“We eat and drink to live! But we don’t live to eat and drink!“ That‘s what the adage says, telling us
that both wine and food are consequences of man‘s economic endeavours, a form of social cohesion
and a reflection of the immense variety of cultural creativity. That is why it is through wines
and dishes that we can recognise life styles, ordinary days and holidays, the efforts of individuals,
families and inhabitants of towns, villages and regions. Through this publication we invite you
to discover the richness of all three wine-growing regions of Slovenia, which, with its hundreds
of years of cultural entanglements, is building its modern recognisability at the junction of the
European Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain. It is this very junction that also gives
a special and recognisable character to all of our wines and cuisine. Our numerous, often quite
boutique and extremely natural wines, include quite a few original or autochthonous specialties,
which, along with other wines, can very quickly create unique experiences and relationships for
you. Here the path from heart to soul is a very short one... That is exactly why we are offering you
several wine routs, which will lead you through the wine-growing regions of Podravje, Posavje and
Primorska... To good people and dishes and to noble wines!

Getting back

14 slovenian wine roads

Truth be told: 15 or 20 years ago the

wine-growing region of Podravje played

a leading role in Slovenia. Most vintners

then began to rest on their laurels. Infatuated

with their own undisputed natural

resources and achievements, they all

but forgot to keep track of what was going

on in the world of wine-growing in

Slovenia and abroad. Consequently, the

wine-growers of Primorska, inspired by

influences from neighbouring Italy, began

to overtake them from all quarters. The

awakening came a few years ago, and the

wine-growers of Štajerska, as they cannot

be called Podravci, are winning old positions

firmly and steadily, which is good for

all and for them in particular. It has been

assumed for some time that Podravje

boasts certain wine-growing positions

that may be compared to the world’s best.

This includes the Burgundy, which is on

the same latitude. When several years ago

English wine experts and advisors, most

of them holding the prestigious title of

MW (Master of Wine), arrived in Ormož

and on some other wine-growing slopes,

they agreed unanimously that north-eastern

Slovenia had a wine-growing potential

that has not yet been utilised. And when

it is, it will be able to measure up to neighbouring

Austria and faraway New Zealand,

which today set standards for fresh

white wines and for recognisable varieties

of wines. The climate and soil in this part

of Slovenia are perfectly suited to such

wines. For now, there is enough red wine

only for specimens, but varieties of the