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incense dreams JOURNAL - issue 2.1 - SILENCE

The ego exists only in

The ego exists only in an abstract sense. It is an abstraction of memory: our name is the sound, but the sound does not correspond to what we are. reminiscing the young girl looks out from the old face jim kacian But there is also the guilty silence of suppression, denial, omission, oblivion, the silence of indifference. old misunderstanding on our silence silence Lucia Fontana

草 霞 み 水 に 声 なき 日 暮 かな kusa kasumi mizu ni koe naki higure kana mist on the grass on soundless waters the sunset Yosa Buson We also have the choice to exclude a series of sounds, human activities, and rediscover the best part of us in silence. 名 月 に 帰 て 咄 す 事 はなし meigetsu ni kaerite hanasu koto wa nashi harvest moon returned with nothing to say Chiyo-ni I surrender tired of thunders and clouds I surrender pietro tartamella summer day beauty of silence empty school A.E., Recanati school