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angiofibroma 88Quincke-Ödem nt; Urticaria gigantea f;Urticaria profunda fi linfoadenopatia angioimmunoblastica fd angioimmunoblastische Lymphadenopathie f1430 angiofibroma ng µ nt -µi angiofibroma md Angiofibrom nt1431 angiogenesis n; vasculogenesis n;vascularization ng f -; f -i angiogenesi f; vasculogenesi fd Angiogenese f; Vaskulogenese f;Blutgefäßbildung f1432 angiogenesis factor ng m -i fattore angiogenetico md Angiogenese-Faktor m1433 angiogenic adjg adj -/-,-i angiogenico adjd angiogenetisch adj; angiogen adj1434 angiogenin ng f -i angiogenina fd Angiogenin nt1435 angiography n; vasography ng f -i angiografia f; vasografia fd Angiographie f; Vasographie f1436 angiohemophilia n; vascular hemophilia n;Willebrand syndrome n; Minot-vonWillebrand syndrome n; pseudohemophilian; von Willebrand disease ng µ f -; vonWillebrand f -; µ Minot-vonWillebrand nt -µ; µ Willebrand nt-µ; µ f -i angioemofilia f; emofilia vascolare f; malattiadi von Willebrand f; pseudoemofilia f;sindrome di Minot-von Willebrand f;sindrome di Willebrand fd Angiohämophilie f; Pseudohämophilie f;Willebrand-Jürgens-Syndrom nt; vaskuläreHämophilie f1437 angioimmunoblastic adjg adj -,-i angioimmunoblastico adjd angioimmunoblastisch adj1438 angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy ng µ f -1439 angiokeratoma n; keratoangioma n;angiokeratosis n; angioceratoma n;telangiectatic wart n; telangiectasiaverrucosa ng µ nt -µ; f -i angiocheratoma m; angiocheratosi f; verrucateleangectasica f; teleangectasia verrucosa fd Angiokeratom m; Angiokeratoma m;Telangiectasia verrucosa f; Blutwarze f* angiokeratosis n 1439* angiokinesis n 268691440 angiolipoma ng µ nt -µi angiolipoma md Angiolipom nt1441 angiology ng f -i angiologia fd Angiologie f1442 angioma ng µ nt -µi angioma md Angiom m; Angioma m; Gefäßtumor m* angioma cavernosum n 4196* angioma lymphaticum n 138291443 angiomyolipoma ng µµ nt -µi angiomiolipoma md Angiomyolipom nt1444 angioneuropathy ng f -i angioneuropatia fd Angioneuropathie f* angioneurotic edema n 14291445 angiopathy ng f -i angiopatia fd Angiopathie f* angiophakomatosis n 272141446 angiophakomatosis ng µ f -

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