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C RONACA automazione Una

C RONACA automazione Una soluzione all-in-one per l’automazione l MOVI-C®, la soluzione modulare all-in-one di SEW-EURODRIVE. l MOVI-C®, the all-in-one modular automation solution from SEW-EURODRIVE. MMOVI-C® è la piattaforma modulare per l’automazione che SEW-EURODRIVE ha presentato alle ultime fiere di settore. Composta da quattro moduli che possono essere combinati in base alle esigenze, consente la digitalizzazione dell’elettromeccanica e la connettività di tutti i componenti del sistema. Il tutto gestito da un unico software. di Silvia Crespi Con MOVI-C®SEW-EURODRIVE ha presentato a SPS IPC DRIVES Italia una soluzione modulare all-in-one per l’automazione composta da quattro moduli (software di ingegnerizzazione, tecnologia di controllo, tecnologia degli inverter e tecnologia di azionamento), che possono essere combinati in modo tale da soddisfare le molteplici esigenze degli utilizzatori. La soluzione rappresenta una risposta valida sia per l’implementazione di applicazioni 8 l giugno 2017 PubliTec

l Il software di ingegnerizzazione è uno dei quattro moduli della soluzione MOVI-C®. l The engineering software is one of four modules in the MOVI-C® solution. standardizzate multi-asse o a singolo asse, sia nel caso di applicazioni particolarmente complesse nelle aree del motion control e dell’automazione. L’intento della casa tedesca è quello di offrire una piattaforma completa (dai componenti di motion control ai drive), semplice da NEW ARTICLE - automation An All-In-One Solution for Automation MOVI-C® is the modular automation system that SEW-EURODRIVE presented at the latest industry exhibitions. Consisting of four modules that can be combined to meet customers’ needs, it allows electromechanics to be digitized while enhancing the connectivity of all system components. All managed by a single software. With MOVI-C®, SEW-EURODRIVE presented at SPS IPC DRIVES Italia an all-in-one modular automation solution consisting of four modules (engineering software, control technology, inverter technology and drive technology), which can be combined to meet multiple needs. The solution is a valid response both for the implementation of standardized multior single-axis applications, as well as for particularly complex applications in the motion control and automation sectors. The goal of the German company is to offer a complete platform (from motion control components to drives), easy to use (with pre-defined application packages), safe (Safe Torque Off or STO on all drives), efficient (energy recovery via DC bus, regenerative mode and stand-by mode) platform that enhances the digitalization of electromechanics and the connectivity of all system components. All managed by a single software. “It is a connected modular system that allows real-time communication at all levels of intelligence and connectivity in all the InMotion factory areas”, said Marketing Manager Giosuè Cavallaro. “A true ‘smart’ platform, in short, which goes well beyond traditional communication”. At the booth, visitors could see a packaging machine, equipped with the MOVI-C® platform developed in seven thematic islands. One of these was devoted specifically to the MOVISUITE® engineering software, which offers faster commissioning, operation and diagnostics. In addition to standard programming, the software modules make it possible to greatly reduce complexity by allowing complex kinematics to be implemented from simple parameterization. Back to MOVI-C®: another advantage is its endto-end applicability. The automation solution, with its modules, can be used both vertically, from controller to gearbox, and horizontally through all electronic products. All through a single software suite. Focus was also on the service package. An area of the booth was dedicated to CDS or Complete Drive Service, the SEW-EURODRIVE modular service package to support production and maintenance activities. An example of Smart Logistics: The AGV Transfer shuttle SEW-EURODRIVE was also present in the Know-How 4.0 area, with a new AGV transfer Shuttle. Contrary to that presented last year at the same event, in this case the AGV shuttle is equipped with contactless power supply technology and supercapacitator Energy Buffer module. Suitable for small warehouses, with a maximum load of 500 kg, in line with the new logistics requirements, the new solution is particularly flexible. It is based on a mobile unit that can move independently of the different levels of the automatic warehouse thanks to a lift. The lift allows picking and placement of boxes containing packages that the user can freely select via specific touchscreens and an AGV shuttle that coordinates with the Transfer Shuttle for picking up and delivering the product. The heart of the system integrates mechanical and electronic components into a complete package that consists of Logistic Controller, HMI, drives, gear motors and a non-contact inductive power supply system. The solution is also equipped with safety devices needed to ensure the safety of people who can operate in the AGV area. l june 2017 l 9