e gli sport da combattimento

Per l'insegnamento di arti marziali

agonistiche ci sono bravi insegnanti e

istruttori. Ma se lo studente vuole imparare

difesa personale, allora la cosa

più importante è trovare un sistema efficace

e l’allenamento giusto per ottenere

e percepire tecniche di difesa

personale in modo di proteggersi realisticamente.

Normalmente, quando si

va in una scuola di difesa personale,

non si trova uno scaffale pieno di tro-

�is is a very important phrase and

many use it with so much irresponsibility.

I am writing this article with no offence

to anyone, and with great respect

to all martial arts and martial sports individuals.

Realistic Self Defence has become

a phrase that everyone is using to

promote his school or dojo or Club.

Well, though it is a very vast and delicate

subject, I am eager to write about

it as lately I have been reading articles

written by some irresponsible so called

martial Instructors. (Obviously not all)

First of all, I am not claiming myself

as an expert, but for sure I am taught

by experts and by people who have dedicated

their lives in this �eld of Realistic

Self Defence.

I am talking about �e WingTsun System

and the Authentic WingTsun Academy

AWTA). �e WingTsun system is

regarded by experts as one of the most

e�ective self defence systems. �at is

why Special Forces around the world

rely on WingTsun on a daily base. Why

do we all have to play the Jack of all trades?

What makes one think that he can

teach and train for competitions (martial

sports) to teaching REALISTIC

SELF DEFENCE? In reality, there is a

di�erence between Martial arts and

Martial sports. �e di�erence of competing

for points, with rules, on soft

carpets, with full gear protection and

in �ghting rings is totally di�erent than

defending or protecting ourselves in

the street or where ever. I can not say

much regarding competitions as it is

not my line of teaching, neither sports

as I’m instructed and taught to teach

Self Defence.

fei, perché questo non è uno stile di

sport. I media pubblicano alcuni articoli

che qualche volta rendono affascinante

questa sistema di difesa

personale, ma che spesso finiscono per

disinformare la gente. I film sono fatti

per dare uno svago, e le tecniche usate

sono strutturate e coreografate per migliorare

la visione. Per concludere,

vorrei insistere che la più giusta difesa

personale è fare il possibile per evitare

The realistic Self Defence

I have



for the

last 10


and I


met all


of students.





had experience in other styles and

others who never practiced any martial

arts before.

My biggest worry are those students

who come to my school that already

have a martial arts background. I am

shocked when they demonstrate to me

what they have been taught in the name

of ‘self defence’. I am all in favour of

people being taught self defence as it is

important to be able to protect oneself.

BUT, when self defence has not been

taught correctly, it can instill a false

sense of security that the techniques can

actually hinder the victim’s safety. As I

already explained there’s a di�erence

between sports and realistic defence. Sometimes

we will even have students

from other styles to train for some time

with us so that they can achieve their

black belt in that style. (And after few

weeks they start teaching self defence?

wow that’s great!!!)

certe situazioni di pericolo. Fate tutto

il necessario, e sottraetevi ai litigi, con

la speranza che non vi sia la necessità

di rivolgervi alla difesa personale. Ma

esiste pur sempre la possibilità che non

sia possibile evitare lo scontro, anche

solo una volta nella vita, ed in quel

caso sarà meglio sapersi proteggere.

Non si può sapere quando, dove e a

che ora l’ aggressore viene. E’ meglio

tenersi pronti.

Out in the streets we do not just want a

style of �ghting system but much more.

We need to teach a student not only techniques,

but more importantly how to

acquire self con�dence, and how to be

able to control the fear. In short the student

needs to have control of all his

fears in order not to panic and enable

him to assess the following: A student

must learn the distances between

him/her and that of the aggressor; the

shorter way to achieve his protection;

their stability as he/she might be having

a much stronger aggressor or heavier

in weight unlike like competitions

where competitors are matched in terms

of weight. When students are taught to

hit certain points in class then told that

out in the street they are expected to

change and hit on a di�erent target,

they are delaying the instinctive responses

of self defence.

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