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incense dreams JOURNAL - issue 2.1 - SILENCE

What is most important

What is most important in poetry is the unsaid, the void between words, the silence that allows the reader to perceive the sensation it evokes and to hear it resonate in himself/herself, amplified by the reverberations of his/her own memory. 盗 人 にとり 残 されし 窓 の 月 nusubito ni torinokosareshi mado no tsuki the thief left behind the moon in my window Ryōkan Taigu a new nest – silence of bare branches goes away roberto timo A fundamental element not only of music, of the art of sounds, but also of poetry, painting, sculpture, and the arts in general is rhythm. Silence too has a rhythm. Rhythm is the element that in the most intense and immediate way affects the viewer, the reader, and the listener, because it has direct emotional and physical action. The word “rhythm” derives from the Greek word rheo which means, mainly, to flow. Rhythm is the form of becoming, the form of the world of phenomena, as Nietzsche maintained, according to which psychic experiences, natural events, and cultural manifestations are revealed. The relationship between sound (musical note, word, etc.) and perception is a subjective experience, which is enriched by the substratum and language of each person; perception, action, and memory build an inner representation that goes beyond the sound itself and becomes also food and care of the body and the spirit. birds singing in the dark in the rainy dawn Jack Kerouac

Breathing is the metronome of human sounds and even the sounds of nature. If we listen carefully, nature has a rhythm that resembles that of breath: the wind on the wings of a seagull, the waves of the sea crashing on the shore, snow crunching. sakura blooming the silence along the path lucia Fontana Breathing is a process of exchange with the external environment where the polarity between taking and giving is experienced. The word "to breathe", or to introduce air into the lungs, has the same root of the word "inspiration" (which in Latin means "to blow in"), which symbolizes artistic creativity. Breath prevents the human being to isolate himself/hersef; breath forces him /her to maintain contact with the environment, with others. Breath leads us continuously into contact with the whole, with the universe. We breathe the air of our partner, our neighbors, our friends, and our enemies. Breath has to do with contact, with relationships; it is, psychologically, the assimilation of life. Even language, what allows us to communicate with others, is a kind of "music".