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KitchenAid 901 506 22 - 901 506 22 EN (857921516020) Istruzioni per l'Uso

KitchenAid 901 506 22 - 901 506 22 EN (857921516020) Istruzioni per l'Uso Page 16 Page 16 Tuesday, March 25, 2008 4:46 PM • The juices of fruit dripping from the pan may leave permanent stains. It is advisable to clean the oven before reusing it. • To avoid scratching the coating, do not drag pots and pans across the bottom of the oven. • Residual condensation after cooking could eventually damage the oven and surrounding kitchen units. It is advisable to: - set the lowest temperature; - cover food; - remove food from the oven; - dry the wet parts when the oven is cool. • The panel and handle of the oven door become hot when the appliance is switched on for a long time at high temperatures. • Do not touch the oven with wet parts of the body or use it when barefoot. • Do not pull the appliance or the power cable to unplug it. • Do not allow children to touch: - the oven and its controls, especially when it is on and immediately afterwards, to avoid injury; - packing materials (bags, polystyrene, metal parts, etc.); - the oven to be scrapped. • Make sure the electrical cables of other appliances used near the oven do not touch hot parts and are not caught in the oven door. • Some oven models have an air cooling system to prevent the front of the oven and cabinet recess from becoming too hot. Caution: Hot air comes out through an opening located between the control panel and the oven door. Therefore do not obstruct the ventilation openings. • Do not place flammable materials in the oven or near it: they could catch fire if the appliance is inadvertently switched on. • Use oven gloves to remove pans and accessories when the oven is hot. • If alcoholic beverages (e.g. rum, cognac, wine, etc.) are added when roasting or baking cakes, remember that alcohol evaporates at high temperatures. Alcohol vapours can catch fire when coming into contact with the electrical heating element. • Do not heat or cook food in closed containers in the oven. The pressure created inside could cause them to burst, damaging the oven. • For cooking do not use containers made of synthetic material (unless specific for oven use; see the Manufacturer's instructions). They could melt at high temperatures. • Pay attention when cooking with oil and fat. In fact, the oil and fat could overheat and cause afire! • Do not pull out fully loaded accessories. Be very careful. BEFORE USING THE OVEN • Remove the accessories from the oven and heat it at 200 °C for about an hour to eliminate the odours and fumes of the insulating material and protective greases. It is advisable to keep the window open during this operation. • Before using the appliance, remove: - stickers on the front and oven door, except for the dataplate; - cardboard protection and protective plastic film from the control panel and other parts of the oven; - any adhesive labels from the accessories (e.g. under the drip-tray). 16 Page 17 Tuesday, March 25, 2008 4:46 PM OVEN ACCESSORIES The accessories supplied depend on the model. The accessories provided with the oven are listed in the separate Product Sheet (under Accessories). Drip-tray (1) For collecting fat and bits of food when placed under the wire shelf, or as a plate for cooking meat, chicken and fish, etc., with or without vegetables. Pour a little water into the drip-tray to prevent spatters of fat and smoke. 1 Baking tray (2) For baking biscuits, cakes and pizzas. 2 Wire shelf (3) For grilling food or as a support for pots, cake tins and other cooking receptacle. It can be placed on any available level. The wire shelf can be inserted with its curvature facing up or down. 3 Catalytic side panels (4) These panels have a special microporous enamel coating that absorbs fat spatters. It is advisable to do an automatic cleaning cycle after cooking particularly fatty food (see Maintenance and cleaning). 4 Rotisserie (5) Use the rotisserie as indicated in the relevant section in separate Product Sheet. Grill Pan Set (6) The set comprises a wire shelf (6a), an enamelled recipient (6b) and one or two handles (6c). This set must be placed on the wire shelf (3) and used with the Grill function. 6c 5 6a 6b 6 17