Regolamento Film 2006 - Filmfestival Premio Lessinia

Regolamento Film 2006 - Filmfestival Premio Lessinia

provide any explanations for them. Those films with low technical qualities,

those of most advertising contents and those whose theme does not correspond

to the Filmfestival will be excluded.

Art. 10 - The Festival Direction will may accept films as “Out of Competition” if

their contents will concern the theme of the Filmfestival, no matter what the

production year or length. Both types of films (in and out of competition) will

be projected in Cerro Veronese from August 19 th to August 27 th 2006, according

to the Festival schedule, which will be set down and announced as

soon as the film-selection will be completed. If a film is selected for the Competition,

then the the director will be invited to the Festival.

Art. 11 - The Festival jury awards the followings:

Lessinia Prize of the Municipality Cerro Veronese „Golden Cerro“

2500 €. Awarded to the best Film of outstanding content and artistic value.

• Prize of the Provincial of Verona Administration „Silver Cerro“

1500 €. Prize for the best Film about the man’s life in the mountains.

• Special Prize of the Region of Veneto 1000 €. Prize for the best Film

about “cultural landscape of Mountain”.

• Prize of Curatorium Cimbricum Veronense 1000 €. Prize for the best

Film about the Ethnologic Speech Minorities living in the mountains and

their Culture.

• Prize of the Mountain Community of Lessinia 1000 €. Prize for the best

film about Lessini Mountains.

• Prize of BIM Adige Association 500 €. Prize for the best film about the

protection and safeguard of the region of the Lessini Mountains.

• Prize of the Regional Natural Park Lessinia 500 €. Prize for the best

naturalistic Documentary.

The names of the members of the jury will be announced at the beginning of

the Festival and their decisions are final.

The jury can award its own “Jury Prize” without money . It can also give one

or more special mentions without money as well. The jury may also not award

one ore more of the above mentioned prizes. In case of „ex-equo“ prizes the

amount will be divided among the two or more winners. Prizes are awarded to

the main author of the film and the jury is not permitted to award several prizes

to the same film.

Art. 12 - The announcement of the winner will be given from the jury on Saturday

26 th August at 12.00 a.m in Cerro Veronese. The closing cerimony will take

place on Saturday 26 th August 2006 at 9.00 p.m.

Art. 13 - All the competitors whose film has been selected for the festival as “in

or out competition” must leave one copy of the video, which remains property

of the Filmfestival’s direction to improve its own video-library. This video copy

is intended for internal use only and also for the promotion of the Filmfestival

Premio Lessinia in Italy or abroad also through public showings but also for nonprofit


Art. 14 - All the competitors allow the festival direction to broadcast on local,

national and international Television short extracts of their films, for a maximum

of 3 minutes per-film and for promotion purposes only.

Art. 15 - Film enrolment is free but it requires the acceptance of these regulations.

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