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«Color is what allows me to let off steam – and that’s how it’s always been. Painting to me is life, it’s fundamental, I can’t live without painting anymore. I can take some breaks, some time off without touching the colors, but then they overwhelmingly pop out again, and painting becomes, once more, fundamental to me. I don’t paint for others, I paint for myself: it’s a way to feel truly alive» Giovanni Neri The story Giovanni always painted, even though life forced him to become a farmer, because painting is a necessary act that allowed him to regain a more intimate vision of the countryside. Authors’ note What we found most interesting at first in Giovanni Neri’s experience is the difficult relationship between the inner necessity that drives him to paint and the context of his life in the countryside, which he experiences as something really distant from his true self. During the days spent at Giovanni’s house in Crespellano, near Bologna, we explored together with him his atelier, the farmed fields, and the wilder and uncultivated lands. Then we asked him to record his voice freely, when alone, and tell something about himself without the afterthought of “appearing.” This is how this short film was created, intertwining some of Giovanni’s reflections about himself, his paintings and the land surrounding his family house. After the production of Wild Lands, Giovanni’s experience became a source of inspiration for a feature film. the authors Gigi Giustiniani Filmmaker. His work is focused on art, society, and creative documentaries. Among his main works: Ninì – his first feature film – winner of the Genziana d’Oro for Best Mountaineering Film and the “City of Imola” Award for the best Italian film at the 63rd Trento Film Festival, in addition to 12 other awards in International film festivals; Montagna dei Vivi presented in Nyon at the Visions du Réel festival, and collective movies such as Milano 55,1 (coordinated by B. Oliviero e L. Mosso) presented at the Locarno International Film Festival. He took part to more creative projects, together with artists like sculptor Vincenzo Balena. Raffaele Rezzonico He works as playwright and author for theatrical plays and documentaries, and he conceives participated interventions in the artistic and educational fields. Among his latest works, La Soglia Giardino (performance, 2018), L’insonne (theater, directed by Claudio Autelli – 2015 Inbox Award), Ninì (film, directed by Gigi Giustiniani – 2015 Trento Film Festival Premio Genziana d’Oro), Milena (theater, with Elisa Bottiglieri – 2014 Intransito Award), Montagna dei Vivi (film, directed by Gigi Giustiniani, presented at the Visions du Réel Festival, Nyon, 2013), Milano 55,1 (film, presented at the Locarno International Film Festival, 2011), La morte di Ivan Il’ic (theater, Teatro dell’Arte, Milan, 2010). Production Esquilibrio is an association producing independent films and documentaries focused on art, society and traditions through authorial projects and external collaborations. Credits Direction, Screenplay, Editing: Gigi Giustiniani and Raffaele Rezzonico With: Giovanni Neri Woman’s voice: Paola Palmieri Cinematography, Music, Production: Gigi Giustiniani Audio Post-Production: Giovanni Isgrò Associated Production: Tiziana Carfagna Production: Esquilibrio, in collaboration with La Fournaise Contacts 95

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