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02_febbraio - Porto & diporto

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Grimaldi’s Magazine Mare Nostrum announced the 5th edition of the Mare Nostrum Awards dedicated to professional

journalists, photographers and advertising agents who have promoted Motorways of the Sea by demonstrating their commercial,

social and environmental advantages. Competitors can submit journalistic, TV and radio reports, photo reporting

and economic/tourism studies in Italian, English, Spanish, Catalan, French and Greek. Competitors must be residents

of either Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia or Morocco. Five winners will share a prize of 50.000 euros. All participants may

make a free round trip on a Grimaldi Lines or Minoan Lines vessel on one of Grimaldi’s services to Italy, Spain, Tunisia,

Morocco and Greece by July 31. Work must be submitted by August 20 and will judged by an International jury presided

over by Folco Quilici.


CMC an Italian company set up in 2005 to produce stabiliser flaps

and manoeuvring propellors has patented its new electronic stabilising

system Stabilis Electra at the EU patent office. The patent covers

all EU countries plus Turkey for 20 years. CMC can now produce,

distribute and sell their system without interference. Stabilis Electra

was introduced at the Genoa Boat Show in 2008 and in 2009 was

awarded the Qualitec Technology Award 2009. A Sanlorenzo 82 was

the first yacht to be fitted with the system. In 2011 the system was

further developed for super yachts and in November won the Dame

award at METS 2011 in the “Machinery, propulsion, mechanical and

electrical systems and fittings” category.

Currently the Stabilis Electra range consists of 4 models applicable

to vessels from 20 meters to over 60 meters and is replacing older

hydraulic systems. So far more than 50 systems have been delivered

to Italian yards including Benetti and Azimut


Roberto Tatavitto European representative for the Central African

Republic diamond trade proposes setting up a diamond

market in Naples which would increase employment, financial

services business and medium to high level tourism. The idea

came to Mr. Tatavitto during his visits to Central Africa where he

realised that “made in Italy” was an important commercial factor

and welcomed. He also saw that the country has important

diamond reserves frequently alluvial.

Campania is the centre of an important gold working industry

giving work to 13.000 people which would be complemented by

the diamond trade. Mr. Tattavito intends obtaining permission

from African governments to conduct operators and buyers to

the diamond areas. All diamonds will be certified in accordance

with International agreements.

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