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Airline Marketing Monthly - February 2019

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The February issue of Airline Marketing Monthly, the only trade magazine worldwide devoted to aviation marketing. This edition includes a special guide to visual social media for airports and airlines, produced in partnership with CrowdRiff.


Airline Marketing Monthly | February 2019 “ We also loved the little details, such as the pigeons descending on the food Hoeks throws down on the ground while sitting at an outdoor cafe, and the brief flicker of a smile on her face as she is on the phone to the unnamed Brit, asking “do you think this is fun for me”, and sees that her next flight on the chase is going to Bali. There is no call to action to fly Turkish Airlines in the film. Instead it shows off Turkish Airlines’ cabin crew wearing their new uniforms, the new cabin design, as well as the airline’s new home at Istanbul New Airport. At the same time, when watching the six minute video we did wonder - what on earth is going on? Who is Hoeks playing, who is she chasing and why, and who is the guy on the other end of the phone? “ In fact, many viewers were similarly left scratching their heads, especially when it came to the 30 second clip (which prompts people to watch the longer six minute version). For example,. CNN Commentator and podcast host Jeff Yang tweeted “ Whoever at @TurkishAirlines’s ad agency convinced them to drop the cash to a.) hire Ridley Scott to make a “film” about them and b.) run a #SuperBowl ad is the real MVP of this game. Obviously working with someone of the calibre of Ridley Scott doesn’t come cheap. Is it worth it? This is bearing in mind few viewers of the 30 second US TV version will be in a position to, or have the inclination to, fly Turkish Airlines. “ This is of course a question that comes up year. Does it pay off to buy Super bowl airtime? Last year, Ad Week asked four brands that very question, and the conclusion seemed to be that the investment was seen more in terms of social media engagement, links and brand awareness than in direct sales. However, at the same time, ‘A Wealth of Common Sense’ blog cites a Stanford study, which found that beer and soda brands saw around a 2:5 to 1 return in investment. Airline Marketing Monthly | February 2019 18. 19.

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