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the NEW SERIES collection -

the NEW SERIES | www.ape.esCiudad del transporte | c/Luxemburgo, parcela 46 | 12006 Castellón - Spaintlf. +34 964 34 04 34 | fax +34 964 25 56 06

NEWS21the NEW SERIES collection.2010

INthe NEW SERIthe NEW SERIES collection.2010

5DEXthe PIEDRA DE AVILA collection.the ATELIER collection.8the VELVET collection.9the ARIANA collection.24the FEELING collection.24the GEO collection.24the TATAMI collection.12the 5 th AVENUE collection.13the DISSART collection.14the SUPREME collection.16the CROCOTILE collection.1731.6x63.22825x5030the BROSSE collection.34the FANTASY collection.20the JAIMA collection.21the SEDUM collection.35the CANYON collection.36the GAROA collection.382the IPANEMA collection.403the MADISON collection.40the METROPOLIS collection.40the ROME collection.41IES collectionthe STEEL collection.41


the ATELIER collectionthe VELVET collection


the TATAMI collectionthe 5 th AVENUE collectionthe DISSART collectionthe SUPREME collectionthe CROCOTILE collection


the FANTASY collectionthe JAIMA collection


the ARIANA collectionthe FEELING collectionthe GEO collection

the ARIANA collection.60x60.Ariana. Blanco60x60Ariana. Grafito60x60the FEELING collection.60x60.Feeling. Black60x60Feeling. Grey60x60the GEO collection.60x60.Geo. Brown60x60Geo. Grafito60x60

Ariana. Tabaco60x602425Feeling. Vainilla60x60Feeling. Wenge60x60Geo. Grey60x60Geo. Sand60x60


the BROSSE collectionthe SEDUM collectionthe CANYON collectionthe GAROA collectionthe IPANEMA collectionthe MADISON collectionthe METROPOLI collectionthe ROME collectionthe STEEL collection

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