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Airline Marketing Monthly - February 2019

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The February issue of Airline Marketing Monthly, the only trade magazine worldwide devoted to aviation marketing. This edition includes a special guide to visual social media for airports and airlines, produced in partnership with CrowdRiff.

British Airways 747 BA

British Airways 747 BA Magic 100 in BOAC Livery BOAC was of course one of the prede- Airline Marketing Monthly | February 2019 Heritage is very much the thinking behind giving one British Airways 747 a BOACthemed retro make-over. cessors of British Airways (along with BEA in Europe), and so one B747 has been painted in 1964-1974 BOAC livery. The aircraft was due to enter service on February 19th, and also coincided with the 50th anniversary of the first Boeing 747 flight, just a few days earlier. The BOAC livery will remain on the Boeing 747 until it retires in 2023. By this time, British Airways will have retired the majority of its 747 fleet, before the aircraft is replaced, in particular with the A350 and B787. In 2019, British Airways will also be building on its BA Magic initiative. This is a scheme launched in 2017, where the airline sets up once in a lifetime experiences for deserving members of the public. We originally covered the launch of BA Magic in November 2017. our initial reaction was to question whether this was an attempt to deflect attention from some of the reputational issues the airline faced that year. However, as we said at the time, the initiative was actually very impressive - and continues to be so - for three reasons. First of all, it’s not a stunt or a goes to, to create memorable experiences for deserving passengers is commendable and gives it a sense of realness beyond being a piece of marketing activity. And third,, there is the unspoken message of “only British Airways can do that.” To mark its centenary year, British Airways will Airline Marketing Monthly | February 2019 Coming after several months of PR disasters (for example the IT failure which affected BA at Heathrow and Gatwick), one-hit wonder. There is consistency, BA has kept the idea going. Second, the lengths BA be building on BA Magic, and turning it into #BAMagic100, which will see the airline stage 100 acts of kindness. 10. 11.

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