ACENTA - Hoover

ACENTA - Hoover

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The handle must be assembled to the

cleaner before use, unless being used

with the shoulder strap - see (6).

1. Remove hand-screw from handle.

2. Slide handle over top of cleaner.

3. Tighten hand-screw.


a) Wind cord around hooks.

Secure cord with integrated clip.

b) Undo integrated clip.

Turn both hooks inwards as shown

to release cord.


a) Shoulder strap †

b) Flexible hose †

c) Dusting brush †

d) Extension tube

e) Furniture nozzle

f) Crevice tool


g) Carpet & Floor nozzle: press pedal to

bring brushes in contact with hard


h) Delicate Floor nozzle*: for wooden

floors and all delicate floors.

i) Turbonozzle*: especially for carpets.

l) Electric Power nozzle*: for deep

cleaning of large areas of carpet.


a) ON / OFF switch

Push to switch on.

Push again to switch off.

b) Power control*

Slide to the right to increase.

Slide to the left to decrease.


When using Electric Power nozzle*

insert nozzle electric plug into socket on

back of cleaner (behind control panel).


a) With nozzle removed, slide one end

of shoulder strap over tube at base

of cleaner. Slide the strap end past

the locking tab and rotate as shown.

Refit with accessories depending on


b) With main handle removed - see (1)

clip other end of the shoulder strap

to top of stub handle.

c) Carry the cleaner over the shoulder

as shown.

IMPORTANT: Switch cleaner

off and remove plug from

electricity supply before

changing paper bag or

removing any filters.

* Feature varies according to model † Optional accessory.

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