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Los Rome, Angeles, April 6, January 6, 2020. During 6, 24, 2020. COVID-19

Fig. 6 Los Angeles, April 6, 2020. During Before COVID-19 COVID-19






Fig. 5

7 65 – – Los Angeles, April January ( 6, 2020. 24, 24, 2020.

24, During Before COVID-19

COVID-19 (

Fig. 7 San Francisco, January 24, 2020. Before


COVID-19 Mobilità urbana

COVID-19 restrictions




res CO



The way we we move has seen a a radical "

change in in the first months The of way we as move has seen a radical


( of 2020, as citizens

across the world stay at at home to to flatten the curve. What can across location the data world tell tell us stay us about at home to flatt

these emerging traffic patterns? #

these emerging traffic patterns?

At At the best of of times, the average family is in for 4% of its life. $ car is only ever in use At for the 4% best of its of working times, life. the The average famil


Related rest Links of of the time it sits sits in in the garage,


on on the drive, or or parked Related next rest to Links to of the the office. time Today, it sits in the garage,

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it is to a &

to however, it is lucky We to get even a curso

& Fig. 87 7 – – San San Francisco, April January however,

6, 2020. 24, 24, During 2020. it is lucky Before COVID-19

to get even a cursory Fig. 88 – weekend – San Francisco, run out to April the 6, 6, supermarket. 2020. During We COVID-19 are living







COVID-19 restrictions in in extraordinary times, the age of of the in extraordinary times, the age of the c

9 – restrictions


Fig. 9 – London, Easter weekend 2019

Fig. 109 10 – London, London, Easter Easter weekend 2019


Tags Tags weekend 2020

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How have traffic patterns changed across the world as as a a result How of of have the spread traffic of patterns of the changed ac



Media Contact Media Contact + +


of The live TomTom Traffic It Index shows th

n a a radical change in in the first months The of of live 2020, TomTom as as citizens Traffic Index shows the extent of traffic congestion around the world. It

will tell in in will also tell 87 you that, In in 2019, the avera

me e to to flatten the curve. What can will location also tell data you tell tell that, us us in about 2019, the average extra time spent in traffic was 87 minutes. In 2020,

Company Information Company +

a this Information number on might look different. + + With C


this number might look different. With COVID-19 imposing a heavy burden on society, many

countries have reacted by by restricting public movement. countries have reacted by restricting p

erage family car is is only ever in in use for for 4% 4% of of its its working life. life. The

In for in In many of our cities, all for the first time in

garage, on on the drive, or or parked next In to to many the office. our Today, cities, for the first time in years, roads are traffic-free. Vehicles have all but

of in disappeared from some of the busiest

ven g a a cursory weekend run out to to the disappeared supermarket. from We We some are living of the busiest cities in the world. Those that are making car





journeys are finding their a trip times are TO

age of of the TOMTOM coronavirus.

journeys are finding their trip times are TOMTOM much shorter than normal. These patterns are a


Fig. 11 10 10

12 – Birmingham, – London, Easter Easter weekend weekend 2020


Fig. 11 1312 11 –– – Birmingham, Easter fascinating weekend Fig. 12 Birmingham, Easter fascinating weekend snapshot 2020 into the impact Fig. that – COVID-19 Brighton, has Easter had weekend across the 2019

world, snapshot 2019 2020

and how into the impact Fig.


changed across the world as as a a result of of the spread of of the

countries are reacting to to the threat.

countries are reacting to the threat.

What can traffic data do?

What can traffic data do?

x ex shows the extent of of traffic congestion around the world. It It

for Working from home has become man

, the average extra time spent in in traffic Working was from 87 87 minutes. home In has In 2020, become mandatory for many. Non-essential shops and public

in places As have been closed. Factories an

erent. y

With COVID-19 imposing a a heavy places burden have on on been society, closed. many Factories and offices are in lockdown. As the infection numbers

is a are an mounting and the health care sys

restricting public movement. are mounting and the health care system is facing a difficult test an obvious question

arises: Do Do these measures work?

arises: Do these measures work?

first time in in years, roads are traffic-free. Vehicles have all all but

At we no At of TomTom, we are no is epidemiologists

the busiest cities in in the world. Those At that TomTom, are making we are car no epidemiologists, and the clinical spread of infectious diseases is not

Subscribe Today. We Get

Subscribe to a our specialty. Today. of We are, however, Get data g

ip times are our specialty. We are, however, a data geeks with access to a treasure chest of location

TOMTOM much shorter than normal. These patterns are a



the news alerts you

data. This information to provides crucial

e 14 13 – data. This 2020

information provides crucial 14 insights – into how cities the are news reacting alerts to these you

he impact Fig. that 13 – COVID-19 Brighton, has Easter had weekend across the 2019 world, and how

Fig. 14 – Brighton, Easter weekend 2020 new

want, when you want

measures and can help authorities an

e threat.

measures and can help authorities and organizations make want, informed when mobility you decisions.


Il confronto dei flussi di traffico registrati durante il fine settimana di Pasqua dal TomTom Traffic Index, rispettivamente nel 2019 e nel 2020 in piena

fase di lockdown, nelle città inglesi Let’s di Londra, take a a Birmingham look at at a a city e Brighton.

where social distancing rules are in in effect. Let’s take them. a look at a city where social d




We of We can 1). In observe the usual movements

come mandatory for for many. Non-essential We can observe shops and the public usual movements around the city of Milan (fig. 1). In the images below



All the only underlying map data are the

actories and offices are in in lockdown. the As As only the underlying infection numbers map data are the water elements. All the lines are GPS traces


risultate, nell’ordine, le

• Birmingham (UK) - 71,89% stato un minore rispetto delle


seguenti: to • Londra on (UK) - 71,37% 24. We connected to

limitazioni TomTom

imposte to a devices collect

h lth care system is is facing a a difficult test connected an an obvious to TomTom questiondevices collected on January 24. We can compare this to a alle more attività

on 6 2) • San it’s Paolo (Brasile) to - 70,17%,

recent view

e agli taken

spostamenti; of on April

quella in6 (fig. 2) and


recent view taken on April 6 (fig. 2) and it’s startling to see the reduced amount of traffic città, in

Per osservare la portata del

the 1. city. Milano This (Italia) visually - 84,78% shows that people • New are York not (USA) moving - 69,96 in in the the usual city. piuttosto, way, This opting visually potrebbe to to shows follow ospitare that people

cambiamento dei modelli di 2. Parigi (Francia) - 84,10% • Mosca (Russia) - 65,44% un’industria fondamentale


emiologists, and the clinical spread of of infectious diseases is is not

official guidelines and stay at at home.

official guidelines and stay at home.

ver, data

mobilità geeks

in with

tutto access

il mondo,

to to a a treasure

3. Roma chest


of of location

- 83,80%

o un maggior numero di

TomTom ha infine effettuato 4. Madrid (Spagna) - 83,27% Sebbene questi risultati siano lavoratori chiave e dunque

ides crucial insights into how cities are reacting to to these new

anche un’analisi delle

5. Monaco (Monaco) - 79,44% un interessante oggetto

non è in grado di ridurre

thorities prime and dieci organizations città al mondo

make informed 6. Barcellona mobility (Spagna) decisions. -

di studio, sottolineano

ulteriormente la mobilità.

per riduzione del traffico,


tuttavia i responsabili del

Per sfruttare al massimo questi

ere social utilizzando distancing come riferimento

rules are in in effect. 7. Manchester (UK) - 75,65% TomTom Traffic Index, la loro dati, concludono dunque gli

i dati medi sul traffico

8. Lisbona (Portog.) - 75,54% interpretazione deve essere esperti TomTom, “dovremmo

movements raccolti around nella settimana the city of del of Milan (fig. 9. 1). Lione 1). In In the (Francia) images - 73,66%


ta ta are 20 the confrontati water elements. con quelli All All della

the lines 10. are Boston GPS (USA) traces - 73,40%

valutata con molta attenzione.

Se una città mostra un minore

correlarli e unirli ad altre fonti.

E proprio in questa direzione

ices collected


on on

del January

30 marzo.

24. 24. We We can compare this to to a a more

riduzione della mobilità

stiamo lavorando attivamente

Le prime dieci città del

Tra le altre città di rilievo

rispetto a un’altra città,

con agenzie pubbliche e altre

(fig. 2) 2) and it’s it’s startling to to see the reduced amount of of traffic in in

mondo in termini di

posizionate subito dopo le infatti, questo non significa organizzazioni per sostenere la

that people riduzione are del not traffico moving sono in in the usual prime way, 10 figurano: opting to to follow automaticamente che vi sia lotta contro il COVID-19”.

at t home.

luglio-agosto 2020 5

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