

his acting debut

with this film.


After a closure of one and a half

years, Modhumita Cinema Hall

is set to resume its operation for

moviegoers, on October 8.

However, the hall will not be

reopening with any Bangladeshi

film. Its reopening will be

marked with the Kolkata-based

movie, Baazi, which stars Jeet

and Mimi Chakraborty. It is an

official remake of the 2016

Telugu movie, Nannaku


The hall authorities are

preparing for the reopening

with a new sound machine,

projector and curtains, among

other things. Cleaners are also

working to make every inch of

the premises spotless.

Iftekhar Uddin Naushad,

owner of Modhumita Cinema

Hall, said, "We have kept our

doors closed for a while now.

While he's now renowned for his success working with both the MCU

and DCEU, filmmaker James Gunn first broke into Hollywood with an

independent superhero movie

called 'The Specials'. Released in

2000, 'The Specials' has

remained surprisingly obscure

despite an ensemble full of

notable actors. It is not available

on any streaming service and

physical copies are hard to come

by, despite the film getting a 20th

anniversary Blu-Ray release in


The story of 'The Specials'

centers on the titular team, who

operate out of a suburban home

in Los Angeles and are described

in the movie's opening text as

"the sixth or seventh greatest

superhero team in the world." As the film opens, the team are preparing

for the world premiere of their official action figure line; an honor which

We are reopening for our

audiences. In fact, we are

preparing to screen Hollywood

films. Disney is releasing all

their new films, which is good

news. So, even if we do not get

any new Bangladeshi film

releases in the near future, we

Shilpa Shetty Kundra who is known

for her appearances in Bollywood

movies like 'Life in metro' and 'Apne'

has recently taken to social media to

share a message over her 'bad


The actor recently posted a quote

from a book that spoke about 'bad

decisions' and 'brand new ending'. It

is to be noted that this story has come

up during the ongoing porn racket

animosity around her husband,

businessman Raj Kundra.

The page that Shilpa Shetty

uploaded had the title 'New endings'

and the page read: "We can spend a

lot of time analysing the bad decisions

we've made, the mistakes we've made,

the friends we've hurt. If only we had

been smarter, more patient, or just

nicer. We can't change the past, no

matter how much we analyse it." The

passage sent by Shilpa Shetty

continued, "But we can move forward

in new ways, making better decisions,

avoiding the old mistakes, and being

nicer to those around us. We have

countless opportunities to reinvent or

reorient ourselves. I do not have to be

defined by things I have done in the

past. I can make the future what I

fully intend to run the hall with

English movies. Bearing those

aspects in mind, we got a new

sound machine. We will get a

new projector in December, and

also offer people a marvellous

experience with Dolby surround

sound at the hall."

Shilpa hints at divorce

with Raj Kundra!

want it to be." There is no caption

added by the actress but added a red

heart sticker with the post.

It is also noted that the particular

post came after the actress's trip from

the Vaishno Devi shrine in Jammu's

Katra. She also shared moments from

her trip on her Instagram account. A

few of her clips showed her riding a

horse to reach the shrine and as her

friend chanted 'Jai mata di', she had

answered back with 'jai' and

'Jaesimatakiiccha (Whatever God


The actor's trip to the shrine come at

the same time as the Mumbai Police

crime branch classified a

supplementary arrest warrant against

Raj in the pornography case. On 19th

July along with 11 other people, Raj

Kundra was arrested by Mumbai

Police on charges related to the

creation of p*rnographic films.

The actress in her statement to

Mumbai police which was noted by

Indian Express stated that "Raj

Kundra started Viaan Industries

Limited in 2015 and I was one of the

directors till 2020 when I resigned

due to personal reasons.

Source: Indian Express

Gunn's 'Kooky 2000 Superhero' movie

foreshadowed his MCU, DCEU success

is said to be as important to superheroes as winning an Oscar is to

actors. Unfortunately, the magical evening was ruined after the action

figures proved to be of less than

high quality and the infidelity of

two of the team's members was

exposed. This led to a long, dark

night of the soul for The Specials,

as they contemplated their future

and confronted their individual


Production on The Specials was

arduous, with the film being shot

over the course of 18 days to fit into

the schedules of Rob Lowe (who

was about to start production on

The West Wing) and Judy Greer

and Jamie Kennedy, who were

simultaneously filming Three

Kings. Gunn revealed in the film's

commentary that he felt burned out after moving to Los Angeles, which

was why he did not direct

Source: Deccan Chronicle

H o R o s c o p e


(March 21 - April 20) : Juicy but

perhaps unkind gossip might reach

you today. You may doubt the

motives of a close friend. Examine

any tips you receive and ascertain the true facts

before you accept it as truth. Much of the

information is likely to be wrong. Your

imagination is flying high, so you might want to

try writing or drawing.


(April 21 - May 21) : Money matters may

seem vague today, Taurus. Uncertainty

about how to manage your affairs

might plague you throughout the day.

Planning for the immediate future could also be

difficult. You may be expecting some funds that

may not come yet, or you might not be certain if you

need to make a specific purchase. Keep occupied.

You can't rush it, and obsessing does no good.


(May 22 - June 21) : Troubles in the

family may have you toying with the idea

of moving or at least making some

changes in your household. Someone

close to you hasn't been honest with you, Gemini, and

that also has you feeling a bit down. Kick around as

many ideas as you can, but don't make any decisions

today. It isn't the time. Wait until you're in a more

positive and optimistic state of mind.


(June 22 - July 23) : Your intuition and

imagination are operating at a very high

level today, and you may be inspired to

write. However, you aren't likely to have

enough ideas or information to actually put pen to

paper. There's no rush, though. Take some time to

allow the ideas to crystallize and set them down later.

Someone in a bad mood may draw you into a quarrel.

Brush it off and say you're busy!


(July 24 - Aug. 23): There may be

doubt about the outcome of a project

that means a lot to you. It may involve

financial problems or lack the support

from others that you require in order to complete it.

Your doubts are most likely groundless, Leo, but it

doesn't hurt to hedge your bets a little and seek what

you need elsewhere. This is likely to be a temporary

delay. All signs indicate success.


(Aug. 24 - Sept. 23): Your mind

might be on power struggles that have

caused quarrels among your friends,

placing you in an uncomfortable

position. Conflicting loyalties might come up when

others draw you into the fray, Virgo. Stay out of it!

You could get angry, and this wouldn't do you any

good. Think of something else until you calm down

and regain your perspective.


(Sept. 24 - Oct. 23): Daydreams and

fantasies about faraway lands and

exotic places might have you

thinking about dropping everything

and taking off for a while. You aren't usually

impulsive, Libra, but today you feel restless. If you

have no obligations, and if weather permits, go

someplace where you can experience a change of

scenery. We all need it from time to time.


(Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) : Sudden demands

on your resources by others may

have you feeling used. You may be

asked for a loan. Your doubts about

the person's ability to repay might conflict with

your sympathy for his or her situation. Your

intuition is good today, Scorpio, so use it to read

the true motives of those asking for favors. Grant

only the ones you feel are appropriate.


(Nov. 23 - Dec. 21): Melancholy that

doesn't seem to have any basis in reality

may plague you today, causing friends,

family, and your partner to worry. On

days like this, Sagittarius, it's best not to give in to

gloom, but rather to throw yourself into work and

projects you love. Even though you may not feel like

socializing, the company of others can get your mind

back on track.


(Dec. 22 - Jan. 20): Today, Capricorn,

you may feel out of sorts. You probably

aren't ill, but you may be tired. You

could also suffer from vague aches and

pains that are most likely related to stress. Take the

day off and relax. Soak in a tub and read a book.

Your imagination is working overtime and you need

to get your mind off your malaise. Fantasy novels

may be your best bet!


(Jan. 21 - Feb. 19) : Strange, exciting,

and vivid dreams may inspire your

creativity today. You might want to try a

new art form or study the works of

innovators. Romance and sex are especially important

to you, Aquarius, though insecurities about a partner

may restrain you from expressing your feelings. Take a

chance - let the person know what you need right now.

Your friend may be pleasantly surprised.


(Feb. 20 - Mar. 20) :Concerns about

your home or mother may mean you

have to deal with some rather unpleasant

or untrustworthy people. Lack of

knowledge could have you in a quandary about how to

address the situation. It would be a good idea to

prepare by gathering all the facts you might need. Stay

centered and focused, Pisces, and use your inner

strength to hold out for the best for all concerned.



A human chain program was held in Pabna on Sunday demanding eviction of illegal occupants

of Ichamati River in Pabna and dredging of the river.

Photo : Abdul Hamid Khan

Eviction of illegal occupants of

Ichamati River demanded


The movement started again with the

Ichamati river in Pabna. A large human

chain and rally was organized in front

of the Pabna Press Club on Sunday

demanding the eviction and excavation

of the once-traditional Ichamati River

in Pabna and its diversion. Advocate

Toslim Hasan Sumon, former VP-GS of

Pabna Edward University College and

founder of many educational

institutions presided over the massive

human chain which was organized by

Pabna district unit of Bangladesh

Poribesh Andolon (BAPA). Welcoming

remarks were made by Abdul Hamid

Khan, General Secretary of BAPA,

Pabna District Unit, eminent

journalist-columnist and who has been

vocal in the two-decade-long struggle

Manikganj records

zero Covid death for

10th straight day

MANIKGANJ : No fresh

Covid-19-related death was

reported in the district

during the last 24 hours for

the tenth consecutive day on

Monday, district health

department sources said.

The district recorded

3.61pc Covid-19 positivity

rate as three fresh cases were

reported after testing 83

samples at the Colonel

Maleque Medical College

PCR Lab during the last 24

hours till Monday morning.

Among the newly detected

patients - three are from

Manikganj Sadar upazila,

while no new cases were

reported from other six

upazilas of the district, the

health department sources

added. With the three new

detected cases, the number

of coronavirus (COVID-19)

infected patients stands at

8,149 in the district.

for the salvation of the endangered

Ichamati River. Professor of Pabna City

College and BAPA Pabna District

Leader Shamsunnahar spoke on the

occasion. People from all walks of life of

the district took part in the human

chain program.

In his welcome speech, journalist

Abdul Hamid Khan said, "We have

been continuing our movement with

Ichhamati for two decades." As a result

of this movement, eviction of illegal

occupants started on March 30. But on

April 1, after only three days, it was

closed. He said that the Ichamati river

which used to balance the environment

of Pabna is now causing environmental

catastrophe. Every moment the stench

of Ichhamati's filth is spreading poison

in the air. He said that some land

robbers of Pabna, very greedy people

have occupied both the banks of the

river, built houses and strangled the

river. The Ichamati river, once a

tradition of Pabna due to pollution, is

almost extinct today. The leader of the

environmental movement demanded

that the illegal occupants of Ichamati be

evicted and excavated immediately.

Toslim Hasan Sumon recalls that our

childhood was spent by swimming in

the Ichamati river, jumping off the

bridge and floating away with the river

- all these are now a thing of the past.

Where can I find this indescribable joy!

He urged the administration to

expedite the eviction of illegal

occupants and restore the Ichamati

River. We want to float on the Ichamati

river again by boat. The Ichamati river

will be one of the means of

communication in Pabna.

'Bangladesh achieves enviable

success in agriculture'

RANGPUR : Agriculturists at separate

functions said Bangladesh has achieved an

enviable success in the agriculture, livestock

and fisheries sector as a result of the agrifriendly

policy of Prime Minister Sheikh

Hasina, reports BSS.

They viewed this at the events organized

simultaneously on Sunday to distribute

saplings marking the Golden Jubilee of

Independence in the Mujib Year. The event

was organized by Rangpur unit of Krishibid

Institution Bangladesh (KIB) at four upazilas

in the district. KIB distributed 10,000 saplings

of wood, fruit and medicinal plants with 2,500

each among the people in Rangpur Sadar,

Badarganj, Gangachara and Taraganj upazilas

of the district. President of Rangpur district

unit of Bangabandhu Krishibid Parishad and

Adviser of district Awami League Agriculturist

Md Ali Azam attended the function held at

Badarganj Upazila Agriculture Office as the

chief guest.

Agriculturists Bidhu Bhusan Ray, Dr Md

Ismail Hossain, Md Ahsan Habib, Md Obaidur

Rahman Mandal, Md Amirul Islam and Ahsan

Habib Liberty distributed saplings at these

functions held concurrently in four upazilas.

General Secretary of Rangpur unit of KIB

Agriculturist Abu Sayem said yearlong

programmes have been taken at the initiative

of Rangpur unit of KIB marking the Mujib

Year and Golden Jubilee of Independence.

"As part of these programmes, 10,000

saplings were distributed in four upazilas of the

district on Sunday afternoon," he said. Sayem

said Bangladesh has achieved an epochmaking

success in the agriculture, fishery and

livestock sectors ensuring food security under

the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh

Hasina in the last 12 years.

Agriculturalist Bidhu Bhusan Ray said

agriculturists are committed to further

increasing agricultural productions braving the

adverse impacts of climate change and Covid-

19 pandemic to ensure food security in the

country. "The pro-farmer policies of the

government are inspiring agriculturalists and

farmers in contributing maximum to achieve

food security through increasing agricultural

productions," he said.

Seeds, fertilizer


among farmers in



The Department of

Agriculture Extension

(DAE) has started

distributing Maskalai seeds

and fertilizer among the

farmers of the district on

Sunday afternoon.

As part of the incentive

programme, each of 2,300

farmers in the district would

receive 5 kg of seed, 5 kg of

MOP fertilizer and 10 kg of

DAP, free of cost, for

cultivating Maskalai on one

bigha of land.

A simple inaugural

function was held on the

occasion on the Sadar

upazila parishad premises in

the afternoon.

With Chapainawabganj

Sadar upazila Agriculture

Officer Kaniz Tasnuva in the

chair, Upazila Nirbahi

Officer (UNO) Iffat Jahan

attended the programme as

chief guest.

Among others, Upazila

Agriculture Extension

Officers Saleh Akram and

Anisul Hoque attended the


Man gets seven

years jail for

distorting PMs

Photos in Rajshahi

RAJSHAHI : A trial court on

Monday convicted a person

and sentenced him to seven

years jail on charge of

distorting photos of Prime

Minister Sheikh Hasina and

Indian former Prime

Minister Manmohan Singh

and uploading those in social

media, reports BSS.

Judge of Rajshahi Cyber

Tribunal Ziaur Rahman

found the convict identified

as Aktar Hossain, 45, guilty

of the charge and

pronounced the verdict in his

presence in the court.

The tribunal also fined

Taka one lakh, in default, to

suffer three months more

behind the bar.

Public Prosecutor of the

tribunal Ismat Ara told the

journalists that Aktar

Hossain had posted the two

objectionable photos in his

face book on September 2,

2015. Being aggrieved with

the matter Mukhlesur

Rahman, a resident of

Shingra in Natore, had

lodged a case as its plaintiff


After examining recorded

depositions of five

prosecution witnesses and

other relevant evidence, the

tribunal handed over the

verdict on Monday.

Flood damages crops worth

TK 107cr in Jamalpur

JAMALPUR : Crops worth TK 107 crore 56

lakh were damaged in flood that recently

tore through the district, officials here said.

Department of Agricultural Extension

(DAE) officials said the flood, which wrecked

havoc on the district starting on August 27,

affected 64980 farmers while the deluge

situation started improving on September 6.

During the flood, 5650 farmers lost T-

Aman seed beds on 45 hectares of land

completely and 75 hectares partially worth of

TK 54 lakh.

Besides, 57945 farmers also lost T-Aman

paddy on 6394 hectares of land completely

and 12868 hectares partially worth TK 103

Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Public Works Md Shahid

Ullah Khandaker paid homage at the tomb of Father of the Nation

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Tungipara in Gopalganj.

On Monday afternoon, he laid a wreath at Bangabandhu's mausoleum

and paid deep homage to him. Photo : SM Nazrul Islam

Gm(21) (269)

GD-1370/21 (5 x 3)

crore 50 lakh. On the other hand, 1385

farmers lost vegetables on 132 hectares of

land fully and 18 hectares partly worth TK 3

crore 52 lakh.

DAE office sources said shortly after

receding flood water farmers began planting

T-Aman in full swing.

They said farmers already planted T-Aman

on 101932 hectares of land against the

cultivation target 107960 hectares.

Additional Deputy Director Mohammad

Shakhawat Ikram said as the district is a

flood prone area, farmers also prepared seed

beds on high land which helped them

complete cultivation.

B-wRwc†UÛvi †bvwUk (Corrigendum)

†kL nvwmbvi g~jbxwZ

MÖvg kn‡ii DbœwZ

GD-1372/21 (5 x 4)

GD-1373/21 (6 x 4)

Tuesday, Dhaka: September 21, 2021; Ashwin 6, 1428 BS; Safar 13, 1443 Hijri

Regent Hospital scam

ACC approves chargesheet

against ex-DGHS DG, 5 others

Madhu purnima on Monday, Buddhists go to the temple to light lamps and pray. The picture is taken

from Nandankanan Buddhist Temple in Chattogram.

photo : Star Mail

France, Australia agree submarine

row won't stop trade deal

AUSTRALIA : French and

Australian officials said Monday

that France's anger over a canceled

submarine contract will not derail

negotiations on an Australia-

European Union free trade deal.

France withdrew its ambassadors

to the United States and Australia

after U.S. President Joe Biden

revealed last week a new tripartite

alliance including Australia and

Britain that would allow Australia to

amass a fleet of at least eight

nuclear-powered submarines.

The deal sunk a 90 billion

Australian dollar ($66 billion) contract

for French majority stateowned

Naval Group to provide 12

conventional diesel-electric submarines

for Australia. The money

would have been spent over 35


French Ambassador to Australia

Jean-Pierre Thebault denied media

reports that France was lobbying the

European Union not to sign the

trade deal with Australia that has

been under negotiation since 2018.

"At this stage, negotiations do

continue and there is a strong interest

... for Australia to have a free

trade agreement with the EU,"

Thebault told Australian

Broadcasting Corp. from Paris.

Such a deal "has the potential to

deliver a huge amount of benefits

for Australia," Thebault added.

Australian Trade Minister Dan

Tehan said he would travel to Paris

within weeks for trade negations

and was "very keen to touch base

with my French counterpart,"

Franck Riester.

"There's a strong understanding

from my recent trip to Europe to

discuss the EU free trade agreement

this is in the mutual interests of both

Australia and of Europe," Tehan

said, referring to an April visit.

"I see no reason why those discussions

won't continue," Tehan added.

The European Commission, the

executive branch of the 27 EU

nations, said it was analyzing the

7 members of RMG

goods theft gang held

DHAKA : Detectives have arrested

seven members of a RMG goods theft

syndicate in Dhaka's Uttara and

Burichong thana area of Cumilla district,

reports UN.

The detectives also recovered 4,705

RMG products and two covered vans

from their possessions.

The arrestees are Md. Shahed alias

Saeed alias Sylheti Saeed (the ringleader

of the gang), Razzak, Yusuf,

Mainul, Alamin, Dulal Hossain and


Briefing reporters at the DMP media

Centre on Monday, Additional

Commissioner (DB) of DMP AKM Hafiz

Akhter said Network Clothing Limited,

a RMG goods exporter, shipped a total

of 17,152 pieces of garment goods in

1,431 cartons for export.

After the shipment reached the

Chittagong port, 5,000 pieces of goods

were found missing during the count.

A case was filed in this regard on

September 17 at Tejgaon Industrial

Area Police Station. DB (Tejgaon division)

started investigating the case, he


He said on the basis of information

technology and intelligence information,

the Tejgaon zonal team of DB

(Tejgaon Division) raided Uttara area in

Dhaka city and arrested Razzak, Yusuf

and Mainul and Khairul on Friday.

They also recovered some stolen garments

and a covered van from their possessions.

According to their statements, Al-

Amin and Dulal were arrested along

with the rest of the stolen garments and

another covered van from Nimsar area

of Burichang police station in Cumilla

district. Later, ringleader of the gang

Md. Shahed alias Sylhet Saeed was

arrested according to the information

gleaned from the other arrestees.

There are 24 cases against Shahed in

different police stations of the country

including Dhaka and Chittagong.

Shahed served jail term for a long time

in six cases.

Additional Commissioner (DB) said

Shahed had stolen RMG goods worth

several thousand crores from 5,000

trucks / covered vans at different times.

Meanwhile, Hafiz Akhter said another

garment exporter Jayanti Knit Wire

Ltd shipped a total of 28,820RMG

goods in 374 cartons for export to

Chittagong port through a covered van

on May 11 last.

After the export of the goods, it was

found that each carton contains 20/40

pieces less than the exported amount.

The foreign buyer fined Jayanti Knit

Wire $28,908 dollars for the goods.

This has also tarnished the international

reputation of the organization, he


A case was filed in this regard on

September 12, 2021 at Tejgaon

Industrial Area Police Station, he said.

Later, on September 13, Mohiuddin,

Mubarak, Ibrahim and Emran, the driver

of the covered van, were arrested in

separate drives in different areas of the


The operation to recover the stolen

RMG goods and arrest the fugitives

involved in it is continuing, he said.

U.S., British and Australian deal.

French President Emmanuel

Macron will speak in the coming

days with Biden in their first contact

since the diplomatic crisis erupted.

Australian Prime Minister Scott

Morrison flew to the United States

on Monday for a meeting with Biden

and the leaders of India and Japan

that make up the Quad security


"This is all about, always about

ensuring that Australia's sovereign

interests will be put first to ensure

that Australians here can live peacefully

with the many others in our

region, because that's what we

desire as a peaceful and free nation,"

Morrison said before departing


Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby

Joyce, who is acting prime minister

in Morrison's absence, said his

country had proven its support for

France's freedom through

Australian lives lost in two world


DGHS driver

gets 30 years

in arms case


A Dhaka court on Monday sentenced

Abdul Malek, a driver of the

Directorate General of Health Services

(DGHS), to 30 years' imprisonment in

an arms case -- 15 years each under two

sections of the relevant act. Dhaka

Metropolitan Sessions Judge Court-3

Md Rabiul Alam pronounced the

judgement in the morning.

Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge

Court-3 fixed September 20 for delivering

its judgment on September 13 following

the conclusion of arguments by

both sides.

On March 11, the court framed

charges against him in the case.

Abdul Malek pleaded not guilty and

demanded justice when Dhaka

Metropolitan Sessions Judge KM Imrul

Kayesh framed charges against him.

On January 11, Rapid Action Battalion

(Rab) submitted a chargesheet in the

case. Rab members arrested Malek from

Turag thana area in the city on

September 20, 2020 on charge of extortion

and involvement in illegal firearms


Tipped off, a Rab-1 battalion conducted

a drive at a 7-storey building at

Kamarpara under Turag police station

and arrested him.

One foreign-made pistol, one magazine,

five bullets, fake currency worth

around Tk1.50 lakh, one laptop and

one mobile phone were recovered from

his possession.

He was allegedly involved in many

illegal activities and made huge wealth

by transferring employees of different

departments through lobbying.

DHAKA : The Anti-Corruption Commission

(ACC) on Monday approved a charge sheet

against six people including former

Director General of the Directorate General

of Health Services(DGHS) Abul Kalam

Azad in a case over Regent Hospital scam.

Azad was not initially named in the case

but the charge sheet added his name after

an investigation, Deputy Director of ACC

Public Relations office Muhammad Arif

Sadeq told UNB.

Deputy Director of the anti-graft commission

Farid Ahmed Patwary filed the

case against five people with Dhaka

Coordinated Office-1 on September 23 last

year for embezzling Tk 1.37 crore by issuing

fake Covid test certificates from Regent


The five others accused in the case are -

Regent Chairman Shaheduzzan, former

DGHS Director Aminul Hasan, Deputy

Director Yunus Ali, Assistant Director


Rubel, in his mid-30s, did not achieve

his success in Saudi date farming

overnight. He had to work hard towards

his lofty dream as he was discouraged

by all - neighbours, relatives and

friends. "Everybody, except my father,

discouraged me saying Saudi dates are

unlikely to be produced in Bangladesh's

soil, and that hurt me badly," said

Rubel, a resident of Bherendi village in

Nachole upazila Chapainawabganj district.

Firm to chase his dream, the young

man defeated the negativity by successfully

growing Saudi dates in Bangladesh

soil. Rubel's amazing success not only

changed his fortune but also made him

popular in his home district. Rubel said

he had been helping his poor father cultivate

crops since he completed his

Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

examination in 2007 as he had no job.

One fine morning, Rubel said, he

decided to try his luck by cultivating the

dates which are actually grown in the

Middle East.

Rubel started searching articles and

videos on date farming in the Internet,

particularly the Saudi ones, and shared

his idea with his father. His father

promised to help him in every way.

Later, he started collecting date seeds

from his relatives living in Saudi Arabia.

In 2017, Rubel brought 1.5 bighas of

land under date palm cultivation with

830 saplings. "Eighteen months after

the plantation, date flowers started

blooming and I felt like winning a war,"

Rubel recalled.

Now he has 3,000 date palm trees on

Shafiur Rahman, and Research Officer

Didarul Islam.

Last year, numerous incidents of mismanagement

and irregularities in the

health sector got exposed when physicians

of some government hospitals, including

Mugda General Hospital, complained of

receiving low-quality masks and protective


Then issuance of fake Covid-19 certificates

by some hospitals triggered huge criticisms

at home and abroad.

The scandal came to light with a drive at

Regent Hospitals on July 6 and the Regent

Group head office along with its hospitals

was subsequently sealed off.

Members of Rapid Action Battalion

(Rab) arrested Regent Hospital chairman

Mohammad Shahed from Komorpur border

in Debhata upazila of Satkhira district

early July 15 on charge of issuing fake

Covid-19 certificates.

C’nawabganj's young date

farmer defeats negativity

his three bighas of land-all varieties of

dates like Mariam, Sukkari, Barhi,

Ambar and Halawy. "This year, I expect

huge profits as 200 trees are full of

fruits and they taste very good. Many

buyers throng my date palm orchard.

I'm selling it at Tk 200-300 per kg.

"In the first three years, I just nurtured

my trees. In 2019, I sold some

plants. Last year, I managed to sell

dates as well as date palm trees. So far,

I've spent Tk 10 lakh and earned Tk 16

lakh. I've made a profit of Tk 6 lakh,"

said Rubel.

"A date tree needs five to seven years

to become mature, and dates can be collected

from a matured tree for a long

time. The yield increases with the passage

of time," he said. Meherul Islam, a

resident of the area, said, "At first I took

it lightly thinking how Saudi dates could

be produced in Bangladesh! But after

seeing the dates in his trees, I was


The dates produced by Rubel are really


People from other upazilas of the district

are inspired by Rubel, and shared

their plans to cultivate date palm in

their lands.

Nazrul Islam, Deputy Director of

Department of Agriculture Extension

(DAE), said, "As the nature of soil in

the Barind area of the district has

similarity with that of Saudi Arabia,

dates can be produced in the area.

The demand for dates is high, and it

has proved to be more profitable.

We're visiting Rubel's date palm

orchard regularly and helping him

with necessary advice," he said.

A Dhaka court on Monday sentenced Abdul Malek, a driver

of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), to 30

years' imprisonment in an arms case -- 15 years each under

two sections of the relevant act.

photo : TBT

Dr Pran Gopal

elected unopposed

MP in Cumilla-7


CUMILLA : Dr Pran Gopal Dutta,

former vice-chancellor (VC) of

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical

University (BSMMU), the ruling

Awami League (AL) nominee has

been declared the winner unopposed

in Cumilla-7 (Chandina) by-polls.

Cumilla Regional Election Officer

Md. Dulal Talukder issued a notification

in this regard on Monday.

"Dr Pran Gopal has been declared

'winner' as yesterday, the last day for

withdrawal of nomination papers,

two out of the three candidates withdrew

their nomination papers," he

said. The by-polls was scheduled to

be held on 7 October.

Earlier on 16 September, Jatiya

Party candidate Lutfur Reza Khokon,

who is also the central vice chairman

and party convener of Cumilla

District (north), withdrew his nomination,

ditching the election race.

Later, National Awami Party (NAP)

candidate Monirul Islam withdrew

his nomination on Saturday (18


The constituency fell vacant after

the death of Cumilla-7 constituency

AL lawmaker and former Deputy

Speaker Ali Ashraf on 30 July.

Global Health Financing

Ex-British PM

Brown appointed

WHO Ambassador

DHAKA : Gordon Brown, former

Prime Minister of the United

Kingdom, has been appointed World

Health Organization (WHO)

Ambassador for Global Health

Financing, reports UNB.

Brown is widely credited with preventing

a second Great Depression

through his stewardship of the 2009

London G20 summit, WHO said on


He mobilized world leaders to commit

an additional $1.1 trillion to restore

credit, growth and jobs to help the world

economy through the global financial


More recently, Brown has tirelessly

called on wealthy nations as well as the

private sector to ensure the equitable distribution

of COVID-19 vaccines, advocating

for a concerted global effort-rooted in

science and sound economics - to save

lives, end the pandemic and restore

livelihoods the world over.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,

WHO Director-General, hailed Brown

as a champion for galvanizing the

world's major economies to protect

health and prevent future disease outbreaks.

"I am delighted and honoured

that Gordon Brown has agreed to serve

as WHO Ambassador for Global Health

Financing,"Dr Tedros said.

In this role, he will elevate and support

WHO's work to raise awareness

internationally on the great need for

sustained global health financing, particularly

from G20 and G7 countries.

"As a longtime friend of Gordon's, I

know that he will bring his sharp

intellect, firm commitment and deep

sense of justice to this

Ambassadorship," said the WHO DG.

Brown said he has a tremendous

personal regard for Dr Tedros with

whom he first worked two decades

ago, and he is delighted to be able to

help his and WHO's work raising

global finance to ensure everyone has

access to health.

"Our immediate task is to work

together to finance the vaccination of

the whole world and protect the poorest

countries from the terrible effects

of COVID-19 and other diseases. "

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