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incense dreams JOURNAL - issue 2.1 - SILENCE

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Silence texts and photographs by antonella filippi Noise and sound: the difference is given by the rhythm of the vibration, by frequency and intensity. The first one is irregular, and the second one is regular. Usually we define "noise" as the vibration that comes from human activities, while sound is linked to nature or to an instrument, including the voice. 冬 枯 れや 世 は 一 色 に 風 の 音 fuyugare ya yo wa hito iro ni kaze no oto winter bleakness – in a one-colour world the sound of the wind Matsuo Bashō 海 くれて 鴨 の 声 ほのかにしろし umi kurete kamo no koe honoka ni shiroshi the sea darkens – a wild duck’s call faintly white Matsuo Bashō In the western dichotomy, noise/sound finds its opposite in silence. But silence in itself does not exist, except as a partial moment of detachment or estrangement from the sources of auditory sensations. It is a departure that usually leads us to question ourselves about our lives and what we are looking for.