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i CHOCOLATE 5 NEW! CAT. NO 0578 NAPOLITAINS 7,5 G FLAVOUR PRODUCT OPTIONS DIMENSIONS MINIMUM ORDER PACKAGING BEST BEFORE DATE PRINTING OPTIONS milk chocolate, dark chocolate 72% cocoa foil: silver or gold 40 x 34 x 7 mm 2 000 pcs. 500 pcs. 6 months digital printing 72% cocoa COLOURS OF FOIL SILVER GOLD CHOCOLATE 72% COCOA We are pleased to introduce a new member of our chocolate family. To our range of delicious chocolates - 33% cocoa milk chocolate, 54% cocoa dessert chocolate, and white chocolate - joins our new Belgian chocolate with 72% cocoa content. Refined, aromatic, and very elegant. You will find it in several forms, in the form of small single neapolitans, as well as large tablets, or finally in a many versions with interesting extras.

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