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In terms of per capita

In terms of per capita GDDP, the district placed at the bottom end is Villupuram, followed by Thiruvannamalai and Dharmapuri. In the case of the first two districts mentioned here, the PGDDP is less than half of that of Chennai, although these districts happen to be neighbouring districts (Chart 4.4). Chart 4.4 Real Per Capita GDDP: Districts Arranged in Descending Order of Deficiency 120.0 100.0 80.0 60.0 40.0 20.0 0.0 Villupuram Dharmapuri Thiruvarur Thanjavur Nagapatinam Ramanathapuram Perambalur Tiruchirapalli Salem Dindigul Thirunelveli Madurai Thoothukudi Thiruvallur Virudhunagar Chennai Real Per capita GDDP (2002-03) PPP Considering the four indicators together, the district that needs priority attention as it appears in the ten most deficient districts for all the four indicators is Thiruvannamalai. Districts that appear in at least three of the ten most deficient districts among the four indicators are Villupuram, Dharmapuri, and Krishnagiri. Districts that appear in ten most deficient districts in at least two indicators are Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Sivagangai, and Ramanathapuram. Thus, the maximum attention that has to be given for uplifting economic activities as well as income and health services should focus on districts like Thiruvannamalai, Villupuram, Krishnagiri, followed by Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Sivagangai, and Ramanathapuram. In addition, there has to be service-wise differentiation in identifying the districts that are relatively more deficient. In terms of the overall Human Development Index, where all the four components are bought together, as indicated by Chart 4.5, the slope is on the whole relatively mild with a long horizontal stretch for a good number of districts indicating that leaving the districts that are located at high and low end of deficiency, for most of the middle range districts, the spread is relatively even. 76

Chart 4.5: Human Development Index: Districts Arranged in Descending Order of Income 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 0.0 Dharmapuri Villupuram Perambalur Ramanathapuram Dindigul Vellore Namakkal Thiruvarur Theni Tiruchirapalli Virudhunagar Thirunelveli Madurai Thiruvallur Kanchipuram Chennai HDI Thus, in terms of the components of human development as well as gender development, there are considerable differences in the ranking of districts in order of deficiency indicating that spatial focus of policies addressing education and health facilities as well as issues relating to gender development and economic activities in general need to be dovetailed towards the relatively more deficient districts in regard to the different indicators. Recently the Centre for Development Finance at Institute of Financial and Management Research (2009) constructed an Economic Environment Index (EEI) for Tamil Nadu. This study covers all the districts of Tamil Nadu, except Chennai and the three new districts (Ariyalur, Tiruppur and Krishnagiri) which formed part of their parent districts of Perambalur, Coimbatore and Dharmapuri. This is based on survey of both the firms and households. The EEI is based on seven sub-indices viz., (a) physical infrastructure, (b) social infrastructure, (c) governance, (d) law and order, (e) environmental sustainability, (f) business establishment cost, and (g) cost of oing business. Of the all the discticts ranked, the Nilgiris is ranked on the top, followed by Namakkal, Kanayakumari, Erode, Triuvarur, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli (16), Tirunelveli (17) and the last ranked district is Dindigul. 4.2 Gender Related Deficiencies: District-wise Profile Next, we consider the district profile in terms of the Gender Development Index (GDI). Table 4.3 gives the inter-district profile of life expectancy at birth, literacy rate, gross enrolemnt ratio, and per capita income separately for the male and female population. 77

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