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Our<br />

Town<br />

<strong>39042</strong><br />


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2 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

<strong>39042</strong><br />

Our<br />

Town<br />


Tahya A. Dobbs<br />

CFO<br />

Kevin W. Dobbs<br />


Mary Ann Kirby<br />


Brenda McCall<br />


Alisha Floyd<br />


Caroline Hodges<br />


Lexie Ownby<br />


3dt<br />


Othel Anding<br />

Whether you’re brand new to our community or have<br />

been here for years, Our Town–<strong>39042</strong> will help you<br />

find answers to questions about how the city works<br />

and how to get things done. This is a reference book–<br />

and you’ll find plenty of information about our local<br />

businesses as well as opportunities to engage with<br />

the city and other residents. We’re so glad you call<br />

Brandon home.<br />

INSIDE<br />

• Letter from the Mayor 6<br />

• What’s New in Downtown Brandon? 10<br />

• Orleans Centre’ 17<br />

• On & Off the Field 36<br />

• City Government 51<br />

• Library 53<br />

• Childcare 55<br />

• Churches 59<br />

• Medical 61<br />

• New Resident Info 64<br />

• Clubs 68<br />

• Schools 78<br />

• Parks & Recreation 86<br />

• Brandon Alumni Q&A 90<br />

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All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be<br />

reproduced without written permission from the publisher.<br />

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for opinions expressed by its writers or editors.<br />

Cover Photo: Brenda McCall<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 3

4 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 5

From Mayor Butch Lee<br />

2022 brings another positive year of growth for the City of Brandon. From our board of aldermen<br />

to our city department heads and staff, it is a collective effort to address the needs of our community.<br />

Not only does it take those of us within the city administration; but it also takes the business owners<br />

and our residents to come together for the success of our community. We measure that success<br />

in better city services, safe homes and neighborhoods, and quality of life impacts, such as recreation,<br />

hospitality and entertainment, and a variety of good and services right here in your hometown.<br />

With these goals always in mind, we see another year of positive financial growth for the City<br />

of Brandon. Spreadsheets and numbers may be where the record-keepers see our financial<br />

success; just know as you drive around your hometown, you can observe that growth and success<br />

reflected in things like construction, new developments, and new faces sitting across from you in<br />

a restaurant at Sunday lunch. While it may take a trained eye to see the city’s financial stability,<br />

improvements to the city’s infrastructure are easily observed. Just take a ride down one of our<br />

major thoroughfares!<br />

Our good financial standing is allowing us and others to invest in the infrastructure and services<br />

that make long-term improvements to our resident’s comfort and conveniences. Roads, water,<br />

sewer, and emergency services are priority recipients to these long-term improvements. Some of<br />

these improvements may cause temporary inconveniences for now. However, today’s work<br />

paves a path for our long-range comprehensive plan. Along with things like pedestrian and biking<br />

paths that allow accessibility and recreation for the entire community, improvements come in the<br />

way of technological advancements, too. Our fire and police departments actively seek the latest<br />

in technological advancements that can help decrease response times, effectively communicate<br />

with our citizens, and offer the latest in training advancements for our first responders.<br />

All these improvements are what keep Brandon ranked as the 2nd safest city in Mississippi for<br />

six years in a row. Along with feeling safe, we hope you enjoy the many areas of recreation and<br />

entertainment developed right here in Brandon. The historic downtown continues to see restoration<br />

and development and has established itself as a gathering point for our community. Events<br />

like the 042 Farmers Market, Christmas Parade, Mardi Gras Parade, Hop Into Easter at the Vault,<br />

6 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

and this year’s addition of the first-annual MLK Jr. Parade, sponsored by local businesses and<br />

residents, allow for families to gather in our hometown where they feel safe and welcome. Each<br />

year the City of Brandon, along with residents and businesses, continue to collaborate to add new<br />

events you can experience here in our community.<br />

Here in Brandon, you can work and play. Our community ranks 2nd in median household income<br />

over the entire state. The Brandon School District has an A rating, and we are also a certified retirement<br />

community. Development continues with the mountain bike and cross-country offerings at our Trails<br />

at Quarry Park. This beautiful natural landscape has existed here in Brandon and is now being<br />

cultivated into an oasis of recreational activity. Visitors to the trails can enjoy bird watching, running,<br />

walking, hiking, and mountain biking. These budding nature and recreational programs are just the<br />

first in many more to come.<br />

When you are not enjoying the solace of the outdoors, you can find excitement and entertainment<br />

at the Brandon Amphitheater. The Brandon Amphitheater hosts an average of 20 concerts and<br />

a variety of additional events throughout the year. We are proud to bring our community together<br />

with city-sponsored events like the Gumbo Cookoff, July 4th Celebration, Back-2-School Bash,<br />

Fall Festival, and car shows. You can look forward to many more years of growth and adding to the<br />

variety of events that we offer to the community.<br />

The excitement in Brandon is real! The city is continually seeking improvements in every aspect<br />

that touches your life. We hope you, too, are as excited as we are. Let’s move forward, together, on<br />

a path of improved health, wealth, and happiness as our common goal.<br />

All communities have many moving parts to their daily functions. In Brandon, our ability to come<br />

together makes for an ease to the growth and improvements. When we all work together, we all<br />

experience the benefits. It makes us a stronger and more united community of friends and families.<br />

It continues to be what keeps you here and calls others to join us.<br />

They see what we have and want a part of calling Brandon home.<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 7

8 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 9

Brandon?Susan Marquez<br />

What’s New<br />

in Downtown<br />

For many years, downtown Brandon was much like other downtown<br />

areas in small cities across America. A strip of historic buildings is<br />

a clue that the area was once a center of commerce, but with the<br />

advent of interstate highways and big box stores, many of America’s<br />

downtowns became ghost towns. Fortunately for Brandon, many area<br />

businesspeople saw the potential in downtown Brandon, and today<br />

it is bustling with new life.<br />

One of the most exciting and ambitious<br />

projects in downtown Brandon is being<br />

spearheaded by architect Jamie Wier.<br />

With a growing trend for alternative living<br />

spaces nationwide, developers are taking existing<br />

buildings and repurposing them into apartments or<br />

condominiums. Jamie has mastered the concept<br />

with his innovative Wierhouse Lofts in downtown<br />

Brandon. Not only does it provide housing in a<br />

downtown area, but the repurposing helps to<br />

preserve historic structures that may have<br />

otherwise deteriorated. The Wierhouse Lofts<br />

have five units, and Jamie gets calls weekly from<br />

folks who want to live in one.<br />

“Studies have shown that the key to a thriving<br />

downtown area is to have inhabitants,” says<br />

Jamie. “When that happens, downtown areas are<br />

no longer daytime-only places. There is life in the<br />

area around the clock.” Jamie, a principal architect<br />

at Wier Boerner Allin in Jackson, fell in love with<br />

Rankin County and the vibe of downtown Brandon.<br />

“It has the nostalgia of Mayberry.” Wier has done a<br />

lot of work in Rankin County, including the design<br />

work of the Brandon Amphitheater, as well as<br />

work for Brandon Parks and Recreation and a fire<br />

station. “I really began to notice downtown<br />

Brandon when I attended a Christmas parade<br />

there several years ago.”<br />

Across the street from his first project, another<br />

project beckoned to Jamie. The old Rankin First<br />

Bank (later Trustmark) was designed in 1969,<br />

and added on to twice, once in 1972, and again<br />

sometime after that. “It’s the kind of project no<br />

one wanted to tackle on their own,” Jamie says.<br />

Because of that, he teamed together with a group<br />

of guys who formed a partnership to repurpose<br />

the building. The partners are from Wier Boerner<br />

Allin Architecture, Thrash Commercial Contractors,<br />

Trihelm Properties, and local real estate investor<br />

Brent Leach. “We all want to see Brandon move in<br />

the right direction,” says Jamie. “We were excited<br />

to find a building like that downtown, and we all<br />

wanted to be a part of it.”<br />

10 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

With 5,000 square feet downstairs and 11,000<br />

square feet upstairs, the building was spacious,<br />

but there were limitations when it came to use.<br />

“The bank layout lent itself to lofts on the top<br />

floor,” says Jamie. There are high windows and<br />

ceilings, which are desirable. Downstairs posed<br />

challenges due to the two vaults. “Those cannot<br />

be removed. We worked with the city to grant a<br />

mixed-use variance, and we talked to gym<br />

owners, boutique hotels and restaurants about<br />

the first-floor space, but the reality is that the<br />

building didn’t work for those uses.” Instead, the<br />

decision was made to put six units on the bottom<br />

floor and two on the second floor. All units are<br />

one bedroom except for one two-bedroom unit.<br />

One of the units is ADA accessible. “Each unit is<br />

configured differently,” says Jamie. “The units<br />

range in size from 560 to 850 square feet.”<br />

As the construction on the project progresses,<br />

Jamie says close attention is paid to preserving<br />

the mid-century design of the building. “When it is<br />

finished, it will have a very industrial, mid-century<br />

vibe.” Because the building was originally a bank,<br />

the group has decided to name it The Bank<br />

Downtown Lofts. “Everyone has always referred<br />

to the building as The Bank,” says Jamie, “so why<br />

change it? Besides, how cool is it to tell people<br />

you live at The Bank?”<br />

Construction on the project has already<br />

begun, and the hope is that units will be available<br />

to rent by the end of summer. “That is contingent<br />

upon many variables,” Jamie states. “The lead<br />

time on things like HVAC equipment, doors and<br />

appliances has held us up. At this time, we are not<br />

taking reservations or applications. We need to<br />

get to a place where we have a firm finish date.”<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 11

Adair and Diane Jernigan recognized the<br />

value in opening a business in downtown<br />

Brandon almost five years ago.<br />

The couple lives in Brandon where he is a<br />

minister, and she is a sales director with Mary Kay<br />

Cosmetics. “We had considered opening a store<br />

for several years, and the time seemed right in<br />

September 2017 to open Vintiques,” says Diane.<br />

“The original concept was to open a store that<br />

sold vintage items and antiques. However, God’s<br />

plan was much bigger and better than ours. We<br />

still sell antiques; however, we are a boutique<br />

that features new clothing, shoes and accessories<br />

for women and kids, home décor, furniture,<br />

candles, bath & body products, fresh breads and<br />

desserts, jellies & jams, frozen soups, entrees and<br />

beautiful handmade merchandise by local artists<br />

and artisans.” The business is located in the<br />

historic Busick Building, which was a family<br />

western store that opened in 1865. The original<br />

building burned, and we are in the building which<br />

was built in 1935.” Diane says that their desire is<br />

for Vintiques to be a business where customers<br />

can experience a relaxing environment and feel<br />

the spirit of the Lord. “We are thankful for the<br />

growth and support of this community, and we are<br />

happy to provide a place where people can shop,<br />

visit, and relax during their busy day.”<br />

12 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

When Ryan Patrick was looking for a<br />

place to open another store in his chain<br />

of Pizza Shack restaurants, he set his<br />

sights on Brandon.<br />

“We like this area. Brandon is such a cool<br />

small town, and there is a lot going on in the<br />

downtown area.” His newest venture is located in<br />

a two-story building on West Government Street.<br />

“It was built in 1946 for the Grantham family,”<br />

says Ryan. “They lived upstairs and operated<br />

a dry-cleaning business downstairs.” Paying<br />

homage to the building’s original purpose, the<br />

restaurant is called The Cleaners by Pizza Shack.<br />

“Our kitchen and a few tables are located<br />

downstairs, while our main dining room and bar<br />

are upstairs. One feature is a 24-tap self-serve<br />

beer wall.”<br />

Brent Leach grew up in Brandon.<br />

“We drove through downtown Brandon our<br />

whole lives.” Brent says he “accidently” got<br />

involved in real estate in the downtown area.<br />

“I got involved with Jamie Wier and his projects,<br />

and with Burgers and Blues. Then we got a<br />

two-story building where The Glossary Salon is<br />

located. My wife’s Pilates studio, Downtown<br />

Pilates, is located downstairs in the building.”<br />

Brent has recently acquired a new building<br />

behind Vintiques. “We have a couple of tenants<br />

moving in, Tootsie Trends and The Beach Look,<br />

as well as Downtown Pilates.” Watching the<br />

downtown area come to life has been exciting<br />

for Brent. “It’s kind of neat to see vacant buildings<br />

come to life. When Genna Benna opened, it was<br />

the thing that got everyone excited.”<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 13

14 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 15

financing Your dreams<br />

since 1876<br />



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Orleans Centre’<br />


The landscape of Rankin County will soon be changed<br />

with an ambitious new development.<br />

Main 601.933.3344 • Keith Clair 601.842.1225 • Jim DeFoe 601.842.1228<br />

Ergon Properties Brandon City Ad Mar2020 8x5.indd 1<br />

Orleans Centre’ is a project of Ergon Properties,<br />

Looking to expand or relocate your business?<br />

Inc. “We are very pleased and excited about this<br />

Consider Orleans Centrè in the city of Brandon, located at the southwest<br />

quadrant of I-20 and Hwy 18 (Crossgates Blvd. Exit). Several sites, from small<br />

to large acreage areas, are available.<br />

development,” says Jim DeFoe, president of Ergon<br />

Properties, Inc. “Bridge, road, utilities, and other<br />

public infrastructure improvements will begin in a<br />

month or so.”<br />

DeFoe believes it is the perfect time for the<br />

3/30/20 10:09 AM<br />

mixed-use development, which will be located on<br />

seventy acres of property to the west of Home<br />

Depot in Brandon, all within the Brandon city limits.<br />

“The Brandon Home Depot is one of the top three in<br />

the state. With the amphitheater and ballfield<br />

complete and doing well, this new development will<br />

add more businesses and services to the area.<br />

There is a lot of action on Highway 18 on the south<br />

side of I-20. There are already many restaurants on<br />

the north side of I-20. We are looking to infuse even<br />

more options on the south side of the interstate.”<br />

DeFoe says the East Metro corridor forms the first<br />

true north/south pathway to the northern part of<br />

Rankin County. “That perfectly aligns with the<br />

Crossgates/Highway 18 interchange.”<br />

Adding to the convenience and quality of life for<br />

area residents, most tenants in phase one of Orleans<br />

Centre’ will be mixed-use related, according to<br />

DeFoe. “We want to bring life and energy to the<br />

area. We are looking at including a grocery store<br />

anchor and other businesses.” One possibility is an<br />

upscale wine and spirits shop. “We are thinking auto<br />

dealerships would be ideal. We are also in talks with<br />

a hotel group. In addition, we are hoping to bring in<br />

medical services as well.”<br />

Butch Lee, mayor of Brandon, says that city<br />

leaders have been working diligently on improvements<br />

to the city. “We have been working on quality<br />

improvements to our hometown, including public<br />

safety, infrastructure, streets, and the downtown<br />

area, knowing full well that quality in fundamental<br />

purpose of local government will bring private<br />

investment into our community. Business investors<br />

must know, beyond a doubt, that local government<br />

is financially secure and continuously working to<br />

protect the community and the private investments<br />

made here. The city board has, and will, continue<br />

working toward a higher quality community in which<br />

to live, work, and raise a family. It is this purpose<br />

which drives Brandon toward further development<br />

such as the Orleans Way project at I-20, exit 54.”<br />

DeFoe says the cooperation and support Ergon<br />

has received from both the City of Brandon as well<br />

as from Rankin County officials, has been monumental<br />

to the project going forward. “We could not do it<br />

without their support.” Future phases would open<br />

up approximately 133 additional acres to the west,<br />

extending well into Pearl, all with excellent I-20<br />

exposure. “Ergon’s vision is for Orleans Way to one<br />

day be a frontage road, linking the airport exit and<br />

Crossgates exit.”<br />

DeFoe says the project has been in the works for<br />

a long time and is a large undertaking with many<br />

moving parts. “We are excited to be a part of growing<br />

the offerings in the area in such an exciting way.”<br />

Ergon Properties, Inc. and its subsidiaries acquire and<br />

develop retail projects, commercial and industrial facilities<br />

across the southeastern United States.<br />

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20 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong><br />

Congratulations to<br />

the Brandon High<br />

Volleyball team on<br />

their 2021 Class 6A<br />

State Championship

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24 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong><br />

Brandon Elementary<br />

2021 National Blue Ribbon School Celebration<br />

Brandon Elementary held a huge celebration in October at the Brandon<br />

Amphitheater in honor of their school being chosen as a 2021 National<br />

Blue Ribbon School. Only 4 Mississippi schools out of 325 schools<br />

nationwide were chosen for this prestigious award. Congratulations to<br />

Principal Vallerie Lacey and her staff for this amazing honor.

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Brandon Bulldogs<br />

Baseball Team<br />

Finishes the Game<br />

The Brandon Bulldogs baseball team has faced a lot of challenges<br />

this past season. During a season of loss, grief, and having to overcome<br />

the unexpected, the players built a strong bond with one another and<br />

played each game not only for a win—but for their teammate that was<br />

no longer with them. It wasn’t just about the game of baseball and<br />

playing for a state title this year, but about building lifelong friendships,<br />

working together, and finishing the game.<br />

The Brandon Bulldogs baseball team prospered through the season<br />

as one. They became district champions. The team also made their<br />

first South State appearance since 2014. No matter what challenges<br />

the team faced or what obstacles came at them head-on, they stuck<br />

together and remembered their purpose and to finish the game. The<br />

Bulldogs closed out the season with a 26-8 overall record. #Team29<br />

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Congratulations to the Brandon High School Football team for<br />

advancing to the MHSAA Class 6A 2021 State Championship.<br />

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Building A Legacy<br />

On & Off<br />

the Field<br />

Mistie Desper<br />

“This sport is so much more<br />

than logging a win for me,<br />

it’s about being there, showing up,<br />

and about personal growth for<br />

each player that comes through<br />

this program,” said Sam Williams,<br />

Brandon High School athletic director and<br />

head football coach.<br />

Sam’s passion for sports began at an<br />

early age. Both of his parents as well as his<br />

grandparents were athletes. Sam’s father<br />

even went on to play professional baseball.<br />

Growing up with such role models laid a<br />

foundation for his future, long before he even<br />

realized it. Not only did Sam play baseball,<br />

football, and soccer, growing up, but he<br />

quickly realized that he had a “passion for<br />

leading people” in a positive way.<br />

After high school, Sam attended and<br />

played football for Mississippi State<br />

University while pursuing his degree.<br />

Realizing that he simply did not want to<br />

walk away from the sport, he decided to<br />

pursue coaching. “It was such an easy<br />

decision for me. I always helped the younger<br />

guys and helped lay that strong foundation.<br />

It was a great move for me and easy to<br />

transition into coaching.”<br />

Sam has created a true “family” among<br />

his players during his coaching career. He<br />

said, “I have worked at different size schools<br />

and in general, the larger the school, the<br />

less intimate it can be. I strive to find that<br />

connection with my players. Having over<br />

100 kids, I always ask how we can make<br />

communication better and ask how many<br />

times we have told each player how much<br />

we appreciate their time and effort to show<br />

up day in and day out doing the same<br />

workouts as everyone else.”<br />

Stressing that the wins are fun, Sam says<br />

really he cares more about each player as<br />

a person. “The kids know I am not perfect.<br />

I don’t try to be. I try to be as real as I can.<br />

Kids trust those who show up in their lives.<br />

We work hard in this program to bring<br />

these players up in a loving environment<br />

and we hope they strive to become like the<br />

men who have coached them. That’s the<br />

success I want for them.”<br />

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Completing his first football season at<br />

Brandon High School, he has been able to<br />

take the team and school on an impressive<br />

journey this year that led to the 24-17 win<br />

over nationally ranked Oak Grove. This<br />

sparked quite a following within the<br />

community as former players, students,<br />

citizens, and local businesses rallied in<br />

support of the team.<br />

Admitting that the victory over Oak<br />

Grove was “way up there” on his list of<br />

greatest coaching memories, Sam admitted<br />

it has been the community that has made<br />

such a difference to him. He said, “Brandon<br />

is such a special place. I love being a part of<br />

a smaller community yet has a 6A school.<br />

They’ve managed not to lose that smalltown<br />

feel. This is one of those pure places<br />

and its so fun to be a part of it. So many in<br />

this town genuinely care about these kids.”<br />

When he is not on the field, Sam is the<br />

loving husband of Rachel and doting father<br />

of Caroline (6), Catherine (5), and Luke (3).<br />

Sam’s wife Rachel added, “I consider it a<br />

privilege to have a front-row seat of<br />

watching Sam use his gifts that the Lord<br />

has given him.”<br />

With several wins already under his<br />

belt at other schools and now at Brandon,<br />

Sam admits, “It’s real tempting to say my<br />

goal is to bring a state championship to<br />

Brandon. But really, for me, I want to help<br />

keep making Brandon a better place by<br />

developing kids to be leaders. I hope this<br />

program leaves such an impact on them<br />

that they want to return to this community<br />

as adults in a leadership role.”<br />

Rachel concluded, “It gives me great<br />

joy to know that the seeds he is planting in<br />

his athletes will continue to grow long<br />

beyond their football careers.”<br />

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40 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong><br />

Brandon Mayor’s<br />

Prayer<br />

Breakfast<br />

May 5 / City Hall

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 41

42 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong><br />

©2022 JEA

may Market<br />

May 12 / Downtown Brandon<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 43

44 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>


Veterans Day<br />



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Get your<br />

favorites<br />

fast!<br />

OrDeR AhEaD<br />

On OuR ApP<br />

©2020 McAlister’s Franchisor SPV 405973<br />

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Brandon Show Choir<br />

ELITE Stars Under The Stars<br />

March 22<br />

Brandon Amphitheater<br />

The 2021-2022 school year was one to remember for Brandon Show<br />

Choir. Brandon High School’s BRIO had a record-breaking season<br />

achieving four Grand Champion victories in a row, more than any other<br />

show choir in the state of MS this year.<br />

At the Jackson Academy Show Choir Invitational, Brio received<br />

Best Overall Effect and Grand Champion. At The Northeast Jones Show<br />

Choir Classic, Brio received Best Choreography, Best Show Design, and<br />

Grand Champion. At The Homewood South Central Classic in Alabama,<br />

Brio received Best Vocals, Best Choreography, and Grand Champion.<br />

At The Petal Show Choir Invitational, Brio achieved a full sweep with<br />

Best Vocals, Best Choreography, Best Show Design, and Grand<br />

Champion. And at the National Fame Competition in Orlando,<br />

Brio received Best Crew and 2nd Runner Up Overall.<br />

In addition to the great success of BRIO, Brandon High School’s all<br />

girls show choir, BELLAS, also had an amazing season. In their division,<br />

BELLAS received no less than top three at each competition in state and<br />

4th at the National Fame Competition in Orlando. What makes this year<br />

even more outstanding is that Brandon Show Choir Association hosted<br />

their very first show choir competition, ELITE, at the Brandon Amphitheater.<br />

It’s the first outdoor show choir competition in the state.<br />

Brandon BRIO and BELLAS are under the direction of Charlie and<br />

Lauren Woodward with co-directors Drew Crenshaw, Meg Willis and<br />

Mandy Brownlee. The Woodwards say that God has really blessed<br />

Brandon Show Choir. They attribute this great success to the incredible<br />

hard work of the students and their parents, outstanding feeder programs<br />

BLITZ & BOOM, a focus on excellence at all times, lots of prayer, and<br />

blessings from the Lord. Congratulations on a wonderful season!<br />

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Peace of Mind Knowing Your Loved One is Safe!<br />

PlainView is a unique Senior Living Community that offers the attention, care<br />

and home-like environment your loved one deserves. When your loved one’s<br />

care becomes complex, care at home may just not be enough.<br />

PlainView offers high-quality care from loving caregivers.<br />

Tracey Floyd, Executive Director<br />

214 Spell Drive Richland, MS 39218<br />

601-664-1966<br />

Business Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8a.m. to 5p.m.<br />


All Inclusive Assisted Living Community<br />

Meet our newest physician<br />

Dr. Charles McGuffey.<br />

Dr. McGuffey’s primary<br />

focuses will be:<br />

• CORNEA<br />

• CATARACT<br />


Jackson Eye Associates is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Charles D. McGuffey<br />

to our Jackson office. A native of Madison, McGuffey earned his medical degree from<br />

University of Mississippi Medical Center before completing his residency at the University<br />

of Tennessee at Memphis. He completed a fellowship in cornea, external diseases, and<br />

refractive surgery at the Dean McGee Eye Institute at Oklahoma University.<br />


601.353.2020<br />


601.853.2020<br />



601.924.9750<br />

©2022 Jackson Eye Associates<br />

50 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

Aldermen &<br />

Department Heads<br />

The Brandon Board of Aldermen meets twice a<br />

month, on the first and third Monday of each month,<br />

starting at 6:00pm. If a holiday falls on that Monday,<br />

the board meets the following day.<br />

All board meeting agendas and minutes can be found<br />

at www.brandonms.org<br />

Sharon Womack<br />

Alderman at Large<br />

swomack@brandonms.org<br />

601-624-3603<br />

Jarrad Craine<br />

Ward 1<br />

jcraine@brandonms.org<br />

601-454-2506<br />

Cris Vinson<br />

Ward 2<br />

cvinson@brandonms.org<br />

601-824-8884<br />

Harry Williams<br />

Ward 3<br />

hwilliams@brandonms.org<br />

601-825-8970<br />

Lu Coker<br />

Ward 4<br />

lcoker@brandonms.org<br />

601-573-0281<br />

Dwight Middleton<br />

Ward 5<br />

dmiddleton@brandonms.org<br />

601-278-9637<br />

Tahya Dobbs<br />

Ward 6<br />

tdobbs@brandonms.org<br />

601-750-7972<br />


Angela Bean<br />

City Clerk<br />

abean@brandonms.org<br />

Brian Roberts<br />

Fire Chief<br />

broberts@brandonms.org<br />

William Thompson<br />

Police Chief<br />

wthompson@brandonms.org<br />

Matt Dodd<br />

Community Development<br />

Director<br />

mdodd@brandonms.org<br />

Charles Smith<br />

Public Works Director<br />

csmith@brandonms.org<br />

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52 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

Library<br />

1475 W. Government Street, Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.2672 / cmrls.lib.ms.us<br />

Branch Manager: Amy Lee brbm@cmrls.lib.ms.us<br />

Hours of Operation<br />

Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 8:00pm<br />

Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm<br />

Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm<br />

Services Offered<br />

• Black and white printing/copying • Color printing/copying<br />

• Scanning • Faxing • Wireless Printing<br />

Services provided by the Friends of the Brandon Library<br />

• Free shredding services<br />

• Notary services / Nominal fee of $3.<br />

Available 10am-7pm Monday-Thursday, and 10am-4pm on Friday.<br />

Additional times available by appointment.<br />

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54 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

Childcare<br />

For many years, childcare services have been an<br />

important and essential part of today’s working<br />

parents’ needs.<br />

Infants to kindergarten-age children are given<br />

care, training, and environments for learning social<br />

interactions. Our community offers these exceptional<br />

“second homes” for our children.<br />

Brandon Methodist Kindergarten<br />

Ages 3-5 years old<br />

www.brandonfumc.org/kindergarten<br />

205 Mary Ann Drive / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.5958<br />

Circle of Friends Learning Center II<br />

Ages 6 weeks - 4 years old<br />

2006 Creek Cove / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.2387<br />

Crossgates Baptist Kindergarten<br />

Ages 3-4 years old<br />

crossgates.org/weekday<br />

8 Crosswoods Road / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.2734<br />

Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center<br />

Ages 3-4 years old<br />

thechildrenscenterbrandon.com<br />

21 Crossgates Drive / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.0555<br />

First Baptist Brandon Children’s Center<br />

Ages 6 weeks - 4 years old<br />

www.fbcbrandon.com/childrens-center<br />

309 S. College Street / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.8686<br />

Kids Are Kids Learning Center<br />

Ages 6 weeks - 5 years old<br />

462 Luckney Road / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.0402<br />

Little Cam Cam’s Learning Center<br />

Ages 6 weeks - 5 years old<br />

305 W. Jasper Street / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.7951<br />

Miss Mandy’s Christian Daycare<br />

Ages 6 weeks - 4 years old<br />

783 Marquette Road / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.6224<br />

Silver Spoon<br />

Ages 6 weeks - 5 years old<br />

213 Woodgate Drive South / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.824.6093<br />

Tikes 2 Tots Family Childcare<br />

Ages 6 weeks - 4 years old<br />

213 Commerce Drive / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.3101<br />

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56 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong><br />

Hometown Magazines<br />

congratulates the<br />

Brandon High School<br />

2021-2022 Cheerleaders<br />

for winning<br />

NCA National Champions<br />

and<br />

Grand National Champions

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 57

Elite offers a wide range of physical therapy services including<br />

orthopedics, pre- and post-op rehab, sports medicine, TMJ<br />

rehab, vestibular rehab, geriatric rehab and much more!<br />

2015 Highpointe Drive • Brandon • (601) 724-7310<br />

115 Village Square, Stuite E • Brandon • (601) 829-0505<br />

1201 Highway 49 South, Suite 2 • Richland • (769) 233-8844<br />

To request an appointment, visit myelitept.com<br />

58 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

Churches<br />

Living in our hometown of Brandon with churches<br />

“on every corner” is a blessing and freedom we often<br />

overlook. Read our list of local churches in a spirit of<br />

thanksgiving!<br />

“And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some<br />

people do, but encourage one another, especially now<br />

that the day of his return is drawing near.”<br />

– Hebrews 10:25<br />

Brandon Assembly of God<br />

995 South College Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.8188<br />

ag.org<br />

Brandon Baptist Church<br />

100 Brandon Baptist Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.824.1781<br />

brandonbc.org<br />

Brandon First United Methodist<br />

205 Mary Ann Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.5958<br />

www.brandonfumc.org<br />

Brandon Presbyterian Church<br />

209 South College Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.5259<br />

www.brandonpres.com<br />

Crossgates Baptist Church<br />

8 Crosswoods Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.2562<br />

crossgates.org<br />

Crossgates United<br />

Methodist Church<br />

23 Crossgates Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.8677<br />

www.crossgatesumc.org<br />

Crossview Baptist Church<br />

687 Burnham Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.0412<br />

crossviewbc@att.net<br />

First Baptist Church<br />

of Brandon<br />

Office: 309 College Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Sunday Worship:<br />

175 Boyce Thompson Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.6766<br />

601.825.3141<br />

www.fbcbrandon.com<br />

First United Pentecostal<br />

Church of Brandon<br />

1368 West Government Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.7569<br />

brandonupc.com<br />

Grace Baptist Church<br />

1013 MS-471<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.824.7334<br />

www.gracebaptistonline.net<br />

Hope Fellowship<br />

500 North College Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.824.9088<br />

www.hfcbrandon.org<br />

Journey Church<br />

1000 Municipal Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.874.9595<br />

journeypeople.cc<br />

Meadow Grove Baptist Church<br />

3221 Louis Wilson Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.5704<br />

www.meadowgrove.org<br />

Nativity Lutheran Church<br />

495 Crossgates Boulevard<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.5125<br />

www.nativitylc.org<br />

New Life Assembly of God<br />

300 Shiloh Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.824.3030<br />

ag.org<br />

New Vision Fellowship<br />

652 Luckney Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.591.1267<br />

nvfms.org<br />

North Brandon<br />

Church of Christ<br />

1029 MS-471<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.6497<br />

northbrandoncc.com<br />

Rock Star Baptist Church<br />

303 Tamberline Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.2560<br />

www.facebook.com/<br />

RockStarMBChurch<br />

St Luke’s Episcopal Church<br />

104 North College Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.5839<br />

stlukes.dioms.org<br />

The Pointe<br />

1120 Star Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.591.1154<br />

www.thepointebrandon.com<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 59

60 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

Medical Facilities<br />

Healthcare delivery is changing. In addition to great<br />

medical care, patients expect easy access, affordability<br />

and convenience. In Brandon, we have a high standard<br />

with a focus on quality, convenience and a personalized<br />

care experience. We are able to bring acute and<br />

long-term care services closer to home through<br />

the following providers:<br />

Baptist Medical Clinic Family Medicine - Brandon<br />

1490 West Government Street / Suite 10<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.1936<br />

Family Health Care Clinic<br />

1551 West Government Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.3163<br />

Greenfield Family Healthcare<br />

762 Highway 468<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601-824-0988<br />

Merit Health Medical Group Primary Care Brandon<br />

348 Crossgates Boulevard<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.824.2236<br />

Merit Health Rankin<br />

350 Crossgates Boulevard<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.2811<br />

Rankin Children’s Group, PLLC<br />

1405 Crossgates Drive West<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.0925<br />

Rankin Primary Care Clinic<br />

103 Service Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.824.1491<br />

Region 8 Mental Health Services<br />

613 Marquette Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.824.0342<br />

Richard C. Randolph, M.D., P.A.<br />

348 Crossgates Boulevard / Suite 2200<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.825.2466<br />

St. Dominic’s<br />

Family Medicine - Brandon<br />

1297 West Government Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.200.4790<br />

TrustCare<br />

1645 West Government Street / Suite F<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong> / 601.829.6600<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 61

62 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 63

New Resident Info<br />

• Brandon was incorporated in 1831 as the county<br />

seat of Rankin County, Mississippi. Over the years,<br />

Brandon has experienced positive growth while<br />

maintaining its small-town charm.<br />

• A-rated school district<br />

• 2nd safest city in Mississippi<br />

• Class 4 fire rating<br />

• The City of Brandon is 1 of 13 Certified Retirement<br />

Cities in the state, as recognized by the Mississippi<br />

Development Authority<br />

Brandon Police Department<br />

1455 West Government Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.7225<br />

Brandon Fire Department<br />

601.824.4636<br />

Station 1<br />

629 Marquette Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Station 2<br />

6577 Grants Ferry Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Station 3<br />

147 Kennedy Farm Parkway<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Station 4<br />

1058 Star Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Station 5<br />

16 Woodgate Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Station 6<br />

213 Poindexter Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Rankin County<br />

Emergency Management<br />

601 Marquette Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.1499<br />

Rankin County Safe Room<br />

651 Marquette Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.1480<br />

Rankin County Tax Collector<br />

Vehicle Registration and Title<br />

211 East Government Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.1467<br />

DPS Driver’s License Location<br />

3851 Highway 468<br />

Pearl, MS 39208<br />

601.420.6342<br />

Circuit Clerk’s Office<br />

211 East Government Street<br />

Suite A, Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.825.1475<br />

M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm<br />

Marriage License<br />

• No appointment is needed,<br />

but you must arrive by 4:30pm.<br />

• The bride and groom must<br />

come to the circuit clerk’s office<br />

together to apply.<br />

• Marriage license cost $37<br />

- CASH ONLY.<br />

• Proof of age must be provided<br />

in the form of a driver’s license,<br />

birth certificate, or other legal<br />

documents. If either applicant is<br />

under 21 years of age, he/she<br />

must have consent from parents<br />

or legal guardians.<br />

• If applicants have previously<br />

been married and divorced or<br />

lost a spouse through death, the<br />

applicant will need to provide<br />

the month, day and year the<br />

marriage ended.<br />

• Once a license is issued, it does<br />

not expire.<br />

Rankin County Chamber<br />

of Commerce<br />

601-825-2268<br />

Brandon City Public Works<br />

1000 Municipal Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601.824.4579<br />

www.brandonms.org/<br />

departments/public-works<br />

water@brandonms.org<br />

The City of Brandon Public<br />

Works Department consists of<br />

four divisions: streets, water,<br />

sewer, and sanitation. Together<br />

these divisions provide many of<br />

the basic services that affect the<br />

daily lives of everyone who lives<br />

and works in the City of Brandon.<br />

Some of the Public Works<br />

Department services include<br />

• Maintenance of city rights of<br />

way and stormwater drainage<br />

systems<br />

• Major and minor infrastructure<br />

construction projects, pothole<br />

repair, roadway shoulder<br />

maintenance, roadside ditch,<br />

and creek cleaning<br />

• Operation, placement,<br />

maintenance, and repair of<br />

traffic control devices, including<br />

traffic signals/controllers,<br />

pavement markings, and street<br />

and speed signs<br />

• Water, sewer, and residential<br />

grinder pump repairs<br />

• Garbage pick-up<br />

• Mosquito abatement services<br />

and herbicide spraying for<br />

creeks and ditches<br />

• Review of subdivision<br />

construction plans<br />

• Emergency response during<br />

adverse weather (i.e. removing<br />

fallen trees, treating bridges<br />

when experiencing icy road<br />

conditions)<br />

64 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

Community Development<br />

601-825-4580<br />

www.brandonms.org/departments/<br />

community-development<br />

A building permit is required for:<br />

Shops and other accessory<br />

buildings, roofs, pools, additions<br />

and structure remodels. A building<br />

permit is not required for: fences,<br />

painting, replacing rotten wood,<br />

small cosmetic remodels.<br />

For code enforcement questions:<br />

code@brandonms.org<br />

Demographics<br />

• Population: 16% growth<br />

from 2010<br />

• 53% growth from 2000<br />

• 2000: 16,436<br />

• 2010: 21,705<br />

• 2019: 23,930<br />

• 2020: 25,138<br />

• Daytime Population: 30,658<br />

• Children at Home: 5.657<br />

(population in households under<br />

18 yo; 2010 Census)<br />

• Under 18 years old 5,807, 2020<br />

• ACS 5YR Est table ID S0101<br />

• Retired/Disabled:65 years and<br />

over with a disability: 1,160<br />

• Homemakers: 9,569<br />

• Student Populations: 6,691<br />

• Work at Home: 2,510<br />

• Employed: 12,144<br />

• Unemployed: 307<br />

• Median Household Income:<br />

$80,924<br />

Brandon’s household income is<br />

the highest for municipalities in<br />

Mississippi with populations less<br />

than 25,000, and 2nd overall for<br />

the entire state.<br />

Permit Info<br />

456 new single family homes<br />

in last five years<br />

Commercial Permit Evaluation<br />

2017: $9,248,084<br />

2018: $14,168,233<br />

2019: $32,749,325<br />

2020: $11,485,819<br />

2021: $7,540,824<br />

TOTAL: $75,192,285<br />

Residential Permit Evaluation<br />

2017: 120 ($30,481,854)<br />

2018: 62 ($18,538,866)<br />

2019: 85 ($25,062,940)<br />

2020: 110 ($35,122,040)<br />

2021: 79 ($21,578,532)<br />

TOTAL: 456 ($130,784,232)<br />

Amphitheater<br />

The Brandon Amphitheater,<br />

completed in 2018, is an 8,500-<br />

seat concert and event venue.<br />

City Hall Live<br />

The City of Brandon also holds<br />

concerts and events at Brandon<br />

Municipal Complex. There are<br />

6-8 events held at “City Hall”<br />

annually, and they average<br />

600-1200 visitors per event.<br />

These events bring an average<br />

of 6,600 visitors.<br />

Parades & Events<br />

The City of Brandon hosts annual<br />

events that have been extremely<br />

successful for the community<br />

and attracts visitors locally and<br />

regionally.<br />

2022<br />

• July 14<br />

042 Farmers Market<br />

• August 4<br />

Back 2 School Bash<br />

• August 11<br />

042 Farmers Market<br />

• September 8<br />

042 Farmers Market<br />

• October 27<br />

042 Farmers Market/Boo 042<br />

• October 29<br />

Fall Festival<br />

• November 11<br />

Veterans Day Breakfast<br />

• December 2<br />

Christmas Parade<br />

• TBA<br />

Quarry Christmas Lights<br />

2023<br />

• February 10-11<br />

Princess Ball<br />

• February 17-18<br />

Krewe de Roux Parade<br />

& Gumbo Cook-Off<br />

• May 4<br />

Mayor’s Prayer Luncheon<br />

Parks & Recreation<br />

Parks and Recreation facilities<br />

continue to be a local and<br />

regional draw for<br />

athletics, tournaments, and<br />

events. Brandon has eight parks<br />

spread across<br />

425 acres.<br />


• 7 Baseball/Softball Fields<br />

• 11 Soccer Fields<br />

• 4 Pickle Ball Courts<br />

• 3 Playgrounds<br />

• 1 Splash pad<br />


• 6 Baseball/Softball Fields<br />

with artificial turf<br />


• 7 Full-Size Tennis Courts<br />

• 3 Junior Tennis Courts<br />

• 1 Children’s Playground<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 65

66 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 67

Clubs<br />

The definition of a club - a group of persons organized<br />

for a social, literary, athletic, political, or other purpose.<br />

Brandon offers a great choice for those inclined to<br />

organized social gatherings. Our area clubs have united<br />

members who have invested in the advancement of our<br />

hometown. Check out this list in our area:<br />

Crown Club<br />

Service Project of Junior Auxiliary of Rankin County<br />

Crown Club encourages the young women of Rankin County during<br />

their 8th through 12th grade years to build leadership skills, foster<br />

good character, and understand the importance of good citizenship.<br />

Crown Club members experience the act of caring for others through<br />

community service projects.<br />

Kiwanis Club<br />

Kiwanis International is a global organization of members dedicated to<br />

serving the children of the world. Kiwanis and its family of clubs - nearly<br />

600,000 members strong - annually raise more than 100 million dollars<br />

and dedicate more than 18 million volunteer hours to strengthen<br />

communities and serve children. Members of every single age attend<br />

regular meetings, experience fellowship, raise funds for various causes<br />

and participate in service projects that help their communities. Members<br />

also make an impact throughout the world by participation in Kiwanis<br />

International’s Global Campaign for Children, The Eliminate Project:<br />

Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus. The Rankin County<br />

Kiwanis Club meets every Wednesday at noon at Penn’s.<br />

www.kiwanis.org / rankinkiwanis@aol.com<br />

Rotary Club<br />

Founded in 1905, Rotary is the world’s oldest and largest international<br />

service organization. The 34,000 Rotary clubs across the globe are<br />

composed of 1.2 million business leaders, friends, and neighbors<br />

located in over 200 countries and territories. Together they create<br />

positive, lasting change in their local areas and around the world.<br />

From community service to working for a polio-free world, Rotary’s<br />

universal motto is “Service Above Self.” Rotarians in Rankin County<br />

participate in a multitude of service projects such as children’s literacy<br />

and reading programs, student scholarships, helping needy families<br />

at holidays, hosting community blood drives, assisting with building community<br />

parks, providing dictionaries to third graders and supporting<br />

clean water projects abroad. The Rankin County Rotary Club meets<br />

every Thursday at noon in the Buchanan Room at Genna Benna.<br />

601-540-2995<br />

68 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

The Exchange Club of Crossgates<br />

Exchange, America’s service club, is a group of men and women<br />

working together to make our communities better places to live through<br />

programs of service in Americanism, community service, charities, youth<br />

activities, and its national project, the prevention of child abuse. This club<br />

was formed in 1976 as a local chapter of the National Exchange Club<br />

dedicated to the Exchange Club covenant of service. The Exchange<br />

Club of Crossgates meets at Penn’s Restaurant in downtown Brandon<br />

on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30pm.<br />

Brandon Mayor’s Youth Council<br />

The City of Brandon Mayor’s Youth Council is a group of approximately<br />

40-50 students from area high schools, both public and private. Mayor’s<br />

Youth Council mission is to serve as role models in the community and<br />

among the youth of Brandon by serving as an example and by taking<br />

an active role in community sponsored activities and volunteer work.<br />

Members are required to earn service hours through sponsored events<br />

to raise funds for community projects that improve our city and unity all<br />

age groups in our community.<br />

www.crossgatesec.com / 601-825-5442<br />

Rankin County Chamber Youth Leadership<br />

The Youth Leadership Program helps young leaders develop responsible<br />

community leadership roles and impact the future of Rankin County!<br />

The students will familiarize themselves with community opportunities,<br />

needs, problems and resources. They will have effective dialogue,<br />

establishing friendships among participants and community leaders.<br />

Students will learn advanced leadership and management skills such as:<br />

• Goal setting<br />

• Effective communication<br />

• Decision making<br />

• Team building<br />

• Motivation and organization<br />

• Work ethic development<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 69

Junior Auxiliary of Rankin County<br />

Junior Auxiliary of Rankin County is a non-profit service organization<br />

for women who desire to serve and improve their communities.<br />

Through a variety of hands-on projects that cover a wide sector of<br />

the community, JARC members implement the ideals of their national<br />

motto: “Caring Hearts. Helping Hands. Changing Hearts.”<br />

rankinja.org / elationsjarc@gmail.com<br />

70 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 71

City of Brandon<br />

2022<br />

Princess<br />

Ball<br />

72 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 73

Garden Club<br />

Brandon Garden Club Makes Things Happen!<br />

In 2022, Brandon Garden Club, Inc. was<br />

awarded “Garden Club of the Year” by The<br />

Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc. Since its<br />

organization in 1952, Brandon Garden Club<br />

has been a driving force for beautification and<br />

preservation in Brandon. Hard-working club<br />

members are involved throughout the year in<br />

projects to support its underlying theme of<br />

beautification through gardening in our homes,<br />

gardens, and the Brandon community.<br />

Brandon Garden Club’s annual Tablescapes<br />

Luncheon fundraiser is scheduled for February<br />

24, 2023. It is supported by an impressive list<br />

of businesses and individual contributors that<br />

recognize Brandon Garden Club’s value to the<br />

community. Get your name on the ticket list now<br />

by contacting any Brandon Garden Club<br />

member.<br />

The theme for the current year is “Brandon<br />

Garden Club Makes Things Happen!” Our<br />

projects support the goals of our federated<br />

organizations, The Garden Clubs of Mississippi,<br />

Inc., Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc., and<br />

National Garden Clubs, Inc.<br />

Some of the club’s ongoing projects include:<br />

Old Brandon Cemetery – spring and fall<br />

cleanup and planting, including memorial trees<br />

Brandon Municipal Complex – plantscaping<br />

for the atrium and main lobby, providing<br />

year-round plantscaping maintenance, and<br />

decorating for Christmas<br />

Rankin County School District – providing<br />

gardening related programs for special<br />

education students at The Spot Downtown<br />

Commercial landscape awards – recognizing<br />

outstanding commercial landscaping<br />

Veterans – decorating for the Veterans Day<br />

breakfast and maintaining Blue Star Memorial<br />

Marker flower beds<br />

Cancer awareness – planting and maintaining<br />

the “Plant It Pink” flower bed in downtown<br />

Brandon<br />

Education – providing displays and programs<br />

at Brandon Public Library and scholarships at<br />

Hinds Community College and Mississippi State<br />

University<br />

Brandon Garden Club welcomes new members<br />

and volunteers for projects. Find us on Facebook,<br />

visit www.thebrandongardenclub.com, or email us<br />

at thebrandongardenclub@gmail.com<br />

1<br />

2<br />

74 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

1 Brandon Garden Club received Garden Club of the Year.<br />

(L-R): Delena Hamel, ex-officio; Dixie Vance, president, Brandon Garden<br />

Club; Pat Young, president, The Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc.<br />

2 Distinguished servers at Brandon Garden Club’s Tablescapes Luncheon<br />

Fundraiser<br />

3 Commercial Landscape Award given to Brandon Public Library for its<br />

“Garden of Curiosity”<br />

4-5 Decorating for Christmas at Brandon Police Department and Brandon<br />

Municipal Complex<br />

6 Helping Aspire students in the Rankin County School District spread dirt<br />

at The Spot Downtown in Brandon<br />

7 Brandon Garden Club members at Tablescapes Luncheon fundraiser<br />

8 Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast centerpieces created by Brandon Garden Club<br />

9 Members created centerpieces for the annual Veterans Day Breakfast<br />

10 Blue Star Memorial Marker flower bed maintenance at Brandon Public<br />

Library<br />

8 9 10<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 75

the<br />

Redefining<br />

Industry...<br />

Construction<br />

one project at a time.<br />

Stay up to date<br />

76 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

Senior Center<br />

The City of Brandon Senior Center is a recreation<br />

center for persons 55 years of age and older. We are<br />

located on Highway 80 in the Brandon Municipal<br />

Complex. The Senior Center offers a variety of<br />

programs, special events, activities, and classes<br />

which are low-cost or absolutely free!<br />

Visit www.brandonms.org/residents/senior-services/<br />

for a daily schedule of events or call 601-824-7095.<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 77

Schools<br />

Rouse Elementary<br />

Rouse Elementary School is home to kindergarten<br />

and 1st graders in the Brandon Zone of the<br />

Rankin County School District.<br />

151 Boyce-Thompson Drive / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

rse.rcsd.ms / 601.825.5437<br />

78 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

Brandon High School<br />

Brandon High School is a 6A high school and is home to<br />

9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders in the Brandon Zone<br />

of the Rankin County School District.<br />

3090 Highway 18 / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

bhs.rcsd.ms / 601.825.2261<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 79

Schools<br />

Brandon Middle School<br />

Brandon Middle School is home to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders<br />

in the Brandon Zone of the Rankin County School District.<br />

408 S. College Street / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

bms.rcsd.ms / 601.825.5998<br />

80 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

StoneBridge Elementary<br />

StoneBridge Elementary School<br />

is home to 2nd and 3rd graders in the<br />

Brandon Zone of the Rankin County<br />

School District.<br />

115 StoneBridge Boulevard<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

sbe.rcsd.ms / 601.824.3287<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 81

Schools<br />

Brandon Elementary<br />

Brandon Elementary School is home to<br />

4th and 5th graders in the Brandon Zone<br />

of the Rankin County School District.<br />

125 Overby Street / Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

bes.rcsd.ms / 601.825.4706<br />

82 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 83

84 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 85

Parks &<br />

Recreation<br />

Brandon Parks & Recreation<br />

105 Kennedy Farm Parkway<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601-825-3047<br />

www.brandonparkandrec.com<br />

Facebook: Brandon Parks & Recreation<br />

Instagram: brandonparks_rec<br />

Jennifer Byrd<br />

General Manager<br />

Dawn Errington<br />

Financial Manager<br />

Matt Hopkins<br />

Business Development & Events Director<br />

Julie Hopson<br />

Director of Operations<br />

Carrie Drummond<br />

Facility Maintenance Manager<br />

Brandon City Park<br />

1463 West Government Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Bill Vance Park<br />

72 Golden Estates Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Crimson Lane<br />

809 Crimson Lane<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Diamond St. Park<br />

120 Diamond Street<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Ponderosa Park<br />

230 Appleridge Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Quarry Park<br />

222 Boyce Thompson<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Shiloh Park<br />

330 Shiloh Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Sunset Park<br />

810 West Sunset Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

86 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>


Carley Keyes<br />

Events Coordinator<br />

Brandon Municipal Complex<br />

1000 Municipal Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601-825-5021<br />

Spaces for rent for private<br />

parties and or meetings<br />

available at City Hall or the<br />

Public Library<br />

Located at City Hall<br />

Two meeting spaces with<br />

660 square feet per room.<br />

Both rooms come with a drop<br />

down screen, ceiling projector,<br />

and counter for refreshments.<br />

Rental rates begin at $200 plus<br />

a $100 refundable deposit.<br />

For a larger room we offer our<br />

Senior Center with 132 capacity<br />

and 2,646 sq. ft. room. The<br />

center features a drop down<br />

screen, ceiling projector, sound<br />

system, microphone, and full<br />

kitchen. Rental rates begin at<br />

$400 plus a $200 refundable<br />

deposit. This rental includes<br />

sixteen tables and 128 chairs.<br />

Additional tables and chairs are<br />

available for an additional rental<br />

charge.<br />

The largest room we offer is our<br />

Civic Center with 3,771 square<br />

feet room. The center offers two<br />

drop down screens, two ceiling<br />

projectors, sound system,<br />

microphones, and prep kitchen.<br />

Rental rates begin at $1,750 plus<br />

a $500 refundable deposit.<br />

This rental includes twenty tables<br />

and 160 chairs.<br />

Located at the Public Library<br />

At the city’s public library we offer<br />

a larger room with 1,748 square<br />

feet. The room offers a number<br />

of tables and chairs, drop down<br />

screen and a full kitchen.<br />

The rental fee if $400 plus<br />

a $200 refundable deposit.<br />

A smaller conference room is<br />

available at the library during<br />

library hours only. The room<br />

includes a projector, drop down<br />

screen and a large conference<br />

table which can hold 20 people<br />

comfortably. Rental fee for this<br />

conference room is $125 plus a<br />

refundable deposit of $75.<br />

*all fees and deposits are<br />

subject to change<br />

There is a flag depository for<br />

old flags located at City Hall.<br />


Shelley Livingston<br />

Senior Services Coordinator<br />

601-824-7095<br />

Brandon Municipal Complex<br />

1000 Municipal Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601-825-5021<br />

Monthly Fee of $5 or $10 for<br />

non-residents. Activities include<br />

arts, crafts, games, fitness classes,<br />

informational lunches, and field<br />

trips.<br />

Baseball/Softball<br />

• Spring registration usually<br />

begins in January.<br />

• Fall registration typically<br />

takes place in July.<br />

• We also offer Pickleball in<br />

the summer and table tennis<br />

in the spring.<br />

• Football registration typically<br />

begins in July or August.<br />

• Soccer registration information<br />

can be found at<br />

www.brandonfc.com.<br />

• Pavilion rentals can be made<br />

online at<br />

www.brandonparkandrec.com.<br />

• Tennis reservations can be<br />

made with the Club at<br />

Crossgates.<br />

601-591-2582<br />

Pickleball-all year<br />

Tennis Pro - David Kimball<br />

318-364-6689<br />

Splash Pad<br />

322 Shiloh Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

601-824-9509<br />

Monday-Friday 10am-5pm,<br />

Saturday 10am-6pm,<br />

Sunday 1pm-6pm<br />

$5 Admission (Ages 1 - 49)<br />

Individual Season Pass $50<br />

Family of 4 Season Pass $150<br />

Party packages available for<br />

$150 for residents, $200 for<br />

non-residents for 2 hours and<br />

25 kids.<br />

Private parties also available<br />

after-hours for up to 50 participants,<br />

$250 for residents and<br />

$300 for non-residents.<br />


8190 Rock Way Drive<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Grace Young<br />

Box Office Manager<br />

601-724-2726<br />

601-278-3876<br />

Facebook: BrandonAmpMs<br />

*Tickets available through<br />

Ticketmaster<br />

or the box office<br />


*Tickets available through<br />

Ticketmaster<br />


(Grounds maintained by<br />

Brandon Parks & Rec)<br />

Brandon Memorial<br />

300 Highway 468<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Plots at can be purchased<br />

through<br />

City Hall at 601-825-5021<br />

Ponderosa Cemetery<br />

231 Appleridge Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Brandon Historical Cemetery<br />

165 Old Depot Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

Light of Liberty<br />

School Road<br />

Brandon, MS <strong>39042</strong><br />

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88 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong><br />

Founded to serve Mississippi’s petroleum industry<br />

back in 1954, Ergon is trusted today by customers<br />

in more than 90 countries around the world.<br />

We offer innovative solutions for asphalt and<br />

pavement preservation, specialty oils, specialty<br />

chemicals, transportation and terminaling, industrial<br />

and commercial construction and much more.

2022 Brandon Amphitheater Announced Shows<br />

6/18 Whiskey Myers<br />

6/26 Bert Kreischer Fully Loaded<br />

Comedy Festival<br />

6/29 Kenny Chesney<br />

7/2 Maverick City Music<br />

7/16 Chris Stapleton<br />

8/2 Encanto Live<br />

8/6 Brooks & Dunn<br />

8/7 All This Future Summer<br />

Festival ft. Hillson UNITED,<br />

TobyMac, and more<br />

8/21 Jamey Johnson<br />

8/27 Brantley Gilbert & Jelly Roll<br />

9/1 Parker McCollum<br />

10/22 Maxwell<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 89

Brandon High School Alumni Reflections<br />

What is your favorite memory from high school<br />

90 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

and what is the best thing about living in Brandon?<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 91

Nathan McLaurin<br />

BHS Class of 1999<br />

Being elected Mr. BHS and playing at Louis<br />

Gene every Friday night are my favorite<br />

memories. The atmosphere was always<br />

electric, and the community was always there<br />

to support us.<br />

The thing I like most about Brandon is that it is<br />

a very close-knit town, and the community<br />

always rallies together.<br />

Kayla Bryant<br />

BHS Class of 2006<br />

There are too many memories to just pick one!<br />

Some special moments that stand out to me<br />

are Beauty and Beau week each year, winning<br />

a state championship in cheerleading, playing<br />

tennis under Coach Huskey and being the first<br />

class in the new high school.<br />

I have friends whom I am often trying to<br />

convince to move here and ask all the time<br />

why I like living in Brandon. It’s so hard to<br />

pinpoint exactly why I love it so much. Yes,<br />

it’s the people, but it’s so much more. It’s the<br />

simplicity of the lifestyle here. It’s the wonderful<br />

schools and churches. It’s hearing the yells<br />

from Shiloh Park, the amphitheater, or the<br />

football stadium on any given night. I really<br />

can’t put my finger on it, but I know it’s a very<br />

special place!<br />

Charla Mitchell Jordan<br />

BHS Class of 1966<br />

My favorite memory from high school is being<br />

in the Brandon High School band. The band’s<br />

activities provided opportunities to build<br />

character and create cherished memories.<br />

I was a majorette during football season,<br />

I played flute during the concert season, and<br />

double string bass in the stage band. I still like<br />

to talk about marching in freezing weather in<br />

the Greenwood Christmas Parade before<br />

pantyhose! Special bonds made through<br />

BHS band continue to this day.<br />

The best thing about living in Brandon is that<br />

even though Brandon is a thriving city, it still<br />

has a small-town feel. All my activities include<br />

people that I have known since childhood,<br />

and we are all civic-minded and active in our<br />

churches and in the community.<br />

Lauretha Bellinder<br />

BHS Class of 2000<br />

My favorite memories from high school are<br />

Friday pep rallies followed by lunch at Silver<br />

Dollar Pizza and Brandon vs. Pearl week.<br />

I love the community feel of Brandon and how<br />

we come together as that community when<br />

it’s needed the most. There is no place like<br />

Brandon, Mississippi. It’s home.<br />

92 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

Purvie Green<br />

BHS Class of 1987<br />

Favorite memories include Friday night football<br />

battles with great teammates and the many<br />

friendships, not only in my own class, that<br />

stretched across different classes.<br />

For me, being close to my family and seeing<br />

people that had a positive impact on my life<br />

including former teachers, coaches, and<br />

long-time friends is what’s great about living in<br />

Brandon. Secondly, watching the city grow,<br />

progress, and reach its full potential.<br />

Waymon Tigrett<br />

BHS Class of 1963<br />

Brandon was a small school, and everyone<br />

knew everyone. Thirty people were in my class.<br />

We had great teachers. School was fun! Brandon<br />

had one red light and was a small town and a<br />

wonderful place to grow up (population was<br />

about 1500 in early 50s). We were blessed for<br />

sure. Even though we are a larger city now,<br />

Brandon is still an exciting fun place to be.<br />

I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.<br />

Reagan Grubbs<br />

BHS Class of 2014<br />

My favorite memory from my time at Brandon<br />

High School was the Friday night football<br />

games at Louis Gene. I will always cherish<br />

those nights on that field being able to dance<br />

on the side lines with some of my very best<br />

friends. There is nothing like Friday night lights<br />

as a Brandon Bulldog!<br />

I have lived in Brandon for 25 years and will<br />

continue to live here. Brandon is a place where<br />

I have made memories as a child, teenager,<br />

and now as an adult. This city has always been<br />

a safe place for my family and my friends.<br />

Even though Brandon is a big town, it has<br />

such a charming, small-town feel to it. Brandon<br />

is an incredible city with kind, compassionate<br />

people. Brandon schools are a part of the<br />

Rankin County School District, and they are<br />

truly remarkable. I am so proud to say that I<br />

work for the Rankin County School District as a<br />

3rd grade teacher at StoneBridge Elementary<br />

School. I have loved Brandon, Mississippi,<br />

my whole life, and I cannot wait to see all the<br />

amazing things that are to come here.<br />

Chas Gualano<br />

BHS Class of 1992<br />

My favorite high school memory is just being<br />

part of the Class of 1992. We were all so close<br />

and lived high school life to the fullest.<br />

Living in Brandon has all the conveniences<br />

but still feels like a close-knit small town. It is<br />

a great place to focus on church and family.<br />

Blair Jussely<br />

BHS Class of 2006<br />

My favorite memory includes being a part of<br />

the varsity cheerleading squad when we won<br />

the state championship my sophomore year.<br />

The best thing about living in Brandon is the<br />

down to earth people and the strong sense<br />

of community.<br />

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 93

Sam McCreary<br />

BHS Class of 2013<br />

My favorite memory from my time as a student<br />

at Brandon High School would probably be my<br />

senior year when we played in the state<br />

championship in football and how the whole<br />

Brandon community came together as one big<br />

family to support our football team.<br />

I believe the best thing about living in Brandon<br />

is the hometown feel that it has, from sports<br />

teams to church and community organizations,<br />

The people of Brandon are always ready and<br />

willing to do whatever it takes to support each<br />

other.<br />

Aaron Jussely<br />

BHS Class of 2004<br />

It’s really tough to just mention one favorite<br />

memory because there are so many I could<br />

name. We beat Moss Point in the second<br />

round of the playoffs my junior year and they<br />

had beaten us the two years prior so that was<br />

a super fun night. Honestly, it may have just<br />

been all those good times hanging out with<br />

everyone at the village or at someone’s house.<br />

Brandon was a great place to go to school with<br />

tons of great people.<br />

The best thing about living in Brandon is how<br />

everyone comes together in times of adversity.<br />

Brandon is not a huge town, but it has grown<br />

since I moved here in the 5th grade, but it still<br />

has the small-town feel. It is hard to go<br />

somewhere around town and not run into two<br />

or three people you know, and I love that<br />

about living here.<br />

Don Bass<br />

Brandon Academy Class of 1981<br />

Graduation! The class of 1981 has always been<br />

a small, tightly knit group of friends who look<br />

out for each other and do our best to stay in<br />

touch with each other. Another special aspect<br />

of my class is that we were part of the first<br />

group to win a football state championship for<br />

our school.<br />

I have always loved our small-town values of<br />

God, family, and country that are still evident<br />

today in our expanding community. I loved<br />

growing up in this small town where someone<br />

could drive a tractor to school or ride a horse<br />

to the city pool and no one gave it a second<br />

thought. As Brandon continues to grow, I hope<br />

we never lose our safe, small-town feel.<br />

94 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

<strong>39042</strong> Our Town • 95

POOLS<br />


601-591-CLUB<br />


gROUP<br />

96 • Our Town <strong>39042</strong>

Free to do what’s right for you SM<br />

You need an<br />

independent insurance agent. SM<br />

We are different. We are Brandon.<br />


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