LADI ES - Chronicling America

LADI ES - Chronicling America



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,PAOV. !.

tlition Station

Time Card


INFECTIVE .IAN. 1, 1007.


No, r,l

Np. f).1

NO S.r..


Ka. n




7.00 am

10:2." am

4:20 pin

10:f.O pm

fi:to I"

No. no

No. a

G:T.O v....




No 32

lJ "TV TtJB ':

10:25 am

'No. 31 l:8r I'm

No. 30 71.r. Im


"No. 38 stnrl.n from Marion.

No. 3!). ntopn at Marlon.

No. 3!) will leave Columbus at 0 pm

on Sundays.


No. 10( Kx ..12:1.' am

No. 8, Now York Rx 5:32 am

No. , Vcstllmlo Limited.... (!:nn pm

No. Hi Accommodation 12:55 pm

eNo. 22 arrives 5:10 pm


No. f), Chicago Rxpro.n 12:55 am

No. 3, Vestlhulod Limited.. 10:31 am

bNo. 21 7:00 am

No. 11 ., 3:15 pm

No. 7( Pacific Express 11:10 pm

No. 15 0:10 am

No. 1!) 0:52 am

No. 2!) 2:00 pm

No. fi ;.. 1:32 pm

No. 43 7:30 pm

Local 11:15 am


No. 30 .' 10: 43 am

--No. 40 ....v.. 12:17 pnv

No. 1U 5:27 pm

No. 10 7:25 pm

No. 20 11:11 pm

val 3.-2- pm

All trains dally except locals and

Nos. C anil 10.


Tlcltet Agent.

Phones Homo 210; Dolt 177.

Effect Jan. 1, 1!07.

For further Information regarding

trains, call Informal Ion operator,

either 'phono.


At Homel

f Twin pickets arc tickets good ollli-i- r

.fdr one round I rip or for two

, two street, ear tickets. Twin lickels

nl Die Union Station, lie sell

lliem only via (the



Your Real Estate or Business

No Mattor Whore Located.

Properties and Business of all kinds

sold quickly for cash In all parts

of tlio United States. Don't wait.

Write today describing what you

havo to sell and five cash price on



any kind of business or Real Estate

anywhere' at any price wrlto

mo your requirements. I can save

you tlmo and money.



415 Kansas Avonuo



We move and store

your goods and do

all kinds of transfer

work. Phone 155.


$ i f fi



aauuuili unauin. uly muiiui

- "!.--


IL- . fJV'l

' L.:ikuJl-- kviVjvsiyTi i

TSRV V'il'-'!WLl- i ?

The Fireless Cook

Tito fireless cook stove is not exact

ly a new thing, for its economies and

conveniences have been known to tlio

people of an portion of

the flcrman empire. Only a yonr or

two ago soino ladles of that, country

had their attention attracted to the

rirelesH rooltstove. and they hecamo so

Interested In It that an organization

was effected for tlio purpose of making

the women of the. country generally

familiar with it. In this manner

--4 ff i ii iPr C. y

PlQweed Ic an annual plant common

In gardens, yards and corn fields. It Is

usually not bad In grain fields. It

seeds profusely. Tho seed Is easily


Budding Stock. Ib forming a now

top on a tree cut the limbs back, to

Torco out a new growth. Tills now

growth Is then Jiuddcd with tlio d

variety, and as soon as the bud

has set tlio original stock Is cut otf

abovo tho bud, und tho bud will start

to grow at onco. Handled In this way,

tho buds will siiroly grow, whereas if

they aro not forced into growth tho

same season they ate applied they aro

npt to be blown out the following sea-Bo-

Hut whom they gel. u start tho

year before they will ho ull right.

Save Them. Old clothes and old

boards should bo saved and put where

thoy ,aro hatidy to got whon wanted.

t)U clothes arp unofui to cqvcr poia

toes and vegetables to ke,op thein

from freeailiig; to stop holes n tho

barn? henhouse und other bulldlngs(


- vhttVf4frYM4,

Stove and Its Utility

ment., .Tip's was done at Fort Riley,

KnMumf tlltccilon of Cflpt. M. 8.

Murray, with (lie assistance of Lalrobe

Drontwell. Instructor of tho school of

nfriiy c'odl'nt that place. These eS

perlinonta "HVe- - very successful, and

tho pehojnn ,va3 heartily Indorsed. A

liorTsiiltrtolcfor army use has been designed,

and It is likely some great

changes1 in tlio conduct of the company

klthh'on are about to be made.

Tins method of rood preparation lias

- u'.t

iJjm inMMIIIilBTtMIHn'

separated from grain. To eradicate

use clean seed.' Carefully cultivate

corn and olmllar crops.' Rotate Regularly.

to pat down to keep wind and snow

from blowing under doors. Old

boards, pro handy to walk on In mud

tlmy-- ,

or In a wet collar, to mako bins

Tor polrffocs and vegetables, to bank

tho hoiiBcij arid barn, to keop liny up

from tho bottom of (lie bay, c(c.

Keep Dogs Away from Cows. A

cow of nny tomperaturo Is cailly

spoilod by having a dog nipping at hor

heels when being driven. This causes

nervousness nhd irritability and whon,.

accidentally, anyone touches I ho cow's

legs or heels In milking, shp Is likely

to kick, thinking a dbg is after hor,

Poor Economy. Tho most costly-economfor

s llmt of buying

a poor Blfoj , This animal is hoi(

tho hock co, be sitfb, that' (hat half Is.



ft,t6od opo;lv,

l j..Ju


:iA b?-tf?-r

.j, ,

, t a . ' . .

T .? .1 x

I . Mj


'r" ,". y.f- $



Plenty.' ofri,ghL, and Silo Connected with Teed Room

' nr

,, . iFeaf.tti't'.'i.

The plan Hs designed f'. for 24 co vs,

and nlloWainplo'l-oon-i for calf pen

and box stalls for bull and cowto also

fipare feed room, hay chute, wash

loom and silo. In presenting this

plan It Is tint Intended to insist that

tho arrangement is the only satisfactory

one, but tho Idea is to present

some Important features that are

often overlooked by tho builder, und

which aro Vital to a well planned

structure, . ,

Tho amount of spacn allowed for

tlio various purposes named on '.!to

plait It) thought to meet, the requirements,

so Tar" as the kuUuiO feet of

Moor spae,o is concerned. Tho

of the spaco can be adapted

to the needs of the particular location.

Tho width on tho plan Is ::C feet 4

inch outside. There aro (wo main

reasons for adopting this width.

First, it. iillown ample, room for tho

stalls and passageways, audi second',

It permits of tho most economical utee

of lumber in building.

While the length hero shown Is 84

feet and ft Inches, thlrf featuro Is

wholly dependent on the number of

Wo at, the Wisconsin experiment

station havo been al work for nine

years breeding up- - barley. Wo aro

trying to got two or. three good varieties

that can iakS tho placo of tho (50

or 70 varieties (hat aro now being

grown in tlio state. We want to got

a variety or a few varieties that will

give much larger yields than tho

a vertigo of thosa now being grown,

and I bellevo that-w- o havo already secured

llieso varieties.

Wo are carrying on this work In

cooperation with ''tlio United States

department ot agriculture, It began

In Wisconsin, but soon got beyond

our borders and has now been taken

lip by tho United States govornmont.

One.qr tho things Hint wo aro working

on Is t6 get a barloy that will bo

rust proof. The loss from rust In

tho United States-i- s very large. In

Wisconsin last your rust destroyed

seven per cent of our hurley, und this

h '

, . v.

as should bo allowed. Thin width also

(Its into the construction better thun

any other.

Tho manger Is planned to be 2 foot

wido and (' inches deep, with slightly

rounding bottom, (he bottom being 2

Miches higher than tbo floor of- - the


The alleys behind tho cowfl are 1

feel wldo! these give ample room lor

the passage of (bo in all tiro tritck. It

Is designed to take the luanuro not

only out of tho barn, but away from

(he barn, mid deposit It in u manure

shed or on (lib field. It is tmdesfrablo

from tlio standpoint of construction

to hnve a manure pit under the

stable, for tho l onsen that u

Moor cannot successfully bo put nu

wooden Joists, and steel Jolsis aro

It la also unsanitary to Itavu

the manure cellar undor tlio door.

Tho culf pen should be a featuie

of every well planned dairy barn.

Tho one shown In 21 by 11 feet, wllh

Inanger on (ho front for feeding

grain, and hay rack along the hack

wall. Individual stanchions arc provided

for feeding calves grain und


The bull pen and box stalls are up- -

Latest Form of the

one of the United Slates representatives

In Germany heard of the scheme

and icpoited on It. This attracteit

general attention In this country, and

the supply of government pamphlets

SOUTH AND CINCINNATI. wan soon exhausted.

No. f). Oliielniiuil Express... 1:15 am The system Is based on the fact that

No. 3. Vestlbuled Limited.. 10:30 am a perfectly Insulated vessel containing

No. 11 3:15 pm meat or vegetables and a proper sup-

Dally. Dally except Sunday. ply of water will continue to rook for

a long whilo after onco having been

brought to tho boiling point. Tlio

New York Central Lines operation proceeds just tho same as if


It were directly over flic lire, except

that it Is much slower.


This apparatus was known as the

hay box In Germany, and consisted of

a crudely constructed box, which was

insulated in that It was lined with

some cloth or other material which

happened to bo convenient and then

filled with hay. Tho article to bo cook-e- d a

was placed over a lire for a short

time, u minute or two, and then quick, tc

ly transferred to tho hay box, whem

It was placed in u sort of a pocket

made In the hay. Here the rooking

continued slowly wlthou. any further

application or heat or any attention.

The subject was called to the atten- of

tion of President Roosevelt who directed

that tlio hay box bo experiment,

ed with by tho commissary depart-


' ""


3ralio it cheaper io (ravel 'Jiau In

people ino way. .Inst like Imyiii!,'

between clarion ami Colnmlins are

worth $l..'t.r a pair. Ak Iho man


tireless Cooker.

been recently nvallablo for domestic

use by tho introduction or the cooking

cabinet. In tho main this Is nothing

inoro or less than a

box of oak, thoroughly Insulated to

keep In the heat. 11 Is 30 Inches long,

15 wide, nuil 17 deep. It Is equipped

with three enamel vessels of a construction

especially designed for this

character of work, haying covers

which nro clamped on to further facilitate

tho retention of tho heat. Tho

lids of these vessels are held on by a


Pigweed and How


bar-loc- HAfiUfiE.AUrv

SuyMiwci err


,'Anw. im. in

ii ii ii

i ' i in ii n ' l



)TT f

device, which not



only makea a hermetically tight Joint,


but also acts as a handle. One of


these throe vessols Is of eight quarts


capacity, and tho other two four quarts

each. After tho viands In tho kettle

Floor Plan of

havo been exposed to the heat of the cows Die dairyman

stove until boiling

wishes to

has taken placo lor


ThO sides walltf'aro built

minute or so, the lid is clamped

of stono or


place, and the whole pot

concrete up. to


.tho window sills, tho

one of tho pockets

halahco( or

of tho cooker.

the.,fwalls holng frnmo.

The entl walfstiro "constructed

Tho actual tlmo consumed in the



preparation of food by this process

or' concVcVe up to tho celling.



about double that ordinarily

partition extendsroqtilrod,

but tho food may be left In very long

and will not be overdone. The saving

fuel resulting from tho use of tlio

cooker is considerable, and the burdens

of tho housewife aro about


to Get Rid of It



- across the burn,

?o (hat tho cow stable can be entirely

shut orf from tlio other section.

This is considered a strong point In

ibis plan.

The posts carrying tho upper floor

arc ( by fi Inches, tho girders 10 by

12, and Joists 2 by .12. If yellow plno

Ib used tha Joists mny bo spread 21

Inches botweeen centers, but If hemlock

is used the dlstaucd should ho

reduced to 10 Indies.

Ono of (ho weakost points In bam

construction Is tho smuli amount of

window spaco usually allowed. Tho

spaco In tho plair provides approximately

six fljittare l'cot for each cow.

Tho windows aro sliding sash, making

theni nearly, twice as high as

they are wide. This arrangement

will admit much tuoro light than tho

sumo space would if' the windows did

not extend to I Increased Its Capital Stock.

Columbus, 0., Jan. 22. J'ho Toloda

& Western Railroad Co. on Monduy

filed with tho secretary ot state a certificate

of the increaso in its capital

stock from $10,000 to $2,000,000. The

IrciDRoowl. I company was recently Incorporated

to build an :ctrlc lino front Toledo

to tho Indiana state line.


Natural Gas Supply Failed.

WWVWAV J i Fremont, 0 Jan. 22. Tho natural


n supply gnvo out entirely about

.i.i,uT7.i,gu -.l noon Monday. Schools were dismiss

ed and factories shut down. Many

merchants closed up their stores and

Ii1f ij


iph. i l"!

Modern Dairy Barn.

Boom Town Suffero from Fire.

proximately 10 by 10 feet, which Is Columbus, O.. Jan. 22,-- T-irc of tin-

considered amplo slzo for this purknown origin Monday at Utlca, Lick

pose. Tliero Is a full window In each Ing county, derftroyed tho McKlttrlck

stall, providing an abundance of light. business block-an- tho C. W. Jewell

The feed room Is centrally located; hardware store, entailing a loss ol

a chuto from the silo enters Into

$10,000. Utlca


is a boom town unu

also two grain chutes from the upper

has a population ot nbonl tt.OOO...

: I r 4 5. '

floor. Tlio food room Is largo enough

for storage of trucks necessary to (Miss wilx.-nn- .l

Glen Jlouser has



grain and silage. A hay ehnlo i'wm Kenton where slio has lL'-- "

from tho loft abovo doposltB tlio hay tlio jnieM. of I'rinmis.

In the feeding nlley.

No dairy barn is complete without a

wash room for tho milkers and barn

attendant!!, mid lockers for their Among Magazines

clothes. It should also contain u

Biilall boiler for providing hot water

and steam, as this Is a necessary part

of tho equipment ot a modern barn.

Milk scalen, record shoots, milk

stools, etc., may also be kept' hero.

Wnterlng devices may ho put in at

tho option or tho builder and nro a

necessary featuro of a modern dairy



A silo is provided In tho plnn at u

convenient, location for feeding (ho

sllago. Tho silo planned for this barn

ho celling. A common Is 10 foot In diameter und 28 foot

error .Is to niukjtt& wiiido.WH too low. high, and has a capacity ot about 110

tlio plan HlinwHaVliHYi of stall of tons. This will provide sllago for 24

:s feel t; Inches, which Is as nurrow animals for six to eight months. V


state. Thoy wore frtrmerjy

student's In tlio agricultural college

at Madison. Thoy aro going to usp

Treutltio by I'raf. It. A. Moore, this treatment on all the seed barley

Uulvorulty of Wtscoiialu, they sow In Wisconsin next year, it

will bo a year or two before nil. tlio

seed bailey of the state Is ridded of

tho smut; ror wo did not find out tlio

treatment till tills yoar.


and original way his Impressions .of

him. These Impressions nro recorded

by .Mrs. Tnrhcll In the! mail's- own



run OUN A3 AN AID TO ltK- -


Wo bad a good eh nice to seo how

Kentucky religious controversies aro

settled when wo moved up Into Per.

ry County. Tho "Feet Washors" und

".Muddy Heads" (both bring varieties

of Ilaptists) had Joined forces and

built a church oil the crest or a ridge,

Iho usual site for public, edifices

Everything went well until It came 'Mory successful "Dave" War-o- f

to tho question dedicatliig tfio

placo or worship, and on tills point,

tho jarring sects could not agree.

Word or Impending (roublo had

reached our camp which was about

half a mllo away from the ilew

church, and we w'ero on the look.

out for The people

Did 1

"J" know Lincoln? Well. I

8nn '" '' that chair there?

" S,'L ,1,)WI That's right.

Comfortable, ain't It? Well, sir,

Abraham Lincoln has set In (lint

I chair hours, hm and LlttlO 'Dong,'

and Logan anil Judge flavin,, all of

eiu, till (ho big men In (his State,

set In (lint elnlr."

This Is ti(0 way Wily llrdwn bo.

Klm (o toU ,H Htory ,0 MlM ,1,0,1


,mKCR mMt

I "Mr. Llneon was always hero.

K'mo and set by tho stove by tho

hmr MU m ,or,W niul taIli an

arKU0, ,r trntlt!'1 ,lcrc- - J'vo Kot

lllw accounts now, See. here, 'quinine,

quinine,' quinine.' fircatest hand to

buy quinine you ever seon. Give It

to his' constltuontri."

, Tlion follows the storv of Lincoln's

llfdjils'tr'nH'lt'Mipppaled to a plain

man. It pictures tlio 1)111 iUiiiU ot

I ..(uil,,!.. Ia1 In ... n. I.I.. Mn...!....

tgreattief, and their bewlidcrmont at

hm election to tho Presidency,-thei- r

pride in having a can.

diiiatc among them, their grief nt his

Hums nwny, uieir uroKen nenrts

when lio returned.

Ono of tho most lnlcrestlUK narts

Of tllO llloi'l- - la llin nnnniiiit rr !l!n

trip Hilly inallo to Washington to

fioo the President, "r come Io seo

you, .Mr. Llueoln-ji- ist wanted to

seo you roll kind a lonesome boon

fm long slnWv I'd seen you.' v. Then

Illlly goes oh and tolls alj 'that hap-- t

pemyton that iiKMiioi'ablo tript

In Us power to iiiovoitlio Veftiier to

laughter and tears, alternately, the

Kal I iho of ids liver to

flltor blio rr6m tint

LIVER blood, whoroltUpolsoii.

unit us it into tlio In'

fnRl vl,,t 4 ..

dlKCfttlOu anil );oeps tlin bowel.) rujriimr,

,u five


mm ruiiKiijiaiiun una aiso loiuls louijoaiouot

iiiuKiumiyti, 110


nil Hid mirk ofKIDNEYS

liluou illlor.

Ill U fill t h.t

)lj-- presidential

is us as

. nchl (a in "The Muslemrtstor'


tlielr illioct nuil comf.lnod nctl'on on



tiiij klilticit Jlr. ,, s uiiao'ii Kliliiov.

Novel Way of

Exercising ihe Bull

Prof, Frnsor, head or the djdiy de

partitient or the University ir Illinois,

has Invented neat inraiige-meii- t

for exercising the her.l bull.

This Includes a tread power, on which

tho bull can work otf his surplus energy.

A narrow gangway 'cads fiom

tlio bull pen (o tho tread power, tills

gangway being for tho man. that, lends

tho bull. Tho animal Is tomo foot bo-l-

I ho gangway, which Is protected

by n strong fence from n possible attack

by tho bull. Tho herdsman merely

has to two tho rope attache,? to tho

ring In tho noso or tho bull anil '''

not havo to uso Iho staff, as tho bull

Is at too great a disadvantage to mnko

bljn dangerous.

On tho tread power In question tho

heaVy llplstotln bull at tho head of the

herd exorcises himself tlnlly for .an

hour or more. The tread powor Is not

attached (o nny kind or maclilno for

doing arm work, and Vror. Kraser

saya ho Is "morojy wearing out solg

leather." On a farm tho power could

bo madousefi)t for doing any kind of

work thnt had to bo dono every day,

such as running the separator.

moans a loss to tho farmors df tho

state, of about u u,uartcr if a million

of dollars. Wo are also trying various

tilings (n destroy tlio rust on tho

heads of barloy, Wo used tho

treatment for some years,

but did not, find it entirely sallsfac-(ory- .

though It la very vn)uable. It

kills the covered smut hut not the

Ioobo smut. 'Hut wojirfvo WW found

something that nonisito kill tlio. loose

smut, and that 1st. a modlllcatlon of

tho l?wingIo method, That niothod

ns modified by us, is: Soaking in cold

water for 12 hours, and then Biibmorg-In- g

tlio barloy in. hot water (.130 degrees)

for ton minuted. That kills

tho 'gernip. The fields on which that

kind of barloy wart sown showed re-

Trim the Trees. It wouldn't bo a

bad Idea to go into tho orchard rtnd

remove tho dead and blighted limbs

from tlio trees; and n dressing of

good barnyard manure nrotind tho

trees will help to. bring u bettor cr6p

next season.

markable" results irj;tll6,wny or .barley

frn'o from 'smut, " . ' t

Milk Testa.--mT- JT? )c(b "

urn the

-- ",-'. 4 y if

r ? at












I regard Dt. King's New Discovery as the grandest medicine of

modern times. One bottle completely cured roe of a very bad

cough, which was steadily growing worse under other treatments.

EARL SHAMBURG, Codell, Kds.i- -





began streaming by our tenls-b- y daybreak

although the hour set for tho

services whs ten oclock. It was a

beautiful Kaster morning, and there

was no lack of color In tho print

frocks of the women, while iho ineii

wore loaded down with enough

"hardware" to havo awed a regiment

of mllll In.

What amazed us was tho utter lack

of timidity shown by tho women.

Thoy know there was llkoly In bo 11

clash, but the possibility of whole,

salo shooting did not prevent their

going or check their gayely.

And tliero was plenty of "trouble."

The 'Toot Washers" raptured tho

church at tho start and began tho

ten-ices- '. Then tho "Muddy Heads"

registered A protest. Tho shooting

kept tip for thirty mlnlilcs by tlio

watch, but tho execution was not

us great as might havq been p$pcct.

ed,- - Three "Feet Washers" and Iwo

"Muddy Heads" woro killed and

about n dozen wounded altogether.

Tho "Muddy Heads" canio out vie

torlous.but thoy wore magnanimous,

Thoy poitponod the dedication and

proposed a daiuo Instead, to .which

their opponents woro invited. The

dnnco lostod until oarly Monday

mornlng.Frnmv "lioynnd.. tlio Oap'

by C. T. Hovero In Tho Outing

'Magazine for February.


Of nil the stories of Abraham Lin.

coin, none is mora humanly intqicsU

lug (Han Unit now told for tho first

tlmo by Ida M. Tarbell In Thn

Atnorlcan Magazine for February.

it fcems that among tljo mttiiy bid

ossocfates of Lincoln from whom

Mlffc Tarbell got material for her

"Life of Lincoln" was a .man tfho

vim a townsman and a friend of the'

President from the f)ratila'R (if his

flppoaranco as, ji lawyq'r lit flpringitolii

. .iiv

Wo propose Hiy,.jp. i)'t Aids, 'jrnat-.menUnt- o

tho, liajjdjUijfj.Jlixi nieinhots,

oi i no experiment, sniiion usoeiiuion,- -


ir. .' ,t "V

tir-lli- improvement An

dajycattlo; .W, cannot know

tho entl of ,UU llfo. In .tholloiut

In liiinrnvtnk;!h. boiit nd Inltiijategt- - Lonversitt6aii wilch"

if.. rn- n- 4..I.1 li iJit.' 1.Lj(- t

ThsoWc-- n

ire lary;eMrow-- ; ilVU KIHTK TOW l.'Wafel JratsAi





W,)lpoaHcatopilamlHf,f,7 r-- H l fr Ttvwm

7 now,, r.umiicrs vf meraoorfi. !M.tT..""w'.!'iHWiy'Qiwcuow ww.wmi'jw.jtt'r'iiiw am m i ptp.wihwiwiimmwii'hi


ww" .-- miu'WT--T -


. ,'.: ; ."&siK,-r- i i:-- - - v.- wi.i't'w.t F''.. ." " a''w-r:;-





h rt S

Ur. A. W. Chaso's

Kldney-LIv- or Pills

or J)r, A. . Cliato Jloillclno Co., liuttalojTYt

For sale in Marlon, Ohio, by Fiqoki

' Drug Store.

Every Woman

I ..,.,' ''ilMIIUIHI.WOWHllflll

Inrn. niuriino afHray

H;ll.,.. tAjte

hot, ana .yuriion. neil-nAi-


. iii,iriLUriiiii.taauf


11 lia rAlllilA aunlilv ,h

M.mVM.i UrtTplnn

oltitr. hut ikftxl ctftmti r.

rit..L;ii.i: : r""T v j. .

full !'urliciftr und. ilifrin. 11 iii.- -

iTlrvx. ... raj j?!A"vki;;;o.,

-- . ,., rt iiariSCt


Uno tile u firuni)(urtl.

wHtiy fallal tUfH illnrlmrKvi.luflViiO'HUoai,

Irrltuduiillor ulctoitloix

iljf n tflctur. o( miipou" iiiarubraM.

litltiri, niul but mtrlu-itjJVHUyAKSClItMICtU

tul r rl,""i'U..i; ,

Noid r nrHmsut.

or In plalft wrtrorj

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