Lijst met alle officiële CODAP 2007 codes

Lijst met alle officiële CODAP 2007 codes

Letsels gesorteerd op code

89SO Struma ovarii, maligne

89ST Syncytiotrofoblastische reuscellen

89TC Choriocarcinoma and

teratoma/embryonal carcinoma

89TE Teratoma with somatic type


89TM Mixed embryonal carcinoma and


90 Transitioneel epithelioom

90BA Basaloid carcinoma

90BD Bellini duct carcinoma

90GG Trans. epith. goed gedif. gr 1

90IM Trans.epith. intramucosaal

90IN Trans.epith. invas (musculosa)

90ME Renal medullary carcinoma

90MG Trans. epith. matig gedif. gr 2

90MP Urothelial carcinoma micropapillary

90OI Trans.epith. oppervl. invasief

90SA Urothelial carcinoma sarcomatoid

90TI Trans. epith. invas. (transmur)

90WG Trans. epith. weinig gedif. gr 3

91 Squamous cell carcinoma, nos

91AC Acantholytische spino

91BA Squamous cell carcinoma, basaloid

91BI Beginnende invasie (spino)

91CC Squamous cell carcinoma, clear cell

91DC Dermoidcyste carcinoom

91GG Spino, goed gedifferentieerd

91KE Squamous cell carcinoma,


91MG Spino, matig gedifferentieerd

91MI Early invasive (microinvasive)

squamous cell carcinoma

91NK Squamous cell carcinoma, nonkeratinizing

91PA Papillair carcinoma (NOS)

91PP Squamous cell carcinoma, papillary

91PS Spindle cell



91SC Squamous cell carcinoma, small cell

91TI Spino, invasief transmuraal

91VC Verrukeus carcinoom / Warty

(condylomatous) carcinoma

91WG Spino,weinig gedifferentieerd

92 Basal cell carcinoma

92AB Basal cell carcinoma with adnexal

differentiation, adenoid basal


92AD Adnexal carcinoma

92BS Basosquameus carcinoma

92DP Digital papillary carcinoma

92ES Spiradenocarcinoma

92FE Fibroepithelial basal cell carcinoma

92IN Infiltrating basal cell carcinoma

92MA Pilomatrical carcinoma

92MC Microcystic adnexal carcinoma

92NO Nodular (solid) basal cell carcinoma

92PO Porocarcinoma

92SE Epithelioma sebaceum

92SU Superficial basal cell carcinoma

93 Adenocarcinoma

93AA Endometrioid adenocarcinoma,

variant with squamous differentiation

93AC Adenoied cystic carcinoma

93AK Apocrine carcinoma

93AL Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma

93AP Adenocarcinoma in adenomatous


93AS Adenosquamous carcinoma

93BC Basal cell adenocarcinoma

93BM Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma,


93BN Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma, nonmucinous

93CA Adrenal cortical carcinoma

93CC Clear cell adenocarcinoom

93CE Malignant tumours of ceruminous

glands; Ceruminous


93CF Chromophobe renal cell carcinoma

93CH Cholangiocarcinoom

93CI Endometrioid adenocarcinoma,

ciliated cell variant

93CR Invasive cribriform carcinoma

93CY Cystadenocarcinoma

93DL Infiltrating duct and lobular


93DT Adenocarcinoma, diffuse type

93DU Ductulair carcinoom

93DX Invasief ductaal carcinoma met

andere types

93EC Well-differentiated endocrine

carcinoma, non-functioning

93EF Endometrioid adenocarcinofibroma

(malignant adenofibroma)

93EM Epithelial-myoepithelial carcinoma

93EN Endometrioid adenocarcinoma

93ES Endometrioid adenocarcinoma,

secretory variant

93FE Fetal adenocarcinoma

93GA Gastrin-producing gastrinoma,


93GC Granular cell adenocarcinoom

93GG Adenocarcinoma, goed gediff.

93GL Glycogen-rich clear cell carcinoma

93GP Glucagon-producing glucagonoma,


93GR Renal cell carcinoma / Grawitz tumor

/ hypernefroom

93HC Combined hepatocellular and


93HI Hidradenoma, maligne

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