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02_febbraio - Porto & diporto

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A recent meeting of the Propeller Club and Sviluppo Cina “Development

China” was dedicated to the Chinese market and the possibility of it diminishing.

Club president Riccardo Fuochi underlined the importance of installing

and promoting new and better economic and social ties. Opportunities for

investment exist especially in logistics.

Foreign investment in China amounted to 120.000 million US$ in 2011 and

third quarter growth was 9.8%.

Guest of honour Joanne Chou the Hong Kong government representative

as well as Ministry of Economy and Trade representative to the EU spoke

of China’s excellent economic performance with growth of 7% per annum

planned in the years 2011/2015. In 2009 the EU was Hong Kong’s second

largest trade partner after continental China. Hong Kong has announced its

plans to study the environmental impact of Container Terminal 10 and its effect

on road and maritime systems.

Riccardo Fuochi




SRM an Italian research and study association

has published a report on economic relationships

between Italy and the Mediterranean

countries. The study concludes that a 5% increase

in productivity in the ports of Naples and

Salerno would mean an increase of 50.000 teu

over the current levels of 540.000 and 230.000

respectively. Achieving the increase would require

dredging and further investment in the

surrounding industry, logistics and road and

rail connections. SRM is convinced that shipping

will develop in the Mediterranean with new

infrastructure on land and at sea. Campania is

Southern Italy’s principal region for export to

North Africa with a value of 400 million euros. However increased traffic at Tangier and Port Said means a direct reduction

of traffic to Italy’s ports and especially those in Campania. In addition to investment, administrative procedures must

be speeded up. Italy expects trade with the Mediterranean to increase from the current 60.000 million euros to 80.000

million euros by 2013. Italy and Campania could receive investment of between 4.000 to 10.000 million euros of Sovereign

Funds from the MENA area. Naples port has 377 million to invest in improvements. Port costs represent the chief

difficulty compared with the lower cost levels of the ports of Tangier and Port Said.


Lametia Terme airport has handled 2 million passengers

in the 10 months to October 31. The airport continues its expansion

plans with the opening of a new VIP lounge, car park

and a terminal dedicated to low cost flights. Starting in March

2012 Ryan Air will increase its weekly flights to Bologna and

Bergamo to 9 and 24 respectively and the number of flights

to the UK is also increasing. Future plans include a new terminal

with a capacity of 3.5 million passengers at a cost of 90

million euros to be financed by the EU. A 120 room Aerhotel

and restaurant and shopping centre will also be added. The

airport users are Alitalia with 108 weekly flights followed by

Ryan Air with 40 flights including 4 for London and 2 for Brussels

Charleroy. Other operators are Blu Express, Easyjet and

Air Transat flying to Canada.

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