Warta Industri June 2011


Warta Industri June 2011

International Organization of Spice Trading

Association or IOSTA is a professional non-profit

organization established to conduct forums to the

industry representatives to discuss issues of common

interests. Its memberships include spice associations

around the globe whose members meet regularly to

discuss issues relevant to the spice industry.

IOSTA’s mission is to bring together spice

organizations around the globe to address common

issues and seek sensible solutions to ensure the

sustainability of the spice industry. With this mission

in mind, IOSTA represents the industry’s interests

and international spice trade to the authorities at the

national and international level as well as promoting

consensus among members of the organization on all

matters pertaining to the industry and spice trade. Apart

from that, it has also been tasked to collect, review and

disseminate related data in smoothing the achievement

of IOSTA’s objectives. IOSTA is also given the status

as International Non-Government Observer with


The main objective of IOSTA is to address issues

regarding production, processing, food safety and

seek sensible solutions to ensure the sustainability

of the world spice industry. IOSTA’s membership is

divided into two categories i.e. full membership and

associate membership. The full membership is limited

only to national and international spice associations

and relevant entities who are involved in production,

processing, treatment, sales, promotion, spice export

and import. As for the associate membership, it is open

to associations who do not have voting power but are

eligible to contribute inputs to the issues discussed.

Request for new memberships for either full or

associate membership must be approved by the existing

members. There is no fee imposed to become a member.




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Currently, the existing IOSTA’s memberships are

as followings:

• All Nippon Spice Association (ANSA)

• American Spice Trade Association (ASTA)

• American Spice Trade Association (ASTA)

• Canadian Spice Association (CSA)

• Department of Export Agriculture in Sri

Lanka (DEA)

• European Spice Association (ESA)

• The International General Produce


• Spice Council of Sri Lanka

• Spices Board of India

• Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA)

IOSTA’s secretariat is located in the office of

American Spice Trade Association or better known

as ASTA. The secretariat is responsible to handle

correspondences, IOSTA routine works, disseminate

information among its members and coordinating

meetings. The chairmanship is rotated among its

members every two years. Meetings are held biennially

or when necessary and if possible, concurrent with

other spice events such as IPC and ASTA meetings, etc.

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